Morning: reasonable accommodation, love space such as financing, baidu baidu real estate platform

on January 8, hunting cloud network (text/who)

but reasonable accommodation, love space, football, Housing financing

but reasonable accommodation information service co., LTD., announced A complete ten million yuan A round of funding, lego box with millet joint investment. According to introducing, the millet technology and reasonable accommodation block box, will give full play to the reasonable financing in small credit debt and financial market development, credit risk management decision of supply chain technology applications, process optimization, etc advantages, together with small micro financial industry chain. At the same time, after this round of financing, but reasonable accommodation with lego box depth cooperation, cooperation content involves the small credit products, financial products supply chain, etc.

home service O2O love space suitable for funds, $50 million series A investment, love space is A main O2O Internet standardized decoration services company, provides pricing, the standardization of domestic outfit on A regular basis, through online trading and the entire monitoring, off-line implementation experience and delivery.

football data information application soccer control on sea rock bridge capital led millions of angel investment.. “Football control” in 2014, during the World Cup online, provide global data live video of football, the team collecting personal information as well as professional and career; The home team dynamics and news highlights. Football control in the future will be in custom data, since the media platform, video broadcast/highlights, fans, players, team interaction, race color/quiz game, etc. It is alleged that the iOS version, there are more than 100000 users, the upcoming Android and the app.

Indian start-ups Housing, softbank’s $90 million investment, the establishment of only 2 years of start-up so far, has won a total of $122 million in financing, investors in addition to softbank, also including the Falcon Edge and other investment institutions. Just founded, Housing is a platform that rent a house, now their business covers almost all aspects of the real estate industry, even in 50 cities to provide Housing loan business in India. They also used the location technology based on mobile map, to help users find the available for sale and rental housing.

push baidu baidu real estate platform

baidu announced a joint centaline property, chain of home real estate, and I love my family more than 30 national housing intermediary companies to launch “baidu property” vertical real estate platform, build online real estate service platform. Baidu real estate platform issue will introduce more than 30 large housing intermediary companies across the country, and direct access to its internal ERP system to obtain real homes. Add user feedback mechanism, the data to heavy cleaning mechanism, single housing automatic adjustment mechanism, etc. Will provide ERP service with a number of manufacturers cooperation, joint housing information for its system, connection of many domestic real estate brokerage firm.

SO, hunting cloud network do you want to try first, my home heating can be evaded, want to ask which heating effect is strong.

Twitter CEO to sell $5 million in stock

according to the securities and exchange commission, according to documents in the dilemma earlier this month, Twitter CEO dick Costello shares sold 140352 shares of Twitter. Costello the stocks accounted for total of $5 million. After the sell-off, he also owns more than 80 Twitter shares.

due to decline in share prices, and corporate strategy is not clear. Analysts believe that Costello will leave this year.

Chinese start-ups launched the world’s first intelligent knapsack

artificial intelligence equipment startup frame technology in Las Vegas has released the world’s first intelligent knapsack, and two watches sports intelligence. This backpack with a smart hardware should have a lot of factors. Can store 10000 mah power for portable electronic devices; Contains network routers, WIfi, 3 g/4 g routing functions, can support multiple terminal access to the Internet at the same time; Can also be used as a wireless mobile hard disk, support for computer, mobile phone upload download data; After the mobile phone to install the app to backpack seamless docking, a key personal backup data.

kiss, hunting cloud network just want to ask, are you sure they aren’t put a cell phone and dismantling distribution throughout the backpack?

philips, TCL, whirlpool three air purifier HeiBang

on municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision group released the air purifier product quality safety risk monitoring results. According to introducing, the monitoring the DB31/622-622 “air purifier allowable value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grade” the Shanghai local standard requirement, on the application of the product area of project risk monitoring. In risk monitoring samples 25 batches, after the examination, the applicable area of the 7 batches do not tally with the nominal; 3 batches products: philips, TCL, whirlpool, neither nominal applicable area, nor nominal particle clean air volume.

empty net industry chaos,

zhongke cloud network chairman resigned Meng Kai

zhongke Meng Kai resigned, founder of the cloud network. Announcement, according to the division in the board of directors of the cloud network on January 5, 2015, received a written resignation controlling shareholders Meng Kai, Meng Kai application resigned as chairman of the board of directors of the company, director, CEO and the board of directors of the special committee and all duties. In 2015 after the announcement, according to the investors shall have the right to hold this issue bonds sold to full or partial back zhongke cloud network, according to the current debt securities issuance and value calculation, the division in cloud network will pay up to 512.5 million money, his face a high risk of default.

Meng Kai before the SEC investigation, shareholder’s assets were frozen, asset ratings downgrade. Zhongke cloud network, house leak by sounds, and see who can come now.

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