Mr. Tsai: ali is considering with the Line or Kakao “alliance”

(/horse relief yi wen)

recently in an interview with the Wall Street journal, Mr. Tsai openly, points out that business is very important for ali, instant messaging and they are all possible partners to discuss cooperation, including Line and Kakao Talk.

Mr. Tsai speak very direct and obvious. Asked whether he would be in the field of mobile communications with the Line or Kakao cooperation, Mr. Tsai gives a positive answer. He said: “each instant messaging applications abroad into China, and are more willing to choose cooperation with ali, instead of tencent. Reason is that the micro letter is any foreign instant messaging applications into China’s biggest rival. We are considering and how those potential partners together to cooperation, including the Line and Kaokao.”

so far, the Line number of registered users hit 600 million in the world, while the KaokaoTalk has take the lead to achieve the profit last year. In contrast, although ali continued to shove, but always can’t get rid of the shadow of the micro letter. Previously, ali also invested abroad social Tango communications market applications.

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