Mr Yu & quot; Follow xiao-ping xu angel fund, “focus on three major investments

cloud network hunting note: in the new Oriental co-founder xiao-ping xu, wang qiang started very funds into angel investment, its beautiful returns and reputation are spurring the Mr Yu. In the existing performance fluctuate and explore new Oriental transformation, Mr Yu also increased the new label, that is “angel”, established a special angel funds, focus on mobile Internet, beer and skittles and great health, health care and education in related field. Even more interestingly, behind it there are a lot of industry bosses “by”. The following is a central website reported full text:

according to the voice of the economy, the world of finance and economics newspaper from today, Mr Yu will not only is the new Oriental group chairman, “angel investors” became his new identity. He founded the “together with the senior investor ChengXiTai HongTai fund”, yesterday, Mr Yu told the voice of the economy in Liu Nan self-mockery, said in an interview with dirt to support young people willing to do, want to be able to develop a ma, ma in the future.

can’t jokes about his name

“HongTai” respectively in the name of Mr Yu and ChengXiTai each took a word, in an interview, Mr Yu aforetime, oneself will surely do well, can’t make fun of his own name.

Mr Yu: “we were thinking of a Modern name, then think of our two name a word also pretty meaningful. Just began to want to call “HongTai” or “hong”, then found HongTai better. I think local tyrants like Hong Kong, because Hong Kong like “hong”, “tiger”, these names.”

while drinking cooperation sparkles between accident

Mr Yu is the biggest “new Oriental”, the head of the education industry group, ChengXiTai is senior investors, bankers, and the two people can walk to arrive together? Mr Yu said, when a drinking accident collision out sparks.

Mr Yu: “two people together to drink, I began to do an angel, he said, I ask you why you began to do angels, he said, now I feel energetic and young people to chat. We go to the possibility of a small business into a big company, but we pay for them to do, this possibility is infinite.”

then two people hit it off, aspires to be a “guardian angel”. Partner ChengXiTai said HongTai fund, the first phase of scale at about RMB 200 million.

ChengXiTai: “the size of the $2, in fact, two years are not cast surely, because each project investment is limited. Project valuation of around 30 million, not more than 50 million, each project investment from 300 to 5 million.”

focus on three major investment field

in the future areas of focus, ChengXiTai thought mainly in three aspects. It is associated with beer and skittles, similar to carve the ye the flank this project; The second is health, health care and education related; Three is the mobile Internet can reverse all the areas.

for angel investors this new job, Mr Yu thinks he has the edge. He will use his connections, experience and influence, to help young entrepreneurs.

Mr Yu: “we willingly into dirt. Let the movie thrive on dirt. We raised very easy, around the local tyrants a heard that we need to do, is willing to take money come and let us do it.”

many industry bosses stealth HongTai fund

it is known that HongTai fund most of partners are industry leaders, zhou, shen, wang zhongjun and other famous entrepreneurs are impressively in the column. At the end of the interview, Mr Yu in the three “20 years” to describe their own journey.

Mr Yu: “the past 20 years I was through sent dozens of students to go abroad, at the back of the 20 years I can give these children streams of investment, another 20 years, China’s ma, ma, li, Mr Yu such person from our investment of producing, because we have so a large number of enterprises to participate in, even if it is 100000, 200000 yuan can be.”

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