Mr. CAI: web startups need talent

the author: Mr. CAI from: iheima

the entrepreneurial success rate less than a third

according to the statistics, the proportion of start-ups in the United States for ten years was 4%. In the first year after 40% of bankruptcy, 5 years of less than 80% of bankruptcy, survived by 20% and 80% in the second five years of bankruptcy. Harvard business school study has found that entrepreneurial success rate is 23% for the first time, all successful entrepreneurs entrepreneurship again successful ratio is 34%.

don’t believe those a year founded two financing listed the story of three years, more don’t believe someone with 6 minutes in the toilet always has money to burn, you all don’t know how to “die” has “death”. These stories, is almost certainly boast of, if not bragging, the protagonist of the story is one percent, one over one thousand of the lucky ones, even with the man you brag is the lucky dog, also is not equal to you will be the next lucky guy.

a lot of enterprises after the successful publicity tend to fabricate a lot of “heroic”, this can understand, of course, on the one hand, a lot of things really running success for humanity, on the other hand, everyone has a “packaging” their own psychological. But in fact this is one of the most damaging, for many entrepreneurs, if you do as a winner claimed that way, basically will “die a terrible death.”

in the United States, Facebook zuckerberg (Facebook) can be harvested at the start of the business PayPal former CEO Peter tell angel investment, also can find a lot of people to give him as a consultant, even can fly to New York to meet time the President of the company, all of this is because the benefit of his culture, and culture with the angels, also has a mature industry chain, can help entrepreneurs start a business. But in China, almost no entrepreneurs can so lucky, China’s business environment is more serious.

it was a tough long

it was with a group of people unknown to an unknown place an unknown thing, cannot have ability of entrepreneurs want to clear all the things before departure, even if you want to know, once you start many changes do occur, the so-called “plan invalid gunfire rang,” the vast majority of the company’s success and imagined products are different. Entrepreneurs need to in the process of forward according to the situation of the market and consumer reaction, even competitors to random dynamic strain.

venture this characteristic determines the path of entrepreneurship are easy to start, the process is very difficult, it’s harder to end suffering is the typical state of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, the most common is not the success and failure, but struggling for a long time.

10 years ago, a large famous companies in the country need 15 years or even 20 years of struggle, then with the involvement of venture capital, in 78 time can make a well-known Internet company. But for most entrepreneurs, not after 5 to 8 years, 7 x 12 hours per week of entrepreneurial struggle hard to dacheng.

my friend ShenYin is entrepreneur magazine editor, is a very thoughtful person, then he left to entrepreneurship, he wrote on twitter before starting a business: “from last night to this morning, fear is greater than the excitement, the pressure is greater than the hyperactive. Entrepreneurship is just personal choice, don’t want to enlarge. Most of the time, let oneself high (excited) is very easy, let the heart hard. Simple to ask friends to help, don’t trust matters. The first day, LiCiCunZhao. On December 1, 2010.” This is a typical portrayal of entrepreneurs.

the entrepreneurial opportunity cost is very high

the media often ask what I want to advice to entrepreneurs is, my answer is “don’t start a business”. According to my observation, more than half of the entrepreneur is in a daze on the road, before they start a business, it is not clear what business is, it is unclear how entrepreneurship will cause what kind of life and their life change, only with full of passion and a romantic and beautiful imagination began on a long, full of variables, confused, often feel helpless in the long march.

for most people, to choose a suitable for their own company, suitable for their jobs to work is the right direction, is also a personal value is the best way to play. If you choose to venture, is likely to fall into the predicament of the compete with yourself short, even ruined his career.

before starting a business, be sure to measure your own opportunity cost, “a person would like to venture, are among the peers, however the more good people choose to give up the more things. If to entrepreneurial drive to work, many people may quickly become excellent employees and even senior managers, but once chose entrepreneurship, would get into a long bitter, starting from the low grade, fight alone, once the entrepreneurial success, of course, you get a sense of achievement and material and spiritual harvest is work will never be reached.

entrepreneurs on the schedule of no life time

as lyrics can sing, “nobody can casually succeed,” zhou, also has said, every entrepreneur in the blood to imagine their future success is time to get ready in a few years and even beyond the winners, should calm down and ask yourself, do I have to prepare and eat those winners of the bitter, the hardships and bear the pressure in the few years experience again even double?

I often joke, every entrepreneur’s life is a person’s life. Part-time job when your life is life, work is work, once you start a business, your life will work with your “together”, for the men and women friends of the joint venture, or couples is simply “an” three.

as the saying goes, to open the door seven matter “daily necessities sauce vinegar tea”, entrepreneurs to open a day is faced with the rent, water and electricity, wages, payment, cash flow and a series of pressure, do a chronological you wish to run faster, do not you want out of the woods as soon as possible, when your brain is the size of the carding company, pressure big, will change your life attitude and state deeply. Believe that every entrepreneur has experienced countless woke up from a dream, grab a pen to record the idea of a split second again continue to sleep at night.

entrepreneurs always can’t stop, I was very curious why so many have made it big enterprise entrepreneurs working strength is still very big, even pressure is greater than I. Vice President of legend holdings NingMin once told me that actually winners is “though his people in river’s lake”, because he every step forward made to mobilize a lot of resources, for example, will give his men a promise to a bigger stage, more income, and will give partners commitment to a reasonable return, even to the competent unit set military order… Once impossible to stop, stop all the promise may not be able to deliver it, everyone’s expectations will be disappointed…

entrepreneurs to give all account

a startup is not you a person, once you select business, not only you can enter a need to do their best to fight, is bound to all the resources around you are involved, not only involves the yourself, and your family members, shareholders, employees and upstream and downstream partners, and customers. In order to solve the difficulties, you will use all possible use, with the help of the relationship between from borrowing to share, and the process continues.

