Morning: maintain a little $30 million, amazon bomb scare


car ownership and won $30 million B round

overhead and revealed that they had just finished a $30 million B round of funding. Led for GGV capital, as well with a number of other investors, including before investors are added to the wheel. Maintain a little from the relatively high frequency car wash service cuts, offline store cooperation, and promote “one yuan car wash” burning money for users, is the general practice in many cars after service information platform. Currently, maintain a little more than 1 million active users on a bit, the definition of active users to have “not wash cars” orders for the user. Nationwide, “the daily washing” orders for more than 200 single.

about car service is fire, car rental, car, car pool, maintain, and repair. The car can also how to play, hunting cloud network want to with you, thought of can took to the peak of life, drink yogurt don’t lick the lid.

love slimming iFit won $3 million in A round

Taiwan startups iFit love thin body focus on health and weight loss of all goods, yesterday announced A $3 million round of funding A. It is understood that the current financing led by heart yuan capital, participate in the investment also includes source vc scene, group of integration of the advisory group and a number of angel investors, including the famous lawyer JianRongZong network Taiwan and Taiwan association before the general manager and senior entrepreneurs like Europe wise man. Beginning in 2012, love the thin body iFit use social media to business users on Facebook, and using the lovely graphic to attract female users for fitness. Development to today, love slimming iFit has developed into the collection of books, TV shows, investment projects and electronic commerce as a media group.

ok I thin! Is not to provoke anger, here is not very close slimming application are introduced, the somebody else to provide one-stop service, you can try oh.

gather beauty is superior to approve $100 million share repurchase plan, the third law firm launched a class action lawsuit

gather beauty is superior, announced that the company’s board of directors has approved a stock repurchase plan. According to the plan, the optimal product can be in the next 12 months the buyback as much as $100 million worth of company stock. But the market reaction to the seemingly good news negative, Monday morning gather beauty is superior continue to fall and hit a record low, only 12.58 dollars. Gather beauty is superior plan through the existing cash balance for the buyback plan.

today, another American law firm, conagra foods inc. was sued by Milberg LLP announced that are investigating the gather beauty is superior, also on behalf of in the May 16, 2014 to November 19, 2014 during the purchase together the best products of the company’s American depositary receipts investors on the east side of New York in the United States district court superior class-action lawsuit. Conagra foods inc. was sued by Milberg LLP in collective lawsuit claims, at same time, gather beauty is superior company and some officials in violation of the relevant act, the federal securities to the public investors and information spread the false and misleading statement.

this is the real woes, speak up. Visual inspection, the face has been swollen, hunting cloud network will love the Chen big handsome boy.

Zhou Hongyi response to the 360 to 5 billion to buy mobile phone manufacturer rumours

recently industry 360 ready again into the mobile phone industry, and spend 5 billion yuan to buy a intelligent mobile phone manufacturer in shenzhen. This rumor, Zhou Hongyi responded by saying “I’m just ready to move, have not decided to go to shenzhen and dongguan, you will make a sensational bid so, ray always sweeping siege gree also spent only 1.2 billion of investment beauty, what concept are 5 billion need to think about.”

amazon in Seattle headquarters was suspected bomb threat employees emergency evacuation

the Seattle police issued an official statement said on Monday, the police have evacuated the city a amazon office building of the staff, the reason is a staff of the company found a threatening letter in the bathroom. The police have sent regularly team to assist with investigations. An amazon employees to local television station in Seattle Komo News, according to the company CEO Jeff bezos within the evacuation in this office building. As a result, the police did not found any abnormalities, and has set up a Pacific time in 13 points before and after 5 PM on Tuesday (Beijing time).

