Ms Chen announced a return to “jianghu” : don’t want to be rich cripple

cloud network hunting note: ms Chen, “land of the nyse’s youngest CEO”, has been listed on rumors and gossip. Last night, his long silence, in “the bazaar men taste success 2014 person of the year” stage, to face everything, announced the “return to river’s lake”. Ms Chen said, don’t want to be a rich cripple!

this is Chen’s speech:

“I always think I were the winner of the Internet, but the effort has just begun.”

thank you for the bazaar men give me the prize, let me have the opportunity to stand here, thank you liu, thank you Sue total, today is Thanksgiving Day, thank you. I’m a little worry investors recently, I received a mail xiao-ping xu teacher give me in the morning, voluminous million words book, he said: “Chen, you have been silent” jianghu “too long, you should come out to speak for themselves.” List this year, met a lot, a lot of the time I awake at night, at last I chose from public view. Want to let oneself “phase forget the river’s lake”, but still river’s lake “has your legend”, what do you do more but unfortunately these legends is never enterprise, or your business idea, but some unwarranted gossip. Today, especially want to thank the bazaar man let me return to the “river lake”, to share some of his own experience.

I was also very afraid, will bring to the company by the destruction of the personal brand of harm, I chose to move back.

gather beauty is superior as a fashion enterprises, we have listed four years time, to be honest, listed before I very questioned also very worried, I don’t know this young team we are not ready, do not know how the listed will bring us the mentality of change, in the face of these I become nervous, but nervous we still ring in the nyse, and make history. Listing a lot of wealth, fame and status, and better brand relationship, also made many friends. But I believe that everything has two sides, just like “murphy’s law”, when you worry that a bad thing will happen, it will never happen. Listed after the competition, is much more than we imagine, when a lot of competition is no longer a few “kid” good products, good service users, competition and even on the work above, that makes you want to do entrepreneurs are a very dangerous job. The so-called “CEO” is also a double-edged sword, all the discontent, blame myself, fame, there is also a burden. And rapid success, let beauty is superior has become everyone’s concern, question, dispute, these all outlet on me. At the time, I really can’t sleep at night, under pressure, I began to reflect on what is for the sake of what? My family told me at this moment, you enough, you get a lot of, why want to let oneself live so tired? At that time I also very afraid, will bring to the company by the destruction of the personal brand damage, I chose to move back.

in the company’s success, they and together we open a champagne, but the company has a failure of the day, the company is only a fool, that is ms Chen, this is the destiny entrepreneurs!

at this time, in the most painful time, my admiration for early leave business partners, in I can only try very hard to work overtime every day, in the company have tomatoes scrambled eggs, to go see them pictures of Michelin restaurant; I was also very envy my investors xu teacher, I said “xu teacher I envy you very much, because of your quality of life, personal status is very good.” And I tell myself that they succeed in the company, and together we open a champagne, but the company has a failure of the day, the company is only a fool, that is ms Chen. This is the entrepreneur fate! Finally when I want to back, a wise man said to me: “the close behind ms Chen, remember, all is belong to the glory of the pioneer, you have been in wounds, prove that you cow! Second, when god gives you a time, a time for you to create your own value, if you are the youngest most brilliant choice when a rich cripple, you sorry oneself, also sorry god give your mission, more excuse me this time.”

I’m not in order to become a rich young disabled, let yourself in the future is “river lake facies to forget”, listed is just a starting point, our future, will create more.

I began to reflect on, what the hell am I for the sake of what? I have listed for the sake of what? I’m not in order to become a rich young disabled, let the “river lake facies to forget his future, and I do things is to change, listed is just a starting point, it is just the beginning, our future, will create more. At that time, I looked back to see your business, and suddenly found enterprise become strange. Is good listed tied too much, but it is a double-edged sword, team expansion, the expansion of business, recruit more high-paying nine to six people, and they do not so important, the whole company by short-term financial statements, all departments concerned only GMV, just performance, while ignoring the user requirements. Suddenly, the strange enterprise makes me feel very fear, I began to reflect on, what is our value to the user? Someone asked me “are you concerned about shareholder value or care about user value?” I answered him, “we are concerned about the user value, because the user’s long-term value is the shareholder returns for a long time.” With these questions, what we should do, what is the next best thing? How to let our users to be able to feel a cosmetics lead enterprise value?

next beauty, we will to the best cosmetics to China South Korea bonded warehouse, the fastest speed sent to China, all taxes shall be borne by the poly beauty.

I took the team to South Korea, to the local investigation, go for several days, we went to the Ming hole, all duty-free shops, all of the cosmetics market and saw a lot of brands. I suddenly found that I’m blind! South Korea as a leading trend of Asian countries, there are so many good cosmetics, and these cosmetics in the past did not enter the Chinese; And these are not formally enter the Chinese cosmetics in China’s online has become one of the very famous “hot style”. And now our company a lot of the people on the “sleep in wins”, honestly still buy three or four years ago already moss-grown cosmetics, there’s no in progress. But at the same time I also feel very excited, because now is the era of “cross-border electricity”, many brands they are very hope we can cooperate, as long as we bring these products to China, we surely can go out of fashion with fashion group. So tell everybody, what are we going to do next, next beauty, we will do a thing called “rapid duty-free shops”, we put the South Korea’s best cosmetic to China bonded warehouse, the fastest speed sent to China, all the taxes shall be borne by poly beauty, imagine if the future in lotte duty free shop installed on your phone, this is a significant value, major upset! And we believe that the beauty gathered today to start later, we can make it!

today is Thanksgiving Day, thank you again for the bazaar man let I stand here, today is the day when I return to river’s lake, since then, pick up the beginner’s mind, once again, thank you, thank you!

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