“Most sensationalistic media” Forbes: nokia will return to the mobile phone market

a takeover by Microsoft, nokia’s products are made by Microsoft to take over, but nokia is still a mobile phone is very famous in the field of brand, nokia will be ready to return to the mobile phone market. Nokia, suggesting that the next generation of smart phones with Europe in 2016 strong return

as the third quarter results released last week, nokia CFO Timo Ihamuotila also talked about the nokia brand value and nokia in the mobile market how the market space was invaded. In Microsoft acquired after nokia devices and services on nokia in the mobile phone market trend is still attract eyeball, interestingly, Ihamuotila throughout the conversation without any attempt to stop the rumors.

when Microsoft finished buy nokia mobile phone department after the deal, some IP logo was replaced by Redmond. This includes the name of the company brand, Microsoft currently in order to achieve its mobile phone trade is striving to make the company become Microsoft’s own brand of smart phone.

Microsoft approval at the same time nokia brand name can be used by Microsoft in a period of time. Nokia brand smartphone will only appear in the next 18 months in Microsoft’s logo, but Microsoft’s feature phones nokia can be used for only 10 years after buying this brand.

obviously, if we can the faster the acquisition of brand switching to grasp own brand, Microsoft can get the more interests. This process from the latest Windows Phone the company in 830, is evident.

the difficulties as long as those who started in the past, to be sure that all of the past.

nokia will be returned to the mobile phone market

nokia still interested in the mobile phone market. The recent emergence of a apply to Android HERE map, has demonstrated its ability and expressed to test is beyond the scope of its own company before the will. Although Nokia X user interface, the Android Launcher and Noka X generally all kinds of mobile phones, are brought together into the Redmond, I am sure that if they have the willingness, Nokia can play again to build such a device can be found.

Ihamuotila continued: “of course we will carefully evaluate what will be the best way for us to develop our brand value, also considering we are at this stage of the use of a brand is under the management of Microsoft. In addition, we have realized that in the long term in the aspect of mobile phones and mobile devices that nokia is the most valuable brand. So at this moment we can’t leave.”

in earnings conference call, no executives to make any comments on the future business development. But nokia has been impressed with the return of the date of its brand. In mobile phone business is basically every time after the acquisition results meeting, CEO seems to remind management they can return to the duration of the mobile phone business. In my experience, when you asked about mobile plan, it’s like the implication in is back on track the signal.

as a Finn eyes of Chekhov’s gun, nokia assure everyone that they will return to in the field of mobile phone.

I hope everyone will welcome a new hands, full of vitality of the return of the Finnish smartphone makers. I’d like to know whether there will be a very fairytale return?

Nokia had launched a Nokia mobile phone X with a custom version of Android system. The mobile phone is very like the company interface, mobile phone performance is also not bad. But after all was handed over to Microsoft, this line will probably be permanent forgotten in history.

it is not to say that on the premise of fund and time a “new” nokia can’t combination of a new Android development environment. Because HERE the map on the Android system improvement repeatedly, it not only has been flowing in the blood of the elements of Android, nokia also to those commonly used and important Android applications need to how much space have a clear understanding of the development direction of research and development team need more clear.

about hardware manufacturers, and gradually developed China’s OEM orders for these phones made can now easily take. Don’t forget to nokia’s first Windows Phone, nokia Lumia800, is with the help of compal electronic complete production.

so nokia return is possible, it can complete to start over. But perhaps only they know the answers. Maybe the answer already had, maybe they need to use Linux return?


potential return path

as I have before in Forbes noted, nokia can effortlessly find a competitive team of smart phones. Part of the former nokia is trying to develop swordfish system mobile phone, they have the obvious advantage that they can “nokia” in 2016 led to return to the smartphone market, with a spent many years of research and development of time and human energy new mobile phones to return to the market.

once nokia is ready to return, it has a lot of choice to return to the smartphone market, and they have a good starting point of assurance (plus management awareness), if the Finnish r&d base first before the year similar to Jolla procession.



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