Ms zhang value sohu homemade drama troop surge, the acura 3″

in homemade drama has frequent power sohu video, and new work. Yesterday, so-called home “girl best comedy” the third season of the best lady in sohu video online, on September 3, 0 points on the mobile end first online, 8 am PC online, a total of 8 sets last Wednesday launched a comic “laugh” on Wednesday.

a new season of the acura ms was born for the Internet and fragmentation of micro comedy, by “Internet first play god” “the dream silk man” player-wise, full build up is still continuation of the previous two seasons easy humor of urban style and brand positioning, will also enable “the dream silk man” series “for 30 seconds A punchline, 1 minute a star “phenomenon of production mode, full of the acura ms” best girl’s comedy “and the content of the brand, which makes the sohu video phenomenal homemade brand.

network homemade drama in the years to explore gradually formed after the boom, the root cause lies in the video website differentiation competition needs. In 2014, is China’s Internet industry recognized “homemade” of the first year, the competition between the domestic online video sites is also increasingly fierce.

in this case, the sohu video is also increasing investment. The heavily to build the best female collection and dozens of the most popular the most of the stars of the big coffee disruptive, with the most real life or the stand out side to play “gourmet ms 3”, in addition, the “gourmet ms 3” will enable “the dream silk man” series “1 minute 30 seconds a joke, a star” phenomenon of production mode. New online “lady acura” script, production, subject or card words are carefully screened, sohu video will push it the Internet after “the dream silk man”, another phenomenal rise again homemade brand content.

sohu CEO Charles zhang launched in the third season of the finest lady online conference, “sohu video main entertaining, national is dedicated to provide you with more fun. Sohu video has launched online self-control, achieved good social reflection, future sohu will increase capital investment, continuous innovation, gradually improve sohu video phenomenal homemade brand.”

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