Mum – mobile, PC’s, Internet products build maternal and infant characteristics

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as people living standard rise, “separate two foetuses” policy open, the maternal and child health more and more attention. At the same time because of maternal and infant groups consumption scope, can cover and lift women, infant consumption, household consumption and so on several big consumption component of interest points more trigger, maternal and child products market led business, seeking to compete for the big cake.

according to statistics, 2016 years ago, population growth will remain at $16 million a year to 22 million levels, that is to say, 0 to 3 years old infants and young children and mothers, about 80 million people. But under the current policy on birth control, a baby is born, is “1:6” halo effect. 1 six babies and parents (parents, grandparents, maternal grandparents) parenting pattern, form a multi-pronged polygonal long repeated purchase of consumption patterns. So, each year more than 80 million consumers, maternal and child instead of 500 million. More than one third of the population across the country and directly related to the maternal family of 0 ~ 3 years old, maternal and infant consumption must belong to a huge consumer groups.

mum is a vertical information portal, has 32.5 million registered users on social networking as the core, at the same time provide women, maternal and child, family and other kinds of comprehensive and abundant information. Users can customize the private, the website provide wonderful content accurate delivery, fresh content. The same kind of mother can also be interspersed with to mother web BBS, and their mothers, a sun happy affection.

Yang Gang tell mum’s general manager cloud network: hunting “maternal and infant market the main user audience – mother, basically has certain social spending power, is also the decision makers of household consumption. Especially after 80, 90, at the moment are gradually entering the child-bearing age, combined with the rapid development of mobile Internet, electricity industry stimulus and power, maternal and infant market has the very good development environment and the huge market potential.

in mom, have custom-made, mama between hall, mother network institute, parenting q&a, mom network lounge, pregnant magazine rich variety of plates, etc. Is due to the attention of the user experience and insist, mum user viscosity is relatively strong. 2 in June 011, mum for tencent first 50 million financing. In 2014, tencent parenting net work closely with mother, completely accepted the content of tencent parenting channel operation, providing high quality professional maternal and infant content source, more professional services in maternal and infant population. Has been clear about the strategic cooperative relations, realize the multidimensional resource joint, become the only maternal and infant in the Internet industry and Internet industry giant open companies of strategic cooperation.

and subnet, the baby tree is given priority to with experts to answer the parent-child sites, such as mother web content more than 85% of all is comes from the original of netizens, 10% to 15% is made of editing practical content, observes and information content. Content to pregnancy knowledge, hospitals, small parking space and to collect fees, to the hospital.

when it comes to the developing course of mum, Yang Gang tell hunting cloud network, mum is a big group of QQ at first, his wife is also a loyal member of the QQ community at that time. As the market changes, team continuously explore, to adapt to the market, after ten years of accumulation, eventually came to today’s mother matrix operations, forming “32 + 1” and the social matrix, a mother web templates, and 32 city mom network, combined with each other, and patterns, expand reproduction.

general manager Yang Gang himself with many years of marketing management experience in fast moving consumer goods industry, maternal and child specialisation in groups, have a certain strength, so to speak. In niche with PC start on behalf of the enterprise, the PC not die in more growing enterprise are numbered from mobile end, mum belong to successfully adapt to the environment and a transition, with the mobile terminal. Built the mother ring, pregnancy housekeeper two application service. In April 2013, the mother circle mobile client is launched, the development has grown to over 12 million users of the mother female social applications.

mother network developed by guangzhou ChengCheng network technology co., LTD., currently, ChengCheng team all over the country 32 cities, more than 400 employees, covering vertical portal center, advertising sales, products and research and development center, and other structural system design and function. Yang Gang tell hunting cloud network: in the future, mum will also focus on extending O2O, and to develop in the direction of electricity.

mother netCompany: guangzhou ChengCheng network technology co., LTD.

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