Morning: shelling Momo netease CEO, drops treasure driving car rental for financing


netease hair shelling Momo CEO statement: there is something wrong with the style of alleged corruption,

on the eve of the United States Momo listed, the company founder and CEO Tang Yan suddenly met with former club netease company criticism, has been accused of not professional personal integrity and personal problems. Momo on December 11, will be held in the eastern United States time listed on the nasdaq stock exchange, the issue price of 12.50 to $14.50, according to the median calculation, Momo is expected to raise about $260 million from the IPO. At this critical juncture, its founder Tang Yan character was netease come, really surprising. As to whether or not will affect the market, the process is unclear.

netease company said in a statement issued this morning, Tang Yan since December 2003 to September 2011 in netease during work, in office, taking advantage of the position, obtain the netease provides all kinds of information and technology resources, private and “stranger stranger”. In addition, the former editor in chief Tang Yan as netease, use the company to trust it, to his wife (Zhang Sichuan) founder of four degrees (Beijing) advertising co., LTD., conveying the economic interests of the millions of yuan. Netease also reveals that Tang Yan during netease work, also because of personal style in 2007 by Chinese police have detained 10. As netease senior staff, under-reported Tang Yan yet on the matter to the company.

drops a taxi for over $700 million in financing, treasure to drive car rental won $30 million in financing

drops a taxi, announced that the company to get more than $700 million in financing, dominated by temasek, DST and tencent’s investment. This round of financing means that China’s mobile Internet field’s biggest investment was born, it is also the biggest single financing in China’s Internet unlisted companies, one of the few Chinese companies in the private market to raise more than $700 million. In addition to the taxi business, drops in August 2014 also launched targeting high-end consumer groups in business car business. So far, drops car business covers Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other 16 cities, orders for 150000.

time sharing rental application treasure driving car rental (led jointly by China’s ping an and qiming, 58 city with $30 million series A investment. It is reported, this is so far the largest car sharing car rental industry A round of funding, A $30 million credit line more than several other car sharing car rental industry company the sum of A round line. Treasure to drive car rental, tenants can meet owners do not need to achieve buffet car car, pick up and drop off the car, the entire process is not more than 10 minutes, and the cost of more than 30% lower than the market price to rent to the satisfaction of the models.

car to car to life, hunting cloud network frequent use of drops quickly take a taxi, in view of the person many, occasionally can try car rental service.

electric vehicle battery company Seeo raised $17 million, samsung led

Seeo located in hayward, California city, we develop a rechargeable lithium batteries. Seeo, announced in the just-concluded E round, successfully raised us $17 million. The main investor is samsung investment department “samsung vc firms”. Seeo claimed that will use the funds to accelerate its commercial Drylyte lithium polymer battery pack, the Drylyte lithium polymer battery pack has a kind of electrolyte, can better enhance the energy density, especially for electric vehicles in the energy density of the electrolyte. After the latest round of financing, Seeo financing has totaled more than $40 million.

tesla, let’s get to know you contact the electric car, can try to stick to it, I still waiting to buy!

application list in China apple, over 40% of domestic developers accounted

apple released in China of 2014 iOS app list, “Replay is video editor” and “Threes!” Be the best use and best game on the iPhone. It is important to note that the annual application with a total of 50 list, some developed by 35 developers (or company), 15 of them are local developers. Compared with 2013 accounts for only two of the 12 seats in domestic developers, has more than 40% of domestic developers accounted for this year. And all the applications, the domestic against doing a ratio of about two-thirds of the localization. This also shows that, on the iOS ecosystem platform, the role of domestic developers are playing a more and more heavy, the developers are also pay more and more attention to the Chinese market.

hunting cloud network to all Chinese developers some one hundred praise! Good, come on.

