Mr Liu comments on Internet bosses: I don’t understand lei jun

from: the blue whale

a few days ago, Mr Liu invited 10 entrepreneurs and media people talk, talk about the latest trends, talk about personal confusion, general industry. Great amount of information. Liu chuanzhi have Internet anxiety, he outlined his strategy to cope with the situation, looks very firmness, boom that is not affected by the outside world.

conversation lasted five hours. In the face of a generation of “gods”, 10 participants didn’t mention it. Lenovo self-serious image, and the atmosphere is the BAT and other start-ups have gap. Old liu said, in the hope that we talk in an open, chat.

liu chuanzhi have Internet anxiety, but in large section of the tale, draw the outline of his strategy to cope with the situation, and looks very firmness, boom that is not affected by the outside world. There are a few points:

1, dare to deny themselves, but to really understand before action.

2, attaches great importance to the profit pattern, attach importance to living, and by contrast to burn money accumulated user mode.

3, I can’t overthrow oneself, I ask others to subvert line not line? I don’t do, I can Internet project investment, venture project.

communication touch the tide and trend of characters, from the Angle of an old willow views on the latest trends. Wisdom valley trend of main parts as follows.

ma. About meaning

Mr Liu: ma I and he is more familiar, and ma huateng is not ripe. Ma strategic thinking is clear, for example to make electricity, to build such a platform, which need to be solved several big problems, the problem of payment, goods first to give money, who first to safer, supply chain problems, how to transfer. On the whole, he is planning, is in accordance with the original way.

Mr Liu and Mr Ma is two quite different entrepreneurs. Mr Ma says “so” there is no such thing as a difficult business, tells the story of a change the world. Old liu dream is achievement enterprise in one hundred, during the enterprise can survive. The former can move more there is no doubt that today’s young people, the latter is a time of rose.

when we ask old willow, you when improper enterprise in one hundred, can you live, what is the relationship between the average person? This story how to impress people.

old liu said: “I do what? Why? I think, first of all, let me and recent this circle are able to live better, then is to be able to let the lenovo employees this ring, I cover, or we can live better together. On the basis of the complete, is to be able to win honor for our Chinese. Following what is for all what happened.”

liu chuanzhi, lenovo can like ge diverse development success. Legend holdings invested a lot of areas, agriculture, finance, real estate, the Internet… It’s an old willow in the face of new economic shocks a strategy, he used “hundreds of feet of insect landscape” to ridicule.

“after the age of the Internet today, if you can still make you have a number of subsidiaries, such as financial services, such as medical service and so on, are in the Internet, in the form of the Internet, coexist with each do at the same time, it’s hard to say they can not be together in the future, not necessarily foster not to come out, this is my guiding ideology at that time.”

lei jun. About subversion

Mr Liu: millet worthy of respect, not to do this, finally you really do, and doing is really good. Although haven’t listed, but you can’t think what he said is of empty. I listen to two or three times, lei jun that has an open, a bottom XiaWen, haven’t make this thing is very clear.

shortly before a program recording the scene, his idol is liu lei jun says. Now Mr Liu also thinking, why so many people like millet.

“I asked someone, say you don’t have enough economic conditions, why to want to use an apple, he said that this is a kind of fashion. I was using a lenovo mobile, it is really nice, don’t believe I can be away. But the somebody else will say, I took the lenovo mobile is conservative, but the use of millet mobile phone I don’t poor.”

the old willow saw small times, reading is always don’t understand why so many young people like this? He was in the legend of WeChat platforms and discussion.

he said: “some people is very small, the actual is very old, some people are very old, he is not old, actually such as like me, or I listen to you this thing after hearing I’m excited and fresh?”

