Morning: Momo response to netease, India lock-up millet


message message in response to netease shelling: Tang Yan malicious allegations on the apology

devoted to devoted to the securities and exchange commission on Wednesday after the update of the IPO prospectus documents, to netease “shelling” CEO Tang Yan responded. Tang Yan thinks, this charge is no value, and plans to build on positive self defense. We have noticed that netease in its statement, charges and no article is proposed in view of the stranger devoted to the company itself, but also relevant to those charges events happened in Tang Yan basically before joining our company. Tang Yan has issued a report to the company, said it believed the allegations are malicious, and plans to begin a self defense actively.

any legal action, no matter whether it is valuable, are likely to spend a lot of time, and may to be diverted from Tang Yan Momo business operations. Any such court proceedings are likely to impact of negative publicity to the company, and transfer management’s attention, this may be the company’s reputation, business and operating results have significant negative effects.

Ding Leitang rock that, can I ask you a final question, “love!” . Since can’t grow old, why war make both unhappy. A kind of deception philandering man left his wife, both of the entanglement dissatisfied housewife visual feeling arises spontaneously. Cloud network hunting quarrel I wish you the head of a bed end of the bed.

youku tudou was founded cloud entertainment BU launched three new intelligent terminal

youku tudou group chief technology officer Mr. Yao announced the formation of cloud entertainment group (BU), responsible for the center with video, will content to expand to the game, and through a series of intelligent terminal connection screen entertainment, create unity “shadow”. Mr. Yao of the BU President at the same time. In addition, the optimum soil also launched youku routing, youku treasure box and potatoes and so on three intelligent terminal. Yao jian, said the hope that through the intelligent hardware, strengthening interaction between panel and panel, expand the boundary of the terminal. This is another important direction of cloud entertainment BU.

youku routing treasure is the main concept of “make money” intelligent router, users to deposit 88 yuan in advance the deposit contract, youku routing treasure can according to the monthly return the corresponding loan contribution fees, generally between 3 and 10 months can return to complete.

youku box, selling point, the fever top-of-the-line hardware, acme video experience, mass content and cool game entertainment. On the one hand, youku box carrying ARM Cortex – A17 RK3288 chip, 4 k 3 d image quality, can achieve 10 seconds boot; At the same time, youku box collection youku mass copyright, window contents of platform, and through CIBN broadcast control platform of the homemade shows; In addition, youku box joint Unity and TEA alliance, adapter games “shadow gun”, the future will also introduce more high-quality goods.

potato pie has a 15.6 -inch super clear screen, product integration with android tablets, television, network player, DVD, game consoles, and other functions in one. Yao jian, said the future cloud entertainment BU will also do more on entertainment terminal expansion, such as speakers, 3 d equipment category.

best vernacular name and real points, relatively independent, have unified again, feel very strange, not should play the role of one plus one is greater than two? On really good, or fear size is too big, lose flexibility.

suning $240 million overweight again PPTV increased its stake to 64%

suning’s announcement announced in a $240 million increase PPTV, stake to 64%. In October, Su Ningceng PPTV on a $250 million investment, a 44% stake. Over the past year, suning increasing spending on PPTV, direct and indirect investment more than hundreds of millions of yuan. Both sides strive to establish a smooth coordination mechanism, the members sharing, data through, intelligent terminal development and deep cooperation in the big data on the promotion. In addition, su ning also announced that it would develop and layout mobile, home and PC video terminal. PPTV fan, revealed that 2015 will continue to invest in the video content, focusing on the film and television play, sports events and homemade columns.

cloud network hunting undeniable PPTV once brilliant, but I prefer love art, sohu, hey hey.

sinocom software 260 million acquisition of mobile game developers Heroic

after 51 play, palm after infinite spread the news of the takeover, hkex sinocom software, according to the announcement of listed company for hk $260 million (RMB 200 million) to an independent third party yog target company Heroic Coronet Limited all rights and interests. Purchase price of hk $60 million, the company to issue 75 million new shares to pay 0.8 yuan per share. The acquisition by the sinocom software to independent third-party yog target company Heroic Coronet all rights and interests, after completion of the acquisition, Heroic Coronet will have all the litres of issued share capital of science and technology, and the technology will hold Beijing happy good technology (relevant operating company) 65% stake.

