Morning: Microsoft want to do a wear equipment, millet and huawei glory only competition?

hunting cloud network on December 22nd (text/who)

Microsoft Xbox to do One wore a device, against the Oculus Rift

news that Microsoft offered some game developers mysterious Xbox One virtual reality wore a device, and will be in June next year electronic entertainment expo (E3) formally announced the smart wearing virtual reality devices. Previously, SONY has announced that the company’s Project Morpheus smart wearing equipment, appeared in the PC industry after the Oculus Rift. Oculus with samsung to cooperation and common display for mobile equipment Gear VR virtual reality intelligent head. So, nintendo will join the tide of virtual reality is the final a big game platform company.

and sure enough, the game is always hot attractive, hunting cloud network have the Xbox, wearing a device such as listed, consider buying a, experience the experience.

perfect DOTA2 ya-na li, head of the business, leaving for tens of millions of investment

the original perfect world Dota2 team head ya-na li in May this year from a perfect world after leaving office, and the perfect world two other r&d co-founded hand tour company hai Ming, general manager of century. News that the sea has completed the angel round tens of millions of yuan Ming century finance, the first tour products is expected to hand in the first quarter of next year officially launched. Hai Ming century is a based on mobile game development, global distribution and related industry development of interactive entertainment enterprises.

women really know best the otaku prick silk, online game, mobile game destroy junior, male compatriots, can want to resist the temptation.

Fitbit intends to go public next year, into the first IPO wear equipment company

movement Fitbit bracelet manufacturers to contact investment bank Morgan Stanley, ready to go public next year. , according to people familiar with the Fitbit listed financing scale could reach $150 million, but the company valuations are ominous. Fitbit since birth has received at least $50 million in venture capital, including $43 million investment in August 2013. In October, Fitbit launched a $130 hand ring, can measure heart rate, walking steps, heat of combustion, etc. Next year, Fitbit plans to launch two new bracelet.

after hunting cloud network hope apple iWatch listed next year, can stimulate the hand ring, watch the market is more popular.

yu: millet and huawei brand competition glory

more than huawei’s consumer business CEO ChengDong participation during the activity, said huawei has a high-end brands, a low-end brand, an Internet brand, the brand is the glory, glory with brand with millet company like to compete. While huawei brand, compete with apple, samsung. He also said that “huawei three to five years could be a $eighty billion company, again in the future may be more than $one thousand of the company.”

huawei is not only China, but also of the world, the patent in hand, around the world don’t worry. I hate China telecom, in the hope that huawei is less and less with its cooperation, the integration of China mobile communication seems to be good yo.

Reddit to dole out $5 million in financing to Internet users

the social news aggregator Reddit, said old users will make some active share financing income of the company. Reddit, the aim is to use one of the most direct way, let some old users, contribute to the development of web sites share the development of the company. In September of this year, Reddit received $50 million in venture financing. Reddit, said through the lottery, will be issued a “Reddit vouchers”. Company has prepared 950000 zhang Reddit vouchers, this round of feedback is understood to be worth $5 million, its monthly active users, 175 million people.

this, people are very realistic, send money directly, like such a brutal willfulness.

bread travel round C in tencent and other $50 million

travel domestic mobile community bread CEO Peng Tao announced that a total of $50 million C all round to the account. This round of financing led by tecent, fidelity broadband capital and risk investment and Asia. This round of financing for technical team enrollment expansion and expanding more overseas destination. Previously, bread travel won A perilous peak angel investment, auspicious peak A round of investment capital and broadband B round of investment.

travel, yearning and come away.

create artificial eggs food startups Hampton Creek to raise $90 million m

Hampton Creek company announced that raised $90 million C round of venture capital, Horizons Ventures and Khosla Ventures two vc led, participate in the investment also includes other founder and CEO, Marc Benioff, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, founder of DeepMind Mustafa Suleyman and Demis Hassabis, etc. Before, they launched a alternative egg artificial Eggs products, called Beyond dense Eggs.

artificial eggs, saying that the richest man li ka-shing, oh, no, the richest man is jack ma. Before the former richest man is not also invest in the artificial eggs, artificial hamburger…

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