Mr Wind: flagship restaurant O2O last mile distribution in the field of outsourcing service platform

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2014 food fight in the field of O2O continue escalating, tao little electricity business type of burning money to buy the user; Meituan into delivery, won a $700 million financing; Hungry? Back to the public comments get $80 million D round of investment, adumbrative O2O dining platform has become the new platform for bulk after world war ii, the Chinese Internet war. Hunting cloud network today to introduce you to Mr “wind” is a based on LBS which provide the short distance food distribution services for these O2O electric platform, at present, in the country has more than 20 cities trial operation.

Mr Wind box is hangzhou grid network co., LTD., its products, founder and CEO jmbilly families who have served renren product manager, senior product manager in much net. Mr Wind at the core of the management team members from both netease, Internet companies such as alibaba, baidu, also have from motion, amazon, and gravels and other logistics enterprise management personnel.

Mr Wind in April 2014 formally launched. “Started in May also want to do order platform, try a period of time will find some service platform + distribution pattern is too heavy, then focus on distribution.” Jmbilly tell hunting cloud network, in those early days he also try to do big, do all, but he gradually realized plate shop too much is not necessarily a good thing, simply focus on the distribution of outsourcing.

Mr Wind on a city’s business circle, every business circle with one or two dominant team, merchants have distribution requirements on App platform directly call distribution member of the circle. “Mr Wind only receive orders for merchants, temporarily not C end user orders, so that to ensure the orders already, also avoid C end user complaints. Has nothing to do with C, C will not be able to charge any fee for end users, shipping charge merchants.” Jmbilly told hunting cloud network.

restaurant O2O distribution is different from the traditional express company, solve the problem of the last one kilometer, strong timeliness requirements. “Marki all unified training, and have strict inspection, not by unable to hit the road distribution”. Mr Wind marki are full-time for marki, everyone is there a minimum distribution orders every month, if not, there is no base salary.

in addition, the businessman Mr Platform application in the wind, the background personnel audit will do research, with the shipping department as well as the market is by after confirmation. Merchants in advance on Mr Wind platform with alipay, prepaid phone, and then according to the quantity of single buckles money, shipping fee is charged by and businesses talk about good in advance. As long as cooperation, with the merchants for the center of the 3-5 km can distribution, basic in half an hour will be sent to the hands of consumers. Distribution scope covers both high-end French food, also includes the conger chicken rice such as fast food.

jmbilly revealed in an interview with hunting cloud network, Mr Wind and merchant fees are generally in the platform, consumers by tao little, Meituan take-away platforms such as order, and have been paid the money on the platform. “If is the merchant’s phone orders, we will send the money received after the arrival of the goods month knot to businesses, but the phone orders or less.”

jmbilly tell hunting cloud network, their distribution in hangzhou member personal delivery of orders in a mature business circle, can send up to 60-80 per person. “Merchants the growth mainly has two parts, part of our market to push the development of people go out, the other part is merchant find you to ask, they all have circles, merchants can also help propaganda.” Jmbilly told hunting cloud network. Mr Wind delivery staff to work time is 10:00 a.m. to 8 PM, the target user is office white-collar and part of the community.

on the trend of it, the last kilometer the concept must have a molding industry to solve. “Now everybody is burning money make O2O, burn money and traffic, our service is more partial back-end services.” Compared to restaurants, self-built distribution team is too heavy, need to invest a lot of money and energy, personnel management also trouble. As distribution on the way out of the question lead to rework, etc., Mr Wind will bear the loss of the merchants, will explain to apologize and businesses. At the same time, Mr Wind also has a specialized research and development of industrial designers, custom distribution box, physical insulation, winter heating pad.


it is understood that the wind is not only a company to do distribution, like some I order platform also has a self-built distribution team. The same areas, who can find the fastest mode to occupy the market, depends on its products and operations, but no doubt the future delivery will toward the flat, democracy, vertical development. As ali, Meituan, baidu have added to the take-away O2O industry, independent development of takeaway O2O platform competition is more and more big.

at the moment, Mr Wind has completed A round of funding, the specific amount and the investor is not convenient to disclose, hunting cloud network will continue to focus on.

Mr WindCompany: hangzhou grid box network co., LTD.

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