little wow 8 nuclear for mobile phone 64 897 yuan, 3 a large coke and the raise lifelong free every year a new

orange stone by henan network technology co., LTD., the little wow mobile launch, orange stone little wow mobile phones Lu Yi bo announced the little wow, founder of the final price is 897 yuan. Little wow devices with mediatek’s latest 6752 processor, dual Miro card support mobile and China unicom’s 4 g system, and supports the unicom WCDMA 3 g network, 5.5 -inch FHD (1920 * 1080 resolution 400 ppi) display, rear SONY 13 million pre – 8 million megapixel camera. In addition to this small a wow wow mobile phones as well as more keys (multifunction button), in that there is almost 2000 yuan of above models on breathing lamp to see!

jingdong open large coke in the form of the raise 3 mobile phone sales. Ten thousand mobile phones in just 25 minutes the raise, clinch a deal amount is 16.58 million yuan. This the raise “the raise, lifetime free every year a new” as the theme, through the raise, consumers not only get a large coke. 3, also enjoy free replacement of a new generation of large coke mobile VIP privilege service. Large coke 3 with metal body, tie-in 5 inches sapphire screen, the most practical function is to prevent the screen scratches, from film. In addition, three other aspects of the large coke configuration is not low, using mediatek’s top 64 eight core processor, 3 gb of memory, with a Sony IMX214 13 million pixels rear camera, and Sony IMX219 front-facing camera 8 million pixels.

the little wow is in henan, we can have a chance to support it. If I am involved in all large coke to raise your letter yesterday? Two months to get a mobile phone, I also was carried away.

love recycled and green beauty of strategic cooperation, soufun termination and strategic cooperation in the 21st century, China’s real estate

Issued a report

green beauty and love recycling signed a strategic cooperation agreement, establish long-term brand cooperation love recovery and green beauty, beauty will become green love recovery within the territory of China dealing with environmental protection the priority of the specified cooperative enterprises. Love recycling will send the scrap to mobile phones, laptops, electronic products such as batteries and accessories to the green, green beauty agrees that no harm to the environment. It is understood that the two sides will carry out from offline to online exchange cooperation, the combination of green beauty from offline recycling network to set up e-commerce recycling network.

soufun announced, has been suspended under the terms of the relevant company in October 7, 2014, and in the 21st century, China’s real estate and other third parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement at that time, complete the deal soufun premise condition is that in the 21st century, China’s real estate get all within 60 days after the agreement of the third party’s consent. But as a result of the 21st century China’s real estate within 60 days did not get all the consent of the third party, so soufun decided to terminate the strategic cooperation agreement.

Talk about cooperation on one side of the

and make to break up. Always feel like to fall in love the same. Hunting cloud network also want to be in love.

car house appointed elong CEO guangfu cui as independent directors, Snapchat poaching analyst at credit suisse

home of automobile announced the appointment of elong chief executive officer (CEO) guangfu cui independent directors for the company, and the audit committee and compensation committee of the board members, the company take effect on December 9, 2014. Guangfu cui has more than 20 years of experience in business and management. Since October 2007, has been a elong CEO guangfu cui, since February 2011, as the company’s board members. Before joining the elong, guangfu cui as fedex kinkos, managing director of China more than three years. And in the join fedex gold exam, guangfu cui procter & more than 12 years, there are two and a half years working in the United States.

the rapid growth of mobile IM applications before Snapchat poaching, credit suisse, an investment bank will be responsible for the Internet business imran khan in the ranks. Imran will work moved from New York to Los Angeles, as Snapchat chief strategy officer, to the company’s chief executive, 24, evan, case report. Snapchat at present, the popular with young people. That help it won a $10 billion valuation. Apple also said on Monday, Snapchat is this year the second more free downloads, second only to FacebookMessenger. In the past year, Snapchat also from Facebook and Google two companies to dig to the executives. In Facebook and sets of Emily white now as the company’s chief operating officer. Former Google executives to communicate gil hase baker is currently in Snapchat.

a promotion and pay increase or move alone, however, people always have the pursuit of also is very good.

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