Mr Liu said that the advent of the era of mobile Internet, the entire subversion to the society in the end is inevitable, but it has a process, in the process, gives people an opportunity to adjust, even subversion. I upset me, I ask others to subvert line not line?

he concedes that the transformation is difficult. The best enterprise, is not only able to follow the trend of The Times ahead, and can stir up the trend of The Times, can drive the trend, this will have to have the courage, have skill. “I think that the current lenovo people do not have the ability and skill. We can not to be flung in a time to really have the skill to do a hand.”

ren. About the variable and constant

Mr Liu: I also very admire ren, ren zhengfei, is a direct upwards climb path. On mount Everest, I walked one hundred meters to everyone stop and pause for breath, ren zhengfei, pick up a more risks road went up directly, this drive me behind him.

Mr Liu and Mr Ren is the “twin peaks” in the traditional entrepreneur. Liu ren as their idols. Ren is sweeping reform huawei over the years.

Mr Liu will be “stable”, he pays attention to dynamic incremental, the original business, in the field of new investment.

“such as a large company, such as legend, must understand, what is the current move, what things can’t move, move the current jobs will be lost, to figure out this problem. What is immediately can enter at the same time, new business state, such as lenovo invest, it spread the net ready to enter into start-ups. Now I am old, I thought, more young people venture there, we can vote for him, and threw him up, not you have is the same with us? Ship is difficult to describe, but the ship big later you can give birth to the boat out, you can get the boat back, put the boat prop up into the ship, the ship itself to change gradually. You said I not line, I was unconvinced.”

the old willow about corporate China had a ‘fast fish eat slow fish’ argument: Duan Yongji said ‘fast fish eat slow fish age arrived, I said was, to clear a sharp mouth, like a bird quickly count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… , looking at very fast and slow fish, contents, 2510, 355, not slow.

xiao-long zhang. About business models

Mr Liu: do the micro believe that child xiao-long zhang (note: only the old willow such qualifications entrepreneurs can be called the micro letter godfather “kid”?) , really do well, I have never seen, is said to be home.

mentioned xiao-long zhang, because a geek park zhang peng when it comes to the core of the Internet in subsidies is to use capital and technology and the way users of exponential growth.

subsidies arrived, a good product can be used below the normal price or even free mode to the user, the user is crazy, quick to close to you.

business is to calculate how much money should be used and how much money you sell, and how much money you earn, and now the new way, not this account, use at a loss, the key is to do what is make people crazy, exponential to the user.

this, Mr Liu said: capital subsidy is easy, burn, after subsidies can be a positive profit model, the flow itself finally profitable, it is a difficulty.

weibo once development of the fire, but haven’t considered how to turn it into money, the last time it will dry up. Inside this capital subsidies subsidies anyway? Into easy, can cast after you quit, you can get in return?

capital subsidies and technology subsidies relationship is how to link up, this was actually has a lot of technical difficulties.

profitability and live is liu chuanzhi generation entrepreneurs business idea of value.

liu think now the key is the micro letter how to better use of such a large flow, “become money better than with Ma Yunyou”. Who are hoping to get an index, you burned the flow is likely to be integrated into a piece of money, but how to flow into the new wealth, there is also a mark.

Yang yuanqing. About rebirth

Mr Liu: how to do things according to the thinking in the Internet, this is Mr Yang: I think he recognizes that the recent consecutive to set up two subsidiaries, according to a new way to operate. Comment on Yang yuanqing is the line now or not, including me, have breakfast. You cannot say a certain enterprise once when the peak, what do you think the enterprise is really, maybe a wave. If history had proved his pass in front of the trough can climb up, you really have to look up his one eye, I am Yang yuanqing or look up a look, hope he can better figure out this thing, I hope he can also be a meeting with you more.

Mr Liu said that Mr Yang not reporting relationships with him now, but a habit, two people talk about once a month.

the old liu said: “the real phoenix nirvana itself, must have to negate before.” “I think better go barefoot, wear shoes namely advocate if dares to throw shoes, barefoot, although my feet are rare, walked to the sand pain points, but interesting.

on the other hand, I sold shoes, take out the money to get a straw sandals put on first, and then light feet may also, money is useful, but it does before the waves to, want to have a dare to deny their own point of view, I think it is a basis to learn things.”

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