TCL released the first quantum dots TV: color gamut coverage super OLED

H9700 TCL release quantum dots in Beijing TV, this is China’s first official television industry production and sale of quantum dots TV. By the state radio and television products quality supervision and inspection center detection TCL television gamut of quantum dots coverage value is as high as 110%, far more than 100% of the OLED TV. The release of the 55 inch version sells for 12999 yuan, and provide 40 free upgrade for TCL fans. Quantum dot is a kind of nano material, the grain diameter between 2-10 nm, quantum dots by electrical or optical stimulation will be according to the diameter of the quantum dot size, different color of monochromatic light. Quantum dots QD Vision by the United States take the lead in application in display technology, can use quantum dots make energy spectrum is very pure and concentrated high quality red/green light, completely beyond the traditional phosphor luminescence properties of the LED backlight, as a result, quantum dots display technology is regarded as the future efficient solutions to improve the color television gamut value. Quantum dots TV imaging principle is, through the pure blue back light irradiation of different diameter, red and green dots to form red, green, blue (RGB) color, and then through the filter membrane system and drive system as to form the image.

former apple engineers to develop applications for the second screen turns into a Mac

apple former engineer Lahore DE wan developed an called Duet the new application of the Display. With this app, you only need to use it a special charging line can make your device and Mac together become another piece of apple computer screens. Duet Display without delay phenomenon, but also compatible with the Retina screen resolution, can make full use of the hd Display function. Also for the use of the old one Mac user provides energy-saving options. The user can display effect in conventional and make a choice between Retina display effect. In addition, users can also in 30 hz or 60 hz to switch between the screen refresh rate. Characteristics of another benefit is that you can set only use it as a display and close the Mac screen. Duet Display will be officially released in local time on Monday.

South Korea’s third largest mobile phone manufacturer to sell, please return part pay

South Korea’s third largest mobile phone maker pantech group for Mired in debt problems, recently I company staff will be in December to march this year 20% of wages back to the company, to help the company through. There is no objection to the company employees. Pantech group in South Korea is second only to samsung and LG mobile phone maker, but its popularity is far inferior to the two companies. Because of the company in a large number of debt problems, has filed for bankruptcy in August of this year to court management, and in September this year decided to auction. But, as the end of the bidding time, in fact is not really willing to pay a company buy the price maker. So, pantech group just stretched out his hand over the company’s employees, in order to maintain operations and as soon as possible to find the right buyer. There are reports that China mobile phone maker zte plans to acquire bankrupt of South Korea’s third-largest mobile phone maker pantech co., LTD. So far, zte has not given any response.

uncle can endure, aunts cannot bear, as soon as the New Year’s day, it really good?

Google or invasion of privacy by the Dutch authorities a $18.6 million fine

the Dutch data protection agency said on Monday that if Google doesn’t stop to violate the privacy rights of the country’s Internet users, may face a maximum fine of 15 million euros ($18.6 million). The agency said that Google is against the Dutch Data Protection Act, the reason is that its use in the browse history and location data such as user personal information to provide customized ads. The Dutch data protection agency ordered Google before the end of February next year change the way of dealing with personal Internet user data. Google has launched a new privacy guidelines in 2012, is used to handle user data. Besides the Netherlands, France, Germany, Britain, Italy and Spain, the five European countries are also investigating Google data processing methods.

360 also appeared to be in such a dry, I searched the electric since the balance of the car, then relevant advertisements can be seen all day.

Uber raise fares in Sydney hijack was

the taxi service Uber suffered criticism again on Monday, the reason is that the hostage incident in Sydney to be eager to leave the center of the city passenger push up the fare. The criticism on social media, forcing Uber rapidly changing positions, to provide free services to passengers, and agreed to provide up to 200 Australian dollars ($165) a refund. It is reported that in the in the hijacking of the Sydney central business district, Uber to charge passengers who are eager to leave the area equivalent to four times the original price of the fare. Uber’s reputation and business has suffered a series of strikes. Because of the influence of the rape case, Uber has been outlawed in the Indian capital new Delhi; In addition, Uber has also been banned in the Netherlands and Spain, also in Thailand for cuts, licences and other problems.

baidu, do you really think? But also can’t thing, people have fast ali, tencent has drops. Cloud network think hunting is suitable for you, the first news baidu money, about the car to a one-stop service.

nokia Here will provide the territory of China for baidu map data

baidu is trying to develop international business through mobile services. On Monday, baidu cooperation agreement with nokia, for Chinese users with map service outside of China. Here for baidu map desktop version, the version of iOS and Android version provides the data, the original will start from Taiwan and then gradually to cover other countries and regions. The recent news that baidu has carried on the large amount of investment, to us a taxi services Uber and map are the key elements of the deal. In outside China, however, baidu is not a good map data.

map and car rental, in this regard, baidu is still likely to race ahead.

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