Much and bad company at the meeting? The secret of 11 technology bosses make efficient meeting!

you know? According to the survey, people in the United States to be about 11 million times a day, and the light that ineffective meetings will cost the company $37 billion a year. At the same time, we also learned a lot of the failure of the meeting is derived from its hasty arrangement, not careful the basic rules and other structural error.

therefore, we want to study more about some of the most influential in the history of executive, as, from gm’s “the czar” Alfred Sloan to apple “emperor” Steve jobs and Facebook “queen” Cheryl, sandberg, see how they do it successfully fill the schedule of meeting.

here’s what we found, please let me explain.

gm’s legendary leader, Alfred Sloan do it at the meeting, the meeting make a follow-up note.

Alfred Sloan in the 1920 s to 50 s takeover of general motors. During that time, he led the company become the world’s largest car company. Statistics show, in the 50 s, gm has the U.S. auto market 46% market share, and employs more than 600000 americans.

Sloan also because founded the modern company management system and enjoys a high reputation.

and the modern management guru Peter drucker said, after the meeting of the “follow-up note” is one of the effective tools of Sloan work.

in every time after the formal meeting, he send out the follow-up work note, put forward the action plan. And, of course, he will briefly about the meeting objectives, listen to advice, and then leave.

is this: for a complete description of drucker

Sloan would immediately write a brief note to a conference attendees. Note, he summarized the discussion and its result, clear the assembly had decided to work allocation problem (including the subject or problem of the next meeting decision). At the same time, specifies the deadline and responsible for the execution of assigned work. Then, he gave everyone to send such a note to the.

drucker said: “it is these notes to Sloan has become a rare high efficient executive, of course you also could gm to shine in the 20th century also comes down to this.”

Opsware) chief executive and founder of Andreessen Horowitz Ben Horowitz like one-on-one meetings.

in the past as Opsware CEO, Ben horowitz, contributed to the HP in 2007 $1.6 billion deal to buy it.

two years later, he founded the Andreessen Horowitz risk investment company (which may be the most sought-after risk investment company).

spends a lot of time to guide the horowitz said of young leaders, chief executive of a most important job is to guide employees in the company to communicate effectively.

, he said this, one to one meeting is necessary, because it’s staff will convey to management ideas and evaluation of an ideal place.

this is also his meeting some of the tips:

if you like the coherent agenda, employees should try our best to do so. And there is a good way to employees can help to achieve this goal is your requirement: inform the meeting agenda ahead of time.

if nothing like this, she will have the opportunity to cancel the meeting. Again, of course, this also made clear this is her personal meetings, may spend part of its urgently needed time.

at the meeting and, although this is every employee will face, managers should be spent only 10% of the time, the rest are used to listen to. Please note that this is the differences with most one-on-one meeting.

tesla CEO elon musk requirements well positioned for employees.

musk very demanding, because even released “late for a sack of malicious words” and famous. So if it is in the tesla or space exploration technology company at the meeting with him, you have to do enough preparation.

as an anonymous staff in the q&a online sharing:

when meeting with elon, we will do sufficient preparation. Because they do not do so, he will make you realize this (embarrassed again… Shame… ). Imagine a scenario, he put forward a reasonable follow-up questions and you went and had no answer, ha ha, for from it.

of course, will encounter the most “drama” executive of the United States, what can you expect?

, sheryl sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer in strict accordance with the agenda for the meeting.

sandberg every meeting carried her loose leaf notebook, and it is she listed a series of discussion issues and action plan.

the U.S. “fortune” magazine reported that said: “she likes to tick off items one by one, and once a page of each have been confirmed, so she will not hesitate to tear off the page, and start using the next page. In addition, if in accordance with 10 minutes to tackle a project development, that the one hour meeting will end.”

before the late apple CEO Steve jobs insisted on meeting as far as possible contracted.

jobs through the design fashion sense is very user XuQiuXing products, led apple to become one of the world’s most valuable companies.

he always takes a simple concept to a meeting. Conversely, when meeting too big, he would rather disgusted, because too much thinking often interfere with smaller core idea.

once, jobs go to negotiation with apple advertising agency can a week. During the meeting, he noticed a face. Then, he asked her name, also listening to her explanation, but still politely asked her to leave. His words to say, “I think we don’t need you in the meeting, thank you”.

of course, Mr. Jobs also with the same purpose. You may heard of the “interesting” : US President barack Obama has invited him to attend a meeting on a darling of science and technology, but he refused, because there are too many invited guests.

yahoo chief executive marissa mayer often are thoughtful for every idea.

as we previously reported, mayer will explore every proposal in her own way.

product manager or developer will have to sit down with her interview, at the meeting, through a series of problems thoroughly research their strategies, such as:

how does it work out?

what is the research method of it?

how do you support it?

the mayer’s just a question to the revitalization of yahoo’s one aspect of many strategies.

Google CEO larry page that no one is always such a meeting to make a decision.

page took over Google’s chief executive in 2011.

soon, he sent out a letter to the company the theme of “how effective the meeting”. Among them, he mentioned a little trick: every meeting assigned a decision makers. But, more importantly, he also points out that you may not need such a meeting.

this E-mail wrote: “no decision should be for the meeting to decide. And if you want to be a meeting to discuss before making decisions, so the meeting should be arranged immediately.”

Nike CEO mark parker

parker will not only Nike sports goods emperor into an income of $24 billion, also its unique design. He often his arm with a Moleskine notebook walked into the conference room. It’s hard to imagine, there are full of new product design sketches.

in 2009, the won the tour DE France seven times champion cyclist lance Armstrong is a business, paint their park has been his notebook. So after the meeting, Armstrong was very curious to see what he painted.

“at that time the situation is like this,” Armstrong full of regrets ground recalls, “notebook will be moved to the front of me, he shows a great shoes.”

and parker himself also admitted that the sketches help us to clarify the process of brainstorming, and implement the design to a constant balance between the things required by the business.

he even to say: “I considered again and again the balance problem. Because most of us can’t do that, well, it’s nothing, but you want to succeed, we must focus on the overall balance.”

Yelp CEO Jeremy, pullman is used to separate talks with people.

‘, pullman every week with each of his direct subordinates on a one-to-one meetings. (have to say that, pullman and mentioned horowitz, great minds think alike, although the identity of the other party meeting different)


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