Morning: to raise the rockets will launch, squirrel connected A round of $10 million

hunting cloud network on January 4th (text/who)

to raise the rockets will launch

to ferry company will be in the eastern United States time 6 o ‘clock in the morning on January 6 20 points for rocket experiment for the first time in 2015. Inspections at the bottom of the company will try to get the rockets vertical landing to the floating in the sea platform, keep it in good condition, in order to reuse. Rocket carrying 3700 pounds of material to the dragon spacecraft on the international space station, including scientific experiment equipment, spare parts, food, water and other supplies.

uncle musk is also quite hard, rich willfulness, divorce to remarry again. Hunting cloud network see he said on twitter, tesla is developing a charging automatically connect metope pile and the Model S electric vehicle charging device, have very much looking forward to.

Google announced Microsoft repair Windows 8.1 holes

Google has said its “dark clouds” website Project Zero will open Windows 8.1 a leak in the code, the vulnerability makes it possible for low-level user administrator privileges. Its on the vulnerability to Microsoft presented at the end of September, but until now the holes are not signs of repair. Microsoft said it had to repair the hole, the hole of a potential attacker must have valid login permissions, is the main influence of companies rather than most of the individual, the family user.

TCL bought Palm or push new smartphones

according to public information, the Palm brand has from HP’s transfer to a named Wide Progress Global Limited company. The company’s actual transaction agreement signatory is alcatel One Touch area of the President. Alcatel One Touch is TCL’s a smartphone brand, the company ranked 25th in the global consumer electronics manufacturers, is also the third big TV producer, second only to samsung and LG.

lenovo’s purchase of MOTOROLA, so, TCL bought Palm can easy to understand.

samsung smart TV with Tizen operating system

samsung has announced its plans this year are used in all smart TV products launched by Tizen operating system. At present, samsung has been in its several smart watches and a camera product to use the Tizen software. Hope the international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas next week (CES) to gain more information on this.

what, after the New Year’s day, feel a CES so close, it’s a science and technology circles. Although fewer apples, nur, hunting cloud network still full of expectation.

squirrel interconnected by blue ventures A $10 million round of funding

the squirrel interconnected intelligent frame is a cloud for the elderly, frame, with a set of accord with parents to use habits of minimalist operating system, boot can be used, and children through children client APP can real time send their photos to the parents and can remote control, optimize the function of video calls at the same time.

pony butler won millions of dollar funding partners China

Beijing pony feijie network technology co., LTD. Is a O2O butler service of Internet companies, in view of the traditional domestic industry “service standard”, the problem such as charges not “standard”, to provide users with housekeeping service based on geographic location. Provide housekeeping cleaning business include: household cleaning, new home land clearing, household cleaning, professional divide mite sections and has covered urban and suburban Beijing.

traveling by air net hk $120 million investment

look holdings is web game development dealer and distributors in China, the air net recently announced by over-the-counter purchase perfume by listed companies had about 8.89 million existing common stock holdings, the transaction price of hk $14 per common shares, valued at about hk $124 million ($16 million).

tricell group strategic investment luxury shopping platform the spanish-american fashion

the spanish-american fashion is a flagship luxury fashion shopping e-commerce sites, tricell group will be given to the strategic investment, cooperation is finalized, tricell group will depend on the holding a veteran British high-end department stores with mae west Fraser HouseofFraser holdings of American fashion luxury shopping platform, set up company cross-border electricity system, and integrate resources to further develop Chinese fashion consumption market and enter the O2O sector.

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