Morning: Instacart financing over 100 million $, millet 5 CES in January


the grocery distribution company Instacart financing more than $100 million

grocery delivery startup Instacart will raise $100 million or above, kleiner perkins caufield & byers led, the original investors including sequoia capital, Andreessen Horowitz, will chase. The round is not over, Instacart valued at $2 billion. Instacart for natural food and organic food retailers such as Whole Foods stores to fulfill orders, home grocery delivery to customers.

the round of high finance, urban residents is more and more favor the same day delivery grocery service. CEO’s, MaiHe tower Instacart led in the use of large grocery chain of amazon expanded its grocery delivery business concerns. The latest valuation scale, Instacart also taking advantage of investors to the growing interest in this field. With the strong momentum of development, the chances of Instacart become independent, become a giant of the market.

SO, it is in the business in excess of the business, SO we can see that the store will be closed migrated to the suburbs, built in the warehouse, only need to Courier. Cloud network remember ma large-scale enclosure, hunting is in preparation for this?

high School students anonymous social applications After School for intimidating contentious

from the date of the launch, After School has been under severe scrutiny. Michigan, one user said he/she brought a gun to school, the police and the FBI investigation (fortunately, the message is false). This week, Ohio, a similar threat. Detroit area several school has sent mail to the parents, reminding them that the existence of the application, to do a good job of controls. Michigan, another high school in the petition for the application from the App Store App Store shelves.

in view of the development of application caused so much, After School two inventor cory levy and Michael callahan, finally to respond on some issues. According to levy, contacted apple on Monday After School, for the Wednesday afternoon before the application update specific safety function. The requirements include: application age limit from “+ 12” to “+ 17”, and in application to join the report button. After School then made those changes, on Thursday After checking again.

maybe I “m a monster! Anonymous social opened up a new land, hunting cloud network reported before, and make are good applications, you can try.

millet together 5, samsung, SONY CES2015

millet 5 or the next generation of flagship millet will officially published in January 2015, and chose to release at CES 2015. Reportedly millet 5 this time will use the unprecedented high configuration, and is likely to be equipped with qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 processor, 2 k and will have 5.7 inch screen, millet 5 will also have the second generation of NFC, even press type characteristics of the fingerprint identification. Xperia Z4, LG Flex 2 G (curved screen), and many other flagship phone will be released in the CES.

CES exhibition 2015 will be held next year on January 6-9, Las Vegas in the United States. After SONY said will hold a conference at 5 PM local time, samsung also formally announced the CES 2015 conference schedule. Samsung said it would on the eve of exhibition held at 2 p.m. local time on January 5, a conference then samsung co-chief executive yoon boo-keun will published a theme speech at 6:30 in the evening.

millet accelerated, a year a climax can no longer be satisfied? Or is the meizu have pressure, forced to? Anyway, I am ready to start MX4, in the words of jack, enough! Well, because no money, can’t capricious.

hammer mobile T1 sales of 122000 units

hammer mobile CEO Mr Luo said in its individual public speaking, hammer mobile phone as of December 5, has sold 122000 phones, cumulative sales are expected to more than 200000 units by the end of the year. Mr Luo, lectured at Beijing national convention center, tells the story of their own business to do mobile phone to the audience. White version after many twists and turns are finally beginning to spot.

due to problems such as experienced production capacity, supply chain, the hammer mobile T1 after release, failed to deliver in time, and attracted many bad-mouthing voice. Mr Luo said today, the company released the next generation products will remain cautious when T2, when the company has the product of 100000 mobile phones spot, will only be released T2 mobile phones.

is also among the meizu, hammer, one plus, millet with hesitate for a long time, even hunting cloud network all colleagues advice, the final decision of meizu. Mr. Luo, I’ll wait for your second hammer, I want the silver…

COO: Microsoft Windows late 10 as early as next summer

Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s chief operating officer at credit suisse on Thursday – Microsoft technology conference said as early as 10 at the end of summer next year to launch the new Windows operating system. Microsoft will disclose Windows 10 business model at the beginning of 2015. Microsoft’s changing the way to earn money by PC. Microsoft Windows is no longer the biggest source of profits, geithner said, after it has been in the Office and enterprise business, become Microsoft’s third largest source of profits.

he also revealed that Microsoft may want to expand and agreement between small equipment manufacturers, to provide the free Windows, but it will encourage the Office 365 subscription service bundles in the system. Notebook makers have already signed a similar agreement: if will be used as the default search engine, bing can be obtained at a lower price for Windows 8.1. But Turner seems to imply that, Microsoft will further expand the agreement.

9, 10 directly, you let virgo zha live? No medicine can be 9, 10 directly! Ok, I am too evil, side wall three minutes, table to bother me.

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