MOTOROLA’s return, released in China next month, Moto Moto X G and “Nexus 6”

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the MOTOROLA pointed out in the official blog today, they will officially return to the Chinese market. In February, MOTOROLA will breath in China released three new smartphones, respectively, Moto X, Pro and Moto Moto X G.

Moto X will be some changes in design, support 4 g LTE, but also allows Chinese users by Moto Maker to personalization. It is reported, this product will be the first, time may be upon the arrival of the lunar New Year.

interested friends can, to vote for your favorite Moto mobile phone design.

Moto X Pro on the whole and the Nexus 6 are similar, but there is no sign of the Nexus. Moto X Pro USES a 2.7 Ghz qualcomm Xiao dragon 805 processor, 6 inch 2 k resolution screens, 3220 ma main camera batteries, 14 million pixels, front stereo speakers, support 4 g LTE. It is understood that the product could be listed after the lunar New Year holiday.

Moto is listed at the end of 2 G, 4 G LTE, double card double stay, 5 inch screen, quad-core processors.

it is important to note that these three series of Moto phone will and listed as the products abroad, before to maintain maximum native Android system. Now the only point is: the three mobile phone will be able to pick up after media reports on “the Chinese version of Google Play”.

however, MOTOROLA’s return, let us gratified! As for how to price, hunting cloud network editing your analysis should be more people.

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