MOTOROLA “full of blood” resurrection: mobile phones, ear plugs, watch “have”

(/horse relief yi wen)

it is understood that MOTOROLA has just released four new intelligent device. They respectively are: the second generation, the second generation of Moto Moto X G, smart watch 360, intelligent earplugs Moto Moto Hint.

the second generation of Moto X: improved performance, finally can be called flagship

Basic parameters:

5.2 -inch AMOLED screen, 1080 p resolution;

2.5 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 processor, 330 578 MHZ Adreno GPU;

2 gb of RAM, 16/32 gb storage space;

13 million pixel camera, 4 x zoom, support 4 k video recording;

2300 ma battery, life 24 hours;

with the native Android latest system;

the weight is 144 g, the specification is 140.8 mm * 72.4 mm * 9.9 mm (the thickest point) to 3.8 mm (the thinnest point).

highlight window:

more round soft back, back into a level curve type, the thinnest place around 3.8 mm, accord with human body engineering;

frame USES the aluminum metal material;

surface waterproof coating, but does not support the water immersion;

add four color leather back cover can choose between supply and demand, motorcycle signs, the volume key and power key all metal material can be customized;

the Dynamic Tuning technology, effectively prevent the hand phone, interference with communication signals back;

Best Shot function, can be more pictures taken automatically, and selecting the most images;

Highlight biennial Reel function, can automatically edit photos and video into “story movie”;

Moto Voice function, allowing custom Voice wake, merge multiple third-party applications, so that the user via Voice control such as navigation, social sharing behavior;

Moto Actions, gestures function more powerful, support the impending shake hands, decline a call alarm clock deep sleep, and wake up the screen.

listing and price:

Moto X will go on sale in the United States soon, the contract price is $99.99, the bare price is $499.99.

: the second generation of Moto G is still low-end Android king “mobile phone”

the second generation Moto G is mainly for generation of micro configuration upgrade, basic parameters are as follows:

5 inch screen, 720 p resolution;

1.2 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon 400 processor;

1 gb of RAM (is unclear), 8 gb/16 gb storage space;

8 million pixel camera Lord;

2070 ma battery, can last 24 hours;

single card/card two modes optional;

colorful rear cover.

outstanding highlight is attached to the Motorola Assist, Motorola ‘s Voice, Action, and other functions.

the Moto G of the second generation will log in India, France, Britain, Germany, Spain and Brazil. Bare machine for $179.99.

Moto 360: one of the best Android Wear watches, there is no

Moto 360 largely in line with previous exposure images and data. basic parameters are as follows:

1.56 inch screen, 320 x 290 resolution (205 ppi);

ti OMAP 3 processor;

512 MB RAM 4 gb of storage space;

320 ma battery, can last 24 hours.


waterproof IP67

with heart rate detection;

the Motorola Connect function, support, UI interface personal customized function.

the Moto has 360 sale, sells for $249.99 (leather strap). This autumn will also listed metal strap version Moto 360, priced at $299.99.

Moto Hint: the future of bluetooth headset models

can and more than Android 4.3 devices via bluetooth connection, identify and implement the user’s voice commands (navigation, etc.). Users can say “Listen up Moto Hint” or touch awakened Hint entity control area. It is reported, the ear will be listed in the U.S. this fall, for $149.

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