Morning: millet denied acquisition rambler, win in the workplace, I love to learn loan financing

hunting cloud network on December 26 (text/who)

millet denied that is interested in buying rambler

millet company foreign denied that is interested in buying or walk in. Millet company relevant personage of response is “no matter”. Have a headset industry revealed that, millet could acquire rambler, even if not to buy, can also be in sharply. Rovers last week announced a “quasi planning material assets reorganization”, most were suspended 30 calendar days, it seems to confirm the millet in the accuracy of the rambler. Rambler “if millet, perhaps hoping to in TV and earphone products and enhance cooperation.” Report said.

spluttered pa dozen face there. Cloud network think hunting, medicine can eat, words can’t blather, one thousand achieved, you are god?

Liu Jin introduced heavyweight shareholders JPM, billion-dollar valuations

Liu Jin welcomed by major shareholders JPM, valued at $10 billion. For what Liu Jin, it is important to have adequate capital, more is to convey the meaning of partitioned offering signals. According to the judgment, Morgan Stanley 5% stake to 5%, is the future of the IPO Liu Jin lead underwriters, and private financing approaches listed before do not rule out round, further optimize equity governance structure. Liu Jin business is moving forward rapidly, is the greatest heavyweight domestic Internet financial platform.

I win in the workplace, love to learn loan financing

I win in the workplace is an IT professional education web site, was founded in 2009, by adopting the combination of the original video + has its own platform model, to provide users with complete sets of the forefront of IT technology education, had earlier in 2013 to obtain very angel investment fund 2 million yuan, the current content has covered 80% of the IT professional field.

installment shopping platform for college students’ love learning borrowed “10 million angel financing. Love is a college student to learn loan installment shopping platform and consumer brands in stages, in August, is launched, the end of September, broken millions of sales. Through the website platform, users only need to provide student id card and id card consumption staging.

college students group, publicity costs relatively lower. Preparation of business friends, hunting cloud network can only help you to be here for a while, waiting for you to start-ups forming, we’ll help you report.

apple/reverse AirPlay patent

Apple has just won the United States patent and trademark office granted a new patent, the patent can make content displayed on a portable device, which can let the Apple TV broadcast content on such a position fixed equipment, real-time synchronization to the iPhone, such as the iOS device. In addition, it also supports the Apple TV interface mirrored to iOS device screen – perhaps this is Apple recently changed the Apple TV interface.

the so-called high-tech, is unable to experience, heart ah. Collected hunting cloud network is unchanged, striving, apple a full set of equipment, can be called Steve jobs.

Facebook brand home page redesign

Facebook is part of the Pages (brand home page) to test the new layout, aimed at convenience stores in the video section with large size highlight video. Visitors to brand home page can real-time view someone else’s comments. The new test interface also changes the previous album type video list, favour the video list of standard layout. In addition to the video length and title, users can directly see (Like) and traffic statistics. Pages also set the playlist for related video.

new interface allows businesses focus on Facebook at least, not suggest user to access YouTube channel. Think can also understand, like all kinds of social software, website, China know would say, after my micro letter.

the assassination of Kim jong-un, north Korea accused the us thumb up

24, SONY pictures entertainment company through the Internet platform of the controversial film “interview”, a day earlier than theaters, is north Korea has condemned. North Korea strongly condemns the film, accusing SONY pictures entertainment “abetting ACTS of terrorism”. Asked if he was going to watch the film, the President of the United States golf holiday in Hawaii barack Obama smiled and replied: “I’m happy for release it.”

the more you don’t let to see, the audience want to see more, plus the screen size, one ticket is hard to find. Hunting cloud network in baidu cloud find lots of resources, friends to search see, feel the malicious capitalism to socialism.

hacker attacks PSN and Xbox Live online game service

a group of hackers on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online gaming service attack. PSN status page displays current service for online, but the official Twitter support page has admitted that some users may login problems. On the other hand, Xbox Live page show the login service is not available at present. In other words, the user can’t use now Xbox Internet function. Hacker groups “Lizard Squad,” said it was responsible for the matter, said the two online services are paralyzed under the organization of the attack, claiming that until one Twitter message is forwarded 100000 times will not stop.

both SONY and Microsoft has said that the two companies are working to fix the problem.

miit: encourage what to broadband market

the ministry issued “notice about to open the broadband access to private capital markets, and encourage private capital to a variety of patterns into the broadband access market. Ministry of industry and puts forward three models, one is to encourage private enterprises to build a broadband access network infrastructure needed for the business, and with their own brands to provide users with broadband Internet access. The second is to encourage private enterprises to capital cooperation, business agent, network post-commissioning maintenances a variety of forms and basic enterprise cooperation, share the benefits. Three is to encourage have Internet access service business license (ISP) of private enterprises, from basic telecommunications companies hire access network resources, with their own brands to provide users with broadband Internet access.

speech: I got China telecom broadband, a year after the contract expires must hold my identity card to the local business hall teardown formalities, otherwise continue to charge by the month. Younger sister, you had to deal with the online order, you didn’t let me go to postal service hall with my identity card, and a broken fiber optic cat, you lost the move, you dare to nearly five hundred, who give you courage. Resolutely resist telecom, starts from me.

operator for the first time to the virtual operator provides 4 g resale business

China mobile has been fully opened to virtual operator 4 g network and provides 4 g resale business. At the same time, China mobile will provide new 4 g packages to virtual operators, in speech, short MMS, traffic, WLAN and other business to provide comprehensive package, module, unit price resource pool model, and set up according to the market mainstream prices change in a timely manner to optimize the mechanism of virtual operating the wholesale price, which is open to the virtual operator based operator for the first time so far 4 g resale business, after all is 3 g business. China mobile will strive to achieve all 17 in the first half of 2015 the formal commercial number allocation of virtual operators. Suning interconnection is moving and alignment and is expected to open the 4 g network before the Spring Festival.

cloud network wait for ali communication sent out hunting them roughly 1705, 4 g, decisive give up China telecom, you wait for users continue to negative growth!

Microsoft will shut down Beijing mobile phone factory dongguan

Microsoft mobile phone in Beijing and dongguan factory will closed in the next three months. And this is the original nokia mobile phone production base. This is part of Microsoft’s global 18000 job cuts. Shut down the factory is expected to more than 1000 employees will lose their jobs, and led to a part of employees. Microsoft in December 17 formally notified the factory workers. Microsoft requires employees to confirm signing before January 6, 2015, if the employee didn’t accept the company agreement will unilaterally terminate labor contract, standard compensation according to law. Allegedly, Microsoft to these employees redundancy is “N + 2 + annual bonus”.

touch officially closed the Shanghai branch of science and technology

touch technology in internal announced the closure of Shanghai branch. After touch Shanghai branch is mainly responsible for Japan and South Korea deputy products (mainly “Hello Hero” and returned to Gumi “brave front”) and “mortal cultivate immortality” mobile game operation. Understands from touch technology, the closure of the Shanghai office of decision very suddenly, employees had not received the relevant notice, but are now talking about the branch off after they receive severance, and other issues. The touch will be cut 10% of science and technology, the purpose is to shrink the game operation front.

the water game, estimate is also associated with Chinese people eager mood, playing games is to blow out, ‘you gave me half a day, also didn’t get into the business, not rushing to let a person tired, uninstall it.


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