lock-up millet, India LeiJunFa force game

new Delhi high court has ruled that millet Ericsson patents have been infringed, and issued a ban, asked millet stop selling mobile phones in India. Court ruled that it should be noted that India related column belong to standard essential patents (SEP), Ericsson has also filed a lawsuit against the domestic smartphone manufacturers Micromax, Gionee and Intex related to patent infringement. According to the court’s ruling, millet can’t to India to import any new cell phone, also can’t promote or sell these products. This means that, before the patent disputes, millet may not be able to sell any mobile phone in India. Millet in the Indian market main sales Note red rice 1 s and m. However, millet said plans to launch this month 4 g version of the red rice Note, launch meters 4 phone early next year.

after five months of testing, tianma development of time and space of MU “miracle” formal land each big mobile game market, a day after her officially launched, obtained the good result, also let the hand of the lei jun another piece of millet puzzles. MU “miracle” from officially launched on December 10, 11, by the end of the 24 PM, this product is on the first day of 13 hours top-up breaks through 26 million, has served 168 groups, 690000 new users of the whole platform, millet 200000 new users of the game center. The universal miracle MU, lei jun today summarized as four successful combination, namely the tianma the research and development ability of space and time, kai the issue of the network capacity, kingsoft cloud group support ability, and millet mutual entertainment platform.

sold in India, new Delhi banned millet and millet so spell, is for the sake of saving royalties, or see the future road twists, wide to go backward?

network qin, chairman and CEO Lin Yu outgoing promotion Xu Zemin as joint CEO

qin said, out of personal reasons has nothing to do with the company, chairman and CEO joint Lin Yu has resigned. To replace Lin Yu, provide a smooth transition, the board of directors of the company has promoted a Xu Zemin for joint chief executives of the company, and to join the board, he will work with co-ceo omar khan. In addition, the net qin’s board of directors has also appointed co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) and acting Shi Wenyong assume the position of chairman.

in order to highlight the company’s future is full of confidence, nets qin major shareholders RPL Limited (controlled by founder Lin Yu, Shi Wenyong and Zhou Xu) has voluntarily agreed to shares held by the lock-up period extended for two years, until December 2016. In the year to October 15, RPL Limited holding net qin 50352941 B shares common stock (the equivalent of 10.07 million American depositary shares), equivalent to 11.3% of the net qin tradable shares. RPL Limited, said in December 2016 will not be any of these shares. Network founder qin and other executives also said repeatedly that they intend to buy more nets qin stock.

HP plan launched in 2015 “revolutionary” operating system Linux++

HP announced next year on a novel computer issued a “revolutionary” system, which is expected to revive it in the computer business and shake the whole industry. Research department of The company is building a computer called The Machine, it will be better than The computer more energy efficient on market now save electricity, at The same time, have stronger performance. HP plans to use a new type of computer memory instead of on the current computer use two types of memory. The current way of memory read originated in the 1940 s, because the data needs to be back and forth between the two types of memory, thereby limiting the performance of the computer.

a revolutionary of LINUX operating system is not updated, speechless.

sets of users exceeds 300 million: beyond the Twitter

Facebook’s photo sharing service sets said on Wednesday that the users of the service has been more than 300 million people, its website to share every day more than 70 million the number of photos and video. According to Twitter on the web site, by contrast, according to data provided by, at present the number of active users was 284 million. Sets also said in his blog on Wednesday, the service has user-oriented open the function of a medal of “certification”, celebrities, athletes will be presented to the user and brands such as MEDALS, the reason is them is committed to clearing up the rubbish. Sets also said that the company will permanently delete spam accounts, this may lead to some users to reduce in the number of fans.

seems to have a small problem, INS said is the number of users, twitter shows the active users, have comparable???????

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