Morning: samsung flagship store in London, housekeeping, the financing WOOK cloud

hunting cloud network on December 25 (text/who)

samsung shut down London’s flagship store

samsung electronics has closed the London flagship store experience, is likely to be the smart watch poor sales are down this year. The flagship store in London Westfield Stratford City shopping center, samsung is one of the main display and retail Spaces in the UK. Demolition of the London flagship store photos have been uploaded to the Internet, call the customer support hotline, also has a automatic reply system confirm the flagship store is closed.

samsung don’t cry, stand up lu, and see if next year you can defuse the crisis. Ah, blame only blame too much tax. Cloud network are hunting heart for you, hard for a lifetime, half for the estate tax.

, the judge sentenced to user privacy Facebook must face lawsuits

in Oakland, California, USA in the district judge ruled said Phyllis Hamilton, Facebook must face a collective action, its content is the accusation that the company for advertising purposes and monitor user to send the information content of friends, thus violating the user privacy. Facebook previously claimed that the charges can be the federal of the electronic communications privacy act covered with a special clause, the clause is to allow the content of the service providers to intercept the user information in the normal business processes. But Hamilton pointed out that Facebook “did not provide enough to explain, to show its dubious business practices belong to normal business process”.

fuss, we monitored all day, used to it.

Zivoo release green mountain TV box: cooperate with the depth of the mango TV

smart home startup Zivoo in Beijing issued a mango ice and green mountain two TV box. And announced with mango TV strategic cooperation, will be introduced to the hunan TV’s content’s joint products. Mango ice is released before the mango TV customised version of box, use the new color appearance, special mango ice retained the wisdom of HDMI – in the interface, that is to say, you can put the other set-top boxes to mango ice continue to use. Mango ice and green mountain respectively on January 19, on January 9, and open to booking, price 498 yuan and 298 yuan respectively.

TV box is messy, you also to do, hunting cloud network admire your courage. Work with mango, also is the good choice, in the positive mommy, you open the sen? The small steamed bun is out of stock quickly.

cloud housekeeping, WOOK, Geenio, Ginger, IO, SideChef financing

housekeeping service booking platform cloud housekeeping announced it had completed tens of millions of dollars in financing, investors are blue chi venture capital. In 2015, after the completion of this round of financing cloud housekeeping will cover major cities in China. As of the third quarter of 2014, cloud housekeeping has accumulated real-name housekeeping staff more than 300000, cooperation with domestic stores more than 2200. According to domestic member will cloud housekeeping skills, service time, mobile location and multi-dimensional graining, match the user’s demand and domestic member information automatically, the user complete reservation and payment online, offline housekeeping personnel directly door-to-door service, realize the closed loop.

mobile electric business platform WOOK won A round of funding, 30 million yuan by the denier, venture capital, tencent electricity holding former CEO Wu Xiao light, source vc xiang-yang Yang and black fund joint investment. WOOK is link in greater China and Indonesia brand retailers platform. On the one hand, WOOK for brands in greater China to Indonesia, more than 10000 retailers flat channel, its this land in Indonesia has a powerful team, help enterprises to achieve rapid growth in Indonesia. For Indonesia, on the other hand, retailers provide supply chain platform, marketing service support and financial supply chain services.

for small-class teaching model of Geenio raised $2 million in financing. Geenio in addition to providing a series of tools to help users quickly setting up platform, such as course page, test templates, and other functions, can also set up some more lightweight study groups, such as “Zero to One online reading group, Shared with friends reading experience. Also, the use of Geenio set up training courses can also be used to enterprise newcomer training.

Ginger. IO new $20 million B round of funding, the total amount of $28.2 million. In the Ginger. IO in this round of financing, investment institutions including its partners Kaiser Permanente Ventures, further cooperation could help Ginger. IO to further expand its audience in a hospital. On participants phone while analyzing the collected data from more than 320000 hours, can to people’s mobile phone model, to predict the diseases like the common cold, flu, combine data and health.

SideChef added $1 million in financing, it is a try to change people’s way of cooking and eating of mobile applications, can provide users with detailed steps of cooking, including cutting, mastering the technique of temperature, etc. It even includes automatic timer, list of ingredients, voice control, and can be Shared with friends. SideChef the investment finance for Venture Capital Dispatch, the artificial Empower and Peacock angel investment Capital.

day boat culture in Michael foray into online education online

Tangel Publishing Co., ltd. released a statement, said the company intends to 40 million yuan investment with self-owned capital online education technology Co., Ltd., jiangsu Michael after the investment, the company shares held Michael online ratio is 22.40%. Day boat culture says the investment is to promote education informationization and online education business, integrate the resources to build a national early childhood education interactive online resources (O2O) platform. Except the day boat culture, Michael online also has introduced the detian fund and manulife innovation as its shareholders. A total of 50 million yuan RMB financing from the capital and share scheme.

Pacific cooperation with jingdong, a subsidiary of the Internet securities

the Pacific announcement, the company signed with the net silver online securities business cooperation agreement, the two sides to jointly produce net silver online securities sector. Net silver online for jingdong group, a wholly owned subsidiary, to focus on for various industries to provide a safe, convenient comprehensive electronic payment services, core business includes payment processing (online payment gateway, net silver wallet, quick payments) and the prepaid CARDS and other services.

the net that clean out rice, vice President of comprehensive due to personal reasons

the net that clean out rice announced that the company’s vice President of human resources comprehensive due to personal reasons, will take effect on December 31, 2014. The net that clean out rice will be looking for next comprehensive successor. The net that clean out rice co-founder and CEO Wang Hai soldier said: “since July 2011 to join the net that clean out rice, thorough make great contribution to the development of the company, provided valuable guidance for the company. We thanked for this and wish him future.”

departure tide began to surge, this person said years ago are capable of, after the jump is general, but never gave up their year-end, at least less energy. Cloud network think it is possible that, hunting and other leaders to jump first, look at the situation again, one thousand jump to the same company, he is your leadership, not tragedy, think again.

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