Mr Yu set up personal venture capital company, incarnate angel investors

hunting cloud network October 30 message

new Oriental founder Mr Yu has said publicly that will personally set up venture capital company, officially involved in angel investment.

Mr Yu registered investment company have been registered has a low profile. According to the Beijing administration of industry and commerce website information, according to Mr Yu founded by investment companies for the Beijing HongTai genesis investment co., LTD., a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the registration time is on October 24, another legal representative for huatai united securities former President ChengXiTai, served as executive director, Mr Yu as a supervisor.

“another partner, although not as good as my famous, but strength is strong than me a lot, several times more money than I do in the home, he had done for all of China’s big company investment, is the PE industry of China’s most famous investors, then under my enlightenment, he suddenly developed an interest to young people, now become an angel.” Mr Yu said.

“I’ve looked at several projects, I think I still have investment intention. Education is such, as long as the direction to, as long as people on, as long as there is business model can be discussed, as long as there is money to keep up with the follow-up, will not die.” Mr Yu also expresses his perception of investment.

compared with Mr Yu this belated angel investors, new Oriental’s two other co-founder xiao-ping xu, Wang Jiangze eight years ago he set up a very serious fund, as Mr Yu to join the angels camp, original new Oriental troika so far has fully incarnate “angel”.

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