Morning: millet Letv drying performance, Scribd grapes information GitCafe financing

cloud network hunting Jan. 5 (text/who)

millet, le tan achievement

millet technology chairman lei jun sun millet 2014 transcripts: period sold 61.12 million mobile phones, up 227% from a year earlier, the tax revenue was 74.3 billion yuan, up 135% from a year earlier. Le regard founder Jia Yueting internal emails, said in 2014, le see super TV sales was finished ahead of the annual target of 1.5 million, start an auto project, the whole regard ecological billions of annual revenue. The 2015 goal: super TV sales will reach 3 million – 3 million m, ownership over 5 million units; Letv ecological global development by leaps and bounds; Le see pictures into le networks, etc., at the right time will again depending on the ecological annual income growth, strive to break through 23 billion.

although copying voices never stop, millet or unloved. Just 2 red m, immediately have millet 5 again, wait for it. See 2014 more like a year, not fare well, hunting cloud network happy happy can see 2015 more.

Scribd won $22 million in financing

ebook subscription service Scribd recently received $22 million in financing. This round of funding by Khosla Ventures led, original investors Redpoint Ventures, Charles River Ventures and, after this round of financing its total funds has amounted to $48 million. This round of funding will be used to improve products, improving reading experience and improve reading recommendations, at the same time continue to increase supply, Scribd going to the end of the year a partnership with all major publishers.

grapes information by jun lian capital of $10 million A round

shenzhen grapes information technology co., LTD., founded in 2012, with cool, lenovo, zte mobile phone manufacturers such as cooperation, the yellow pages “O2O life navigation service platform of life directly integrated into the system of mobile phone manufacturers address book. Main products of the grape is “address book plus”, the future grapes information navigation APP will launch life products. Grape won tencent co-founder li qing’s angel investment.

GitCafe won and jade capital and capital lianchuang led thousands of yuan A round

GitCafe tzu is the Shanghai east leather information technology co., LTD. Based on the Git version control system to build a development project collaboration management platform, is designed to help all kinds of scale and technology research and development team to better research and development in the field of project management and collaboration. Companies, communities and individuals can open source project on GitCafe source code, online development activities and project organization, to form a developer community. Local versions GitCafe main concept is making, at the end of 2013 was awarded JingLin angel investment assets of 3 million RMB.

softto premium 29 times purchase day summer technology

were suspended for more than seven months of softto revealed a non-public plans. Company plans to raise $5.12 billion acquisition of hangzhou day summer technology group co., LTD. 100% stake and supplement day summer the liquidity of science and technology. The acquisition, the day in the summer of technology assessment premiums up to 29 times. Summer, according to the announcement day of science and technology main business is the wisdom of the urban management, public security, wisdom software platform development and system integration in the field of transportation business and wisdom city “1 + N” series of products.

acer, the world’s first exhibition 15 inches this

acer unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this world the first equipped with 15.6 -inch display. This product is also acer can first choose the fifth generation of Intel Core i3 or Core architecture based on the fifth generation of a new generation of Intel celeron this.

in brief, this product no matter from above the screen size or CPU performance is very suitable for outdoors.

lenovo executives before Arthur wei served as senior vice President of sina

sina announced the appointment of Arthur wei for sina, senior vice President, director of mobile business, and business channels, marketing and strategic cooperation, operations management department. Sina executives zhao tian, Wang Yi, Qiao Yu, Liang Ying will work report to Arthur wei.

before the empty executives fei-peng wang founded “mei-mei”

once the empty operational fei-peng wang, based on its own resources and ideas created another artist with social communication platform “meimei”. Meimei is mainly three aspects of the service for the artist: 1. The dream of the raise. 2. The industry is warm. 3. To provide more artists more more job opportunities. Fei-peng wang, said meimei is not only the artist’s self show platform, will also build around them and improve the filling and for the artist’s career provide packaging, promotion, training, service as a whole.

well, cloud network or hunting evil thought about the beauty of empty beauty.

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