Mr Yu investment: the first money voted for wechat business “big V shop”

cloud network hunting note: in the new Oriental co-founder xiao-ping xu, wang qiang started very funds into angel investment, its beautiful returns and reputation are spurring the Mr Yu. In the existing new Oriental earnings volatility and explore a road to turn type, Mr Yu also increased the new label, it is “angels”, established a special angel funds, focus on mobile Internet, beer and skittles and great health, health care and education in related field. More to think, behind it there are a lot of industry bosses “by”. Mr Yu’s “HongTai fund” first investment project finally above the water, Mr Yu gave the money to derivative “big V shop”.

according to hundred million bond power, big V store positioning for “let mom and easy open a shop in one media derivative platform”, one of its founders is pocket shopping, micro star of merchants, dad (formerly known as chun-lin yu).

and the current domestic many small store platform, users (mainly the mother and the media) can be free in the big V shop open store, but unlike most micro store platform, big V shop will provide the owner with supply of goods, logistics, warehousing, distribution and after-sales service, the owner need only in a social network (micro letter, weibo, QQ space, etc.) to promote their own shops or commodity.

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