Mother plan: aim – 1-6 years old baby mother, main mother-to-child resources “network polymers”

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at present, in the second child of the open policy, the mobile Internet, Internet of things under the trend of the development of a series of factors, such as maternal and child growing segment of the market value, and around the maternal and child this niche, start-ups is emerge in endlessly. Such as cloud network reported before the baby hunting assistant, aunt and baby tree, 800 meters net, hot mom help and so on, whether maternal and infant electricity or maternal and infant community, maternal and infant market shows a scene of prosperity.

but in numerous maternal and infant start-ups, hard to avoid can appear the problem of homogeneity, back to the basics, user experience and the creative logic is the maternal and infant products of business survival. Launched in May this year mother network plan, aimed at 1 to 6 years old baby mother group, through the form of web + App to focus on for the mother to provide more precise and thoughtful information and services. Mother plan characteristic is simple and quick, from the perspective of users, the use of the Internet fragmentation time aggregated into a maternal and child resources platform network polymers.

why the entrepreneurial ideas, but also from the founder li Ou. Ou lee, the founder of the Chinese rich sharp electric business consulting, one of the founders of “marketing”, my mother plan founding team engaged in Internet advertising creative industry more than 10 years, the Internet industry products, capital, market environment has the depth of the contact. From 2013 to 2014 Mr Lee Ou under advertisement company founder: to expand children’s advertising industry, established a large number of: tong industry well-known brand cooperation, at the same time: to see the child industry combine with the Internet, mobile Internet will have great opportunities, creating a startup mother plan of inspiration. Lee Ou convective cloud network, “mother plan is a emerging Internet company, to provide customers (: children’s business) and users (school-age children’s mom) provides an information exchange platform, trust and value.”

mother buy plan is the logic of media + + community model. Platform specific to mother plan, provide latest parenting information and daily growth education, nutrition, health and other new parents would face parenting problem, at the same time mother plan with a series of parenting information and theme a relatively clear classification, the user can according to the child’s age screening of relevant information. Attaches great importance to the product attach more importance to run li Ou is an important business concept, buy electricity is mom plan of the second stage of development, electric operation, shang dynasty merchants do not need to come, but mother will charge a buckle.

mother plan platform have a professional operation team is committed to stick to the user, to achieve seamless docking between online and offline interaction or activity, it is also a mother a feature of the plan. Maternal and child products consumption is just need, mom is strong social groups, so my mother plan development route is online at the same time. Online, all sorts of educational knowledge and experience in the form of information sharing, in offline, mother plan will organize various activities, such as mother’s plan offline project activities are booming, even more than with tens of millions of registered users of traditional maternal and infant platform. Ou li said, “the success of the mummy carnival activities, the huge crowd convergence mother plans to her mother, high conversion rate of online, offline, and the key to all of this is that mother planning mode under trust between users, businesses, platform.”

since mother plan website version 1.1 online, has recruited 3000 beta, the official weibo, micro letter has more than 50000 fans, with hundreds of companies: children’s trade signed a project cooperation contract, at the same time mom plans the Ios version of the App is expected on November 20, the future mother plan will be fully covered PC + mobile terminal. Mother plan won A round of funding in July this year, li Ou convective cloud network, “the mother projects are actively introducing senior technical partners, and seek to further enhance their market competitiveness, make up for the short board, mother plan’s ultimate goal is to change human one thousand feeding mode to achieve great commercial value.”

mom plan

time: in May 2014,


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