Mule trail logistics: to take a taxi patterns change freight logistics industry

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efficiency, in what way too much. The Internet to transform traditional industries, the most significant is a taxi. Di di and fast price fight let people have adapted to the mobile phone take a taxi way to travel.

back to the logistics industry, truck driver looking for goods, the owner to find the driver to have is a common phenomenon, although have logistics scheduling company going to dominate the logistics information, but a lot of information intermediary also indirectly raise the logistics cost.

mule trail logistics to do, is to dispel the information opaque, let the truck driver can directly with the owner on the butt. The freight under the premise of risk control for the owner and the owner to build direct trading platform, lower costs for goods and freight charges. At the same time let the driver master can return the goods to avoid empty phenomenon.

the whole, usually car (goods) looking for cargo distribution is how a process. General long-distance transport vehicles more than 80% are individual vehicles, the logistics company will undertake the primary source of transferred individual vehicles, normal 40% to 50% of the total amount of freight charge as an information intermediary. Virtually mediation has earned a lot of cost in the whole logistics. So model via the Internet, can transform space is very big still.

mule trail logistics positioning is for yourself: wisdom logistics software. For the logistics companies, shipping companies, distribution station, the third party logistics, the owner, the owner provides query logistics, logistics management, logistics options available sources of information release, bidding, logistics lines information release, etc. At present, the mule trail has to all parts of the country distribution station, freight information, options available sources of information, the owner of online orders, can choose the carrier vehicle, vehicle bidding and return empty bid greatly reduce the freight. Mule trail to do is based on the logistics information of the Internet trading platform, is committed to provide logistics owners looking for goods, delivery vehicle trading services, etc.

and a taxi after class software, the audience the most easy to accept the best way is to push. Mule trail in logistics is currently looking for a marketing specialist and APP sales promotion. Ground to contact truck drivers, hold them to register to use and help businesses to complete data entry and information. Telephone sales commissioner, you will need to collect customer information, develop new customers, establish archives improve customer information database. Early method to push the product easy to come into contact with the audience, vice President of E generation of driving and 58 in hunting cloud network public class and the share of a product family shows, early is to push their products go route. Ground and the effect is remarkable.

mule is logistics, founder and CEO Song Rui lanting set before potential special assistant to President, early at PWC also mobile Internet industry management consultants, a master degree in university of California Berkeley. Team members from gravels, jingdong, alibaba, such as the Internet, the logistics company, the team has more than 7 years or above experience of logistics operation Montana and product manager. Company currently has obtained IDG capital A round of investment, angel investment for very serious fund.


mule trail logisticsCompany: Beijing branch network technology co., LTD.

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