Morning: Ma Yuncheng world’s most profitable, philips 1.2 billion $Volcano


Ma Yunli pressure buffett into the world’s most profitable this year

the global well-known Wealth advisory company Wealth – X latest research report shows that China’s electricity giant alibaba group founder jack ma is the world’s biggest winner in 2014. Due to alibaba group in the U.S. stock market debut this year after the stock rally, ma 1.7 times personal wealth surged to $29.2 billion, a year between net $18.5 billion. “Stock god” warren buffett’s personal wealth rose by $13.5 billion, increasing by 23%, the individual’s total assets of $72.6 billion, is the world’s second make money this year. Bill Gates and mark zuckerberg for $10.5 billion and $8.4 billion respectively ask gusts.

in personal wealth loss of global ranking this year, because of the slump in oil prices and the Russian ruble depreciated, the Russian energy giant Leonid rice hull losses of $7 billion this year, as most global wealth loss this year, its net worth has decreased from $17 billion to $10 billion, down 41%. Softbank masayoshi son lost $5.9 billion, Macao new wager Wang Lvzhi and loss of $5.5 billion, amazon founder Jeff bezos, loss of $5.5 billion.

and sure enough, Mr Ma concentration pressure for a whole year, in the entertainment circle, that’s the title of fan bingbing. Cloud, cloud network hunting Paul haenle teacher song for you: “I really want to push in one hundred”.

China mobile communication mobile phone will be released fusion, building operators social

in the mobile push the integration of communication with the latest progress, move in tomorrow’s upcoming global partner conference, China mobile will be officially released based on the fusion of communication (hereinafter referred to as the RCS) “3 · and mobile phones. “Sanxin, and mobile phones are the original” in the “call”, “message”, “contacts” three basic communication entrance, upgraded to a “new call”, “new news”, “new contact”. Among them, the “new call” will provide hd audio, video, voice and multiparty functions, such as the “new contact” will provide users with personalized Settings function of personal information, “new message” function will provide a variety of media formats one-to-one messages and group chat function, and with the traditional short/MMS seamless communication.

“sanxin” function in the user communication habits original unchanged at the same time, no need to download and install the application, and based on all data traffic. Existing phone text messaging, according to the article number, minute billing model will be change. Starting “sanxin” function on the conference is the independent brand of mobile phone, is expected to the first quarter of next year or so, samsung, huawei, cool, mainstream terminal manufacturers such as SONY, zte, lenovo will revolve around “sanxin” function, in-depth cooperation with China mobile. If the traditional voice communication and data communication are two separate traffic highway, the fusion of communication is a three-dimensional traffic system, a variety of voice, data, Internet applications, such as seamless integration, high speed transmission.

philips’s $1.2 billion takeover of the medical device manufacturers Volcano

philips announced on Wednesday that the $1.2 billion deal to buy U.S. Volcano company medical equipment manufacturers. Philips, said it was a price of $18 per share acquisition of Volcano stock represents a 57% premium over the closing price on Tuesday, worth about $1 billion. In addition, philips will also be responsible for the debts of the Volcano about $200 million. Volcano, the main production for diagnosing coronary artery and the intelligence of peripheral artery catheter, can measure the blood flow. Philips, said the deal would allow the two sides to the respective user sales products, strengthen the company’s profitability.

more information display, medical industry will be one of the hottest market next year, no one. Health is also a high technology, high standard, high risk industry, hunting cloud network will pay close attention to, don’t forget to consult at any time.

blue cursor announced a $1.1 billion acquisition of Canada spread giant Vision7

blue cursor announced acquisition of Canadian spread giant Vision 7. Vision valuations 7 c $210 million (1.12 billion yuan), blue label subsidiary is expected to hold a Vision of 7 85% stake. Blue cursor statement said the company’s board of directors has been examined and approved the blue cursor International communication group co., LTD. Set up a wholly owned subsidiary of blue weiler, at the same time, blue willow, a wholly owned subsidiary company of Canada or 1861710 ALBERTA INC by its acquisition of Canadian Vision 7 International ULC Citizen after the splitting of the company’s north American operations and Relations in the UK business.

7 is a comprehensive advertising and communication company Vision, in North America and worldwide, the numerous well-known brands to provide services. The company’s business is mainly composed of four parts, respectively is Cossette, Vision7 Media and Citizen Relations and Dare. The Cossette is Canada’s largest independent advertising and marketing communications company, providing customers with a full range of advertising and integrated services; Vision 7 Media is Canada’s largest independent Media buying and planning group, the main business Cossette Media and Jungle Media two brands; Citizen Relations is a leading public Relations agency, business all over the world, have many international partners; Dare is a digital oriented company, focused on digital marketing, network, communication and social media.

ZARA beautiful said push their own brands to do

fast fashion vertical electrical contractor said quietly finished again turns into a beautiful, launched its own brand “MUA” and “Seoul station”, the goal as “Chinese version of ZARA. Beautiful said, is the advantage of closed loop control sales channels and transaction according to the user preferences of long-term precipitation data, to analyze the user preferences. Also owns roughly 16000 in businesses, when negotiations with manufacturers, also can have greater bargaining, and using the Internet way of thinking to modify the supply chain.

meizu launch new brand strategy: to push the “spirit” blue phones aimed at red rice

the meizu smartphone consumers are struggling to attract young, the handset makers in zhuhai will be announced on Tuesday to invest 100 million yuan to build a new brand “spirit” blue. A week ago, meizu with “spirit blue” registered the multiple social media accounts, mobile phone, tablet, watches, such as routers and TV products. Speculation, meizu will like millet to build a ecosystem belongs to its own intelligence. Meizu President Bai Yongxiang tell tencent technology, however, as a new brand of “spirit” blue will give priority to with smartphones, as for the other products is still in the planning. “

mobile power supply 60 batches products are all qualified, samsung millet wait HeiBang

in jiangsu province bureau of quality and technical supervision issued 2014 mobile power products risk monitoring quality analysis report, the results show that the sampling observation of 60 batches of mobile power supply there is no inspection standard. This sampling, 34 batch samples from e-commerce platform, 26 batches of samples from the store. Includes brand EAGET, cool than rubik’s cube, samsung, DBK di, MI millet, etc. 47 mainstream brand product of each class, the unit price from 40 yuan to 378 yuan, but there is no sampling standard.

expert advice, don’t covet large capacity, less than 60 RMB products not to buy it, try to buy the metal shell mobile power supply. Complete the transformation theory, for example, the 10000 mah battery capacity mobile power supply rated capacity is 7400 mah, consumers should pay attention to the difference. 10000 mah products, for example, consider the normal material and cost is more than 60 yuan, so consumer choose and buy 60 yuan of the following is not recommended products. Metal shell in the product structure of mobile power supply have the effect of the radiator, the lithium battery can be through the metal shell heat, thus reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

well, people basic trust, friends can also play happy, like you cheat customer, feel good.

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