Move step gauge/Pacer, from a pedometer, main universal mobile health management

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move step gauge/Pacer, is actually use your brand on the market and user group, was launched for the Chinese market of mobile health management software step move meter and its international version Pacer. Move step gauge as a at the same time, the United States and Europe in the apple AppStore’s top 10 mobile health applications, the hope is that the way of science and technology, help people with moderate exercise such as walking and jogging, to change their own health status, to build a universal weight management and professional health management service for management of chronic illness.

why choose mobile medical and sports health management as the breakthrough point? Mobile health has is closely related with the life of ordinary people, smart devices, mobile health applications, mobile medical applications to achieve seamless docking, establish the real industry platform, for America and China, user and market have already has a relatively strong demand on mobile health applications, but the hottest smart hardware device in the present market is not a function relatively perfect products, and mobile phone as a portable, can real time record data of the carrier, is more suitable for sports pedometer product positioning. Founder Liu Yue, a former Microsoft engineer, a former COO, minimally invasive software decided to pedometer APP as a breakthrough point, formal data into sports health management software. Liu Yue convective cloud network said, “will appear on the market a role center operating system products, and we only need to find the fine division of labor, do industrial chain link, move selection is health data analysis.”

in such a market environment, what kind of products to meet the needs of the user’s potential, is a mobile medical industry and health management products need to really consider the problem. Move step gauge on the product architecture and the function to conduct a comprehensive scientific layout, to realize automatic 24 * 7 hours, the background, for example, realize the data real-time record; Without peripherals, no registration, no network run more province electricity flow; Private social function design, by looking for move, add buddy group, protect user privacy, BBS user communication according to different requirements, the crowd designs different topics zone, established between the user and the benign interaction between the user and the developer; More detailed weight, energy consumption and other personal data management, 17 types of exercise routine can be manually added at any time record movement details; The data backup to the cloud, supporting the whole time history data export; Function to bloated, UI design simple and clear.

at the same time, the move plan step inside and walk step, GPS running function and manually type of function. Move step gauge user groups are hoping that moderate exercise change the body health of people, from the data using broader crowd. The current main users are the running, walking, etc, to achieve weight reduction to reduce weight the crowd; Long-term use of cell phone pedometer functions for health management of users and the users using GPS for jogging. Liu Yue, “walking and jogging is not only the two movement forms, more important is on behalf of a kind of attitude to life, they are not restricted by age, gender, physical strength, etc, they are gradually become the new fashion trend in fitness.”

as the name of the company “slowly life science and technology”, move step gauge hope provides to users is a more professional, digital and diversified health management application scenario. Health is also ordinary people the most basic demand, with the flat of mobile platform and system, used in the user is also more mobile, users need to record at any time or physical activity index, meet the demand of users severe health, using the threshold is low, provide more professional health light application of data is a trend in the future.

since the end of 2012, move step gauge in the absence of marketing, has more than 1200 w users, products in the Chinese, American and European apple AppStore health and fitness class has always been the top ten, they also received A round of funding in September this year. Move step gauge recognition and attention, the domestic new media step by step move hope pedometer as the breakthrough point, further focus on the more diversified and comprehensive weight and chronic disease management, professional services. Liu Yue convective cloud network, “to move in the future, continue to deepen the development of China’s market potential, and will work with offline insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers in-depth O2O closed loop formation, to build a full range of mobile health data platform; Transverse online services continues to develop the international market, to become a have the international brand of mobile health management expert.”

move step gauge/Pacer

time: 2012


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