Moving down to block up the WeChat

cloud network hunting on November 14 (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

China mobile launched an SMS, free of charge after heel WeChat phonebook can free calls, the pace of recent telecom operators more and more fast…

the advent of the era of the Internet keeps the traditional telecom business highland was captured, and promote faster mobile Internet wave to push these operators to the edge of life and death. In the face of the menacing Internet ecosystem, the traditional communications business in order to avoid being fall into despair and accelerated with the integration of the Internet, such as in the recent experiment of free text messages by mobile is a living example.

according to the China mobile, it is currently carrying out the integration of communication service is online, the business will be the traditional text messages, MMS into message service based on data flow, which means a hair a era of text messaging on mobile phones will become history, traffic billing will become the new operation mode, it also marked the traditional start SMS business formally integrated into the Internet ecosystem.

in fact, as early as a few years ago is there competition between traditional operators and communications software, but no so clear and strong at present. Such as QQ, social software is popular to promote mobile fetion is developed, and in the era of the GSM. Free text messages to call fetion aspect in colleges and universities and some unit of the company. But now the domestic 3 g data services and the rapid development and popularization of the WIFI network in fetion of real-time online this advantage has been destroyed, mainly for WeChat OTT application by trend sweeping the industry. In the face of fetion weakness, such as mobile chat also launched a fly in the business, but as a result of poor user experience a variety of reasons did not open the situation.

SMS business market situation and OTT

SMS this belongs to the software as the most basic functions and calls and communications operators for the highland. In the past for a long time, SMS communication companies rely on the business more than a decade of prosperity, but it still like at the beginning of its single function and limited experience, no improvement on long-term upgrades, user naturally feel fatigue, also led to its reputation of coming down. The impact of the “thumb economy” in the face of the mobile Internet OTT had that year of glory. Facing apple mobile phones and millet have brand mobile phone text messages to contact each other on networking is the reality of the function of free, free SMS mobile currently strategy as the reference is to regain the highlands.

mobile announced earlier this year through the “integrated communications” build a new era of mobile Internet users business entry, it will directly from the level of operators to integrate the communication capability of mobile terminal and the mobile Internet experience, direct support similar WeChat OTT business, a move that was interpreted in the industry: give up SMS, embrace fusion communication. And move the design of the type in at present, the business has entered the final amount for system design stage, it will support the prepaid, after paying two users paying way, users only need to select the specific package, but we won’t have previous message limit and beyond after charging, the number of mobile will provide a unified data flow rates in the package.

shoulder the integration based communications services, and carry forward the operators of the mobile Internet, to provide comprehensive information services of the fusion of communication as the upgrade of the existing communication service is a key support to develop the strategic plan of China mobile, but at the same time is also a major challenge for itself. The fusion of communication users don’t have to install applications can send pictures, text, location and other information, for the traditional text messaging is a huge change. Based on the flow of new SMS service will allow the user to obtain and WeChat similar experience, this is based on the underlying the changes of communication service increases the likelihood of users.

however, conform to the trend of The Times in the mobile can really depend on “free SMS” reverse? I’m afraid the reality not as full as I thought.

1. The single text elements.

the basic function as a cell phone text messages can meet the demand of users the most basic written communication, but it is relative to the WeChat, easecredit products has obvious disadvantages. As social platform WeChat has powerful function, easy letter, the circle of friends, games, such as increased interest, improve the user’s reputation, the injection of business, finance and other elements also increased their functions, the user is very like to use.

and look to SMS, function is very small, it has the function of other software can be replaced, which makes his lack of competitiveness. Such as WeChat SMS software has been popular for several years before the business change will seem a bit dawdle, because a few years down WeChat has a large number of users, sticky accustomed to using WeChat software users is difficult in a return to traditional text messages.

the user habit is difficult to change and make the text difficult to recover once the user, the rapid development of networks is to let messages don’t need to quickly lose the advantages of online.

2. The problem of channels.

as the primary stage of free SMS is currently available only in the mobile intelligent mobile operators with independent brands, but its currently carry mobile phones has heated up in the competition of the smartphone market has little advantage, want to sell mobile phones and sell short message business of mobile needs in a more broad mind to embrace the Internet society.

3. Market response speed slow.

as a traditional state-owned enterprise operator China mobile is not like emerging Internet enterprise has the keen market sense of the direction of the wind. With the development of the Internet to the mobile Internet era, the prominent start-ups smell of the market and quickly launch generations of new products to adapt to the Internet ecosystem.

this is in the mobile terminal to have the advantage of traditional operator only recently begun to change gradually, giving the market for emerging companies, is acuity problems, so in the future for a period of time, the mobile traditional operator facing the market can quickly adjust to believe in the heart of every man.

even if free text messages on various aspects to spread out quickly, but the service quality, function, content richness, and difficult to get WeChat threat, at best just to put an end to the convenient operation WeChat the dominance. And then the biggest point is telecoms operators open degree, whether like telecom support a “yi letter”?

the future unpredictable, after all, in the social market, telecom operators are more likely to upset the existing pattern.

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