Mud – : more than selling sex toys, to teach you how to fall in love

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most Chinese lack of understanding of the interest or is not accurate, in baidu search “taste” the keywords, is some pictures of exposure to a larger scale, jiang-tao he don’t think this is a normal phenomenon. Actually appeal range is very wide, appeal reflects people’s pursuit for a better life, optimistic attitude to life and health psychology. Of course, an important part of sex appeal, but all is not the taste.

“mud -” through the way of community combined with electricity to run sex toys, and not just as simple trading electric business platform. Products through traditional FenLeiShi show, allows users to more quickly and accurately find you need toys, for small white users also defines many scenes, through the different scenarios and guide, help users to understand their own bodies, know for their toys.

module includes community and two parts, in the community between users to dating, exchanges between men and women, sex life, such as sexual health topics to discuss and solve. Introduced many gender problems of talent talent plates, such as emotional mentor strike up a conversation, sex skills talent, talent, talent of department of gynaecology, etc. On the one hand, the talent can provide users with more practical content, on the other hand through the fans gathered themselves together, and also give people provides a profitable way. The

“we think of sex and love are inseparable, many people don’t talks in love, or don’t understand the opposite sex idea, have a plenty of married after feeling weak, lost passion, we want to be able to help us better to love, better to have sex. Positioning is a focus for a long time in relationship (love and sex) of a comprehensive community, here we hope that users can get all the answers about relationships, so our way through the UGC, PGC to help users to get the answer to the question, the sexes put these pieces answers together, helps users from the pursuit of female (male) child, love, life the whole steps.” Mud – founder jiang-tao he said.

the appeal electric business do better, including A company xiamen fun “” he, arriving in September 2014 with morning 50 million A round of funding. Then there is the interest of the old electricity “and the hall”, in May 2014, also took the combined investment of 60 million yuan of financing. Mud – from the perspective of user privacy, the current focus on the mobile end.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, mud – will more women into account the user experience and the protection of women, and pay more attention to this male users “fun” is different. Mud – more emphasis on the concept of a fun and love, in addition to the adult supplies, there will be some help to relationship of other goods. More inclined to use only beautiful elegant pictures to attract women users, at the same time, there will be some O2O service docking, including mobile health, answer to the question of the sexual health occupies certain proportion the sexes.

founder jiang-tao he personal experience is more special, graduated from the university 4 years, 08 in September to join huawei company teams, Africa successively in Angola, South Africa, Uganda, experienced by black lanche robbery, a street shooting, and being chased by a elephant in South Africa and other things, leave on September 13 years and return home business. Part of the team members come from ali, companies such as huawei, jingdong.

“our culture is the Wolf culture and focus, focus on the sexes, hoping to help people better understand the relations between the sexes. At the same time, we decided that the direction of the, I think as long as we keep working on it and no one can stop us to become the industry’s first steps. We will keep on doing a sexual communities have higher style, we compare against the concept about the barrel of the gun. “Jiang-tao he said.

cloud network hunting understands, mud – team now plans to angel rounds of financing. Hope to find can identify with the concept of mud – investors, mud – at the end of December 2014, is currently the user some seeds in the trial of a small scale, and no large-scale promotion.

mud –
Company: Beijing love plus network technology co., LTD.

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