“Mouth” is more and more good domestic mobile phone manufacturers

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cloud network hunting note: this is Chinese native smartphone brand outbreak of a year. And market share is the first title that matches the major mobile phone manufacturers “talk”. Compared with apple, etc; “XXX” the king of a kind of slogan with rotten, these two phenomena has become the domestic mobile phone manufacturers of common “strange phenomenon”…

huawei honor last week brought us a already, easing the bit in the iPhone 6 Plus and I disruptive innovation brought by the conference, conference released annual marks – huawei huawei glory glory 6 Plus.

early to see if the machine name, and reminds you of the familiar apple home Plus next door, but it can be said, calling it Plus not because 6 Plus apple house next door has a shipment, also not because of my product can do it “the big, big, the small, small, faster than fast, design the perfect” and call Plus, such goods with only 6 x; Call it 6 plus because it takes us to rethink the direction of the scientific and technological innovation, to rethink the pictures “. So this Plus represents huawei disruptive innovation. Does for disruptive innovation, we shall not discuss, after being product, consumer experience feedback is the best evaluation index. But for the conference, there are two things I think is very interesting: it is compared with the parameters of the apple, the second is the king of all kinds of pictures, making words, heavenly Kings, the king of days. And this also is very common in interesting points in domestic.

“fake apple” blouses sit: refuses to run a points

huawei honor to join the conference with apple more than seeing is believing; Of course, no one’s surprise, huawei honor 6 plus comfortable seeing is believing to relentless easing the bit in the apple. Whether in the screen contrast, saturation, heat dissipation, body weight, proportion, the fuselage display strength and take photos. Huawei honor 6 plus “significantly better than apple”. Similar to do such kind of easing the bit in contrast, huawei is not the first, nature also won’t be the last. Domestic conferences and contrast (apple) seem to is a required course, huawei, former home of millet, meizu, too, and the innocent is in in cutting-edge industry or a certain function ZanYangZhe widely by consumers. Actions poking fun at easing the bit in any other products, even cause a quarrel among firms war, based on the logic of no more than two points, one is the advanced nature to show their products. Second, from marketing, to get attention.

how to show the advantage of their products, the contrast of intuitive nature is the best choice. My processor are better than you, so I’m better than you. My camera pixels taller than you, so I better than you, my screen is larger than you, so I’m better than you. Although focus on mobile phone knows that parameter is a component unit of the entire mobile experience, is more important than the parameters of the system and function optimization. Balance is a mobile phone on the parameters and experience. But why the manufacturer still dare to use parameters to bombard consumers directly? Because in China, domestic a few years down the parameters of the tireless education has achieved remarkable effect, most do not understand mobile phone consumers parameters after these years of education, understand the significance of the parameters. In the eyes of most consumers, parameter determines how well a product; The higher the parameters, mobile phone on various aspects of the performance is better; User when the choose and buy the product, parameters would definitely on purchase decisions have a significant impact, that is why the millet quarrel with the 1799 war, millet bite a meizu MX4 using mediatek processor is not released. All hard to publicize their products parameter is how advanced.

in borrows this recruit, actually has said many times, the so-called borrows: by external force or others’ advantages of resources to achieve their marketing goals or effect. to see this definition, people must be suddenly enlightened, manufacturers both in the industrial design of imitation, or on the comments out of line, or parameters on easing the bit in; Or war with his fight, and so on, using all of these help from marketing, using their products with a strong product contrast, attract consumer’s attention, the attention both admiration and ridicule, which is the key, the focus is on rising awareness, making the popularity of product diffusion, manufacturers by boat across the river, so as to achieve the purpose of lend chicken unripe egg.

the above two points, intuitive easy, economic and beautiful, is shameless, but also understandable. But this seems wise, but it cannot hide their weak, lack of reality. Confident and strength, in the heart has its own world, why clings to others, itself is benchmarking, why even bother section of the boat across the river, lend chicken unripe egg?


hype hype, can change some fresh word?

every domestic conference, we always hear such as photo, night, the king of Kings, the king of days later, the little prince, disruptive innovation, seconds kill, comparable SLR vocabulary, such as how to promote the product of the sublime. Now the domestic a conference, few what the king of the you are embarrassed to say you are in the conference. A conference, pile technology, piles of seconds to kill, the king of the piles, not for consumers to create a “so that the machine, all I have, ask for anything?” Belief.

every conference I have such doubt: domestic know represented by the power of these words is in a what kind of heavyweight? Manufacturer of all kinds of word games, exaggerated propaganda, let the consumer to products have very high expectations, but after being with consumers, many cell phone practical experience, is a stark reality, propaganda and the actual effect of severe fall; Publicity forever can only exist in someone’s home, own it, can only blame you will not use it himself.

and the propaganda and the actual effect, serious difference, the refraction is the excessive marketing domestic capacity beyond the product itself, this is not only for its own brand irresponsible, more can be said to be a fraud to consumer. Consequences of such actions, can only be mistrust of the number of domestic consumers.

domestic handset “first title” the value of how much?

to domestic, this year should be a cause for celebration, total share from domestic manufacturers over samsung and LG, to become the world’s first. , according to Gartner 15 in the third quarter of this year global smartphone sales report: huawei, millet and associations in the world’s top five smartphone makers in three seats occupied, second only to samsung apple. This year is a year of domestic rise, comprehensive in the world, but see this single family ranks the 345 data, I have not a trace of excitement, investigate its reason is: although domestic handset shipments first,, but the reality is using the power of the national contrast to samsung, LG. The first, is unity is strength, but it seems that more is the irony. Won the first this year, but still did not change the domestic in the low-end consumer heart, a copycat awkward position; Domestic priority in the consumers’ mind is still less than the first. Domestic still can only rely on low prices to build market, domestic is still facing a serious don’t match the market share and reputation. Moreover some domestic strong push concept, do the excessive marketing beyond the product itself, let consumer trust not to its;

we can’t deny the great progress of the few years, but we cannot because there are more progress you will ignore some out of nature’s way, shield indulgence. For domestic, sincerely hope that they will be able to more on the products take a state of mind, to do less on advertising hands and feet; In front of consumers, be yourself and don’t get lost in the cheat and lie; In the sea of competition, relying on efforts to innovation, rather than go to imitate a shortcut to plagiarism. For domestic, criticism and ridicule are love, just love the way is different, and I am willing to when the dislike of critics.

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