in the company, everyone can find the supervisor said “I tried my best, ability is limited, request support”, only entrepreneurs can’t say this sentence, all the things you have no escape, you have to brace.

as an entrepreneur, every thing need you to make decisions, each decision-making may affect the survival of the company. But most of the time, you can’t consult with subordinates, can’t consult with shareholders, you must make decisions on your own.

as an entrepreneur, you must give the subordinate to the confidence, the more difficult times subordinate more hope for you, a lot of the time really hit swollen face depth. You can’t show his weak and helpless, you must show the confident way at any time even to subordinate drum strength son.

not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship

in my opinion, people can be divided into two categories: paladin and team. Paladin type of people like to fight alone, for art, engineer, etc. Team type suitable for working in a team, of which about 1% of people is the leader, about 9% is cadres, suited to follow leaders Shared leadership team, while 90% of people only suitable for the masses.

leaders and cadres are suitable for business, but business leaders must be the leader of the type of person.

work successful entrepreneurial success probability is not higher than the others, even lower, because the entrepreneur ability and migrant workers need to completely different, even opposite.

first of all, the ability to work success is not so strong they thought. Work in big companies, especially in foreign company, you are asked to grasp the process is ok, everything has the support of related departments. So, in fact you not performance thanks to your talent, but more is the result of the system. Can you do a thing because you head of the brand, and behind you that powerful company system, rather than your own abilities. Once you leave the position in the company, you may also is not anything.

second, ability and entrepreneurship need work is totally different. Work as long as you do you the link, and business need to do a good job of the whole.

in the end, they tend to lack process. That even successful entrepreneurs entrepreneurship again, also often make success in the past often brings them very good feel, think oneself ability is very strong, believe in the hands of a lot of resources, above details and small matter, can expect quick success. The mentality in the process of entrepreneurship again very harmful, even fatal. If adjustment is not good, the success of the past is now the cause of the failure.

I have a friend, work in a famous IT companies after a few years because of good sent to the headquarters of the United States, also do very well. In 2005, he wanted to return home business, made a very detailed business plan, also has investors willing to invest $3 million. To a lot of friends, so he returned to investigate market consultation, we have persuaded him to take home hot home business, only I very specifically advised him not to do so, because I know his ability, he is a stage, the more formal the more he is able to play. I told him come back as soon as starting a business, will face he completely unfamiliar environment is, the key is his character is not like specification will like business life. If all with their own money well, once you start a business using the investors’ money, you can carry on a great responsibility, will make you into a struggle in the mud. A few years later, he took my advice, he very thank me when we meet again, say thanks to no startup, now development is very good, and have reached another famous international enterprises as a very high position.

entrepreneurs need some inborn qualities

entrepreneurs need some qualities, these qualities is largely innate. Dark horse in the entrepreneur magazine conference, I judge with xue savages and lei jun, we all talk about a topic, “if life end tomorrow, do you still want to venture today?” If your answer is yes, then you are a natural born for entrepreneurial person, you should go to start a business.

there is common entrepreneurs. Once and lei jun about marketing, he said he when golden hill President of marketing in order to study the software, go to Japan with the time of day when standing in the somebody else’s software store, the product packaging, shelves, await responses from the consumers, and thus summed up the product packaging, 123 AD 123 stores.

similar things I have done, after I graduated from university into the sida group communications group requires us to do a marketing plan for an education project. Department at the time no one will be, I spent a sum of money with a 4 a company planning director bought an abandoned marketing solutions, and then plan from the structure, way of thinking, logical analysis, just from a reverse learned how to plan the marketing plan. Books on advertising is limited at the time, remember one a copy of the Taiwanese successful advertising in 80 cases, inside each case is my own summary of the marketing framework deduction.

liu (liu) always said that a successful leader should have four qualities: (1) set high goals, determined. (2) the open-minded, eq is higher. (3) the business interests first. (4) the learning ability is strong, love of learning and learning.

I think entrepreneurs need to have four quality: (1) the dedication to work, if the enterprise as a penis. (2) the vision and state, much more than others think, the farther than others, have a higher level than others and foresight. (3) the psychological quality, can be indomitable, stride. (4) the ability to learn, whether in learning, for lifestyle, have the habit of checking in time. Of course, as a leader, give up the ego mind is also very important for everyone.

final-year students especially not suitable for entrepreneurship

when the financial tsunami, many people are calling for a college student entrepreneurship in order to solve the employment problem. Media interview me when I made it clear that this is irresponsible. Just think, if a college students competition can’t even have a job but want to go to business, and let a blind man riding a blind horse differ? Fresh graduates to entrepreneurship most can only do the bottom class, stand pancakes or delivering newspapers? I don’t mean to look down on the job, but I think if a graduate entrepreneurship, would reduce their level of social contacts, directly lead to missing a lot of experience and knowledge, and the process is not reversible.

unless you are extremely individual genius, or for the vast majority of college students, graduate into a big company, the regularization of the vocational training is very necessary. Out again if after one or two years’ training, entrepreneurship, from management experience, connections, the eyes are good.

I think his experience, regret is not worked in a big company, has caused many management need to enlightenment, to steal, although also achievement, but after all, a lot of detours. If can choose, the most ideal career path is undergraduate course can, don’t read graduate student, unless you want to a scholar. Out of the gate into the big company work for two to three years, and then into small firms or to start a business.

I’m not in favor of the stay too long in a big company, I think in a big company for more than 5 years of basic waste, into nowadays a group, and became the rats in the greenhouse, survival ability degeneration, and regard themselves as very high. Such a man once left the big company environment, the brand aura remove after, will show lack of ability, to stumble.

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