Morning: Google self-driving car prototype, baidu your third eye chakra

on December 23, hunting cloud network (text/who)

12 inch laptop, pass the apple production completed Google self-driving car prototype

according to Taiwan media Digitimes said of science and technology in China, the company prepared from the first quarter of next year to start producing the new 12 inch MacBook Air. The new 12 inch MacBook Air may be more thin, will have “a new chassis design in order to reduce the overall thickness and weight”. Will be equipped with Broadwell Intel processor.

Google announced that the company has completed the first fully functional unmanned car prototype. Over the past three months, Google assembly for many other prototype, each of which is designed to test various systems of driverless cars, such as steering and braking system, general motors have systems, and computer and sensors, such as unmanned components, etc. The company plans to launch the prototype to test track in the holiday, and hope that sometime in 2015, make its appearance in the streets of northern California.

the apple 12-inch spread for so long that science and technology media also in Taiwan with a mouthful of running train, revealed the basic before is wrong, who gives you courage. Cloud network hunting driverless cars, we pay close attention to for many reasons, such as drunk, not drunk driving and no generation of driving, such as the girl on the road a panic…

baidu launched the inner eye, Taiwan to kill Uber

baidu launched the App Store the inner eye, eye baidu according to the geographical position showing around flying in the sky, the user can by clicking on the small plane icon, check the specific flight the flight number, departure, arrival and current altitude, speed, the information such as latitude and longitude, also will show the actual each plane’s flight path.

Taiwan transportation department said Monday that Uber only have to provide information service permit, license and does not provide transportation services. The Taiwan authorities, said at the end of this week, Uber will on suspicion of unlicensed operation, was sentenced to more than 300 Taiwan dollars ($95102) in fines. Uber has paid the fine of nt $150000. However, for the rest of the fine, the company ready to put forward the protest in the court.

baidu the appearance of the eye is demolished, but, you just finished investment Uber, this guy again in Taiwan had an accident, baidu, plug your heart?

oracle’s acquisition of Datalogix mecoxlane $2 million sale of boring days mak network

oracle announced that the company has acquired advertising analysis Datalogix Inc, in order to further strengthen its supply of cloud computing. Datalogix boasts more than 650 customers, including the ford motor company, etc., and cooperative relations with the social media giant Facebook and Twitter.

mecoxlane announced, has signed a purchase agreement with oak investment, mecoxlane will be held by the joint venture company “boring days mak network” for all the shares to sell for $2 million (60%) to oak investment. Boring skynet Giosis parent company owns 40%. Business circle net to buy a 63.7% stake transaction is completed, mecoxlane mecoxlane began to focus on provide members with health and beauty products.

business: family, seeking optimal resource allocation is also understandable.

co-sponsored by the film and television, han edition “Letv pictures” will be listed, TCL display proposed backdoor listed in Hong Kong

co-sponsored by the film and television reported, its wholly owned youthful co-sponsored by the film and television (Hong Kong) investment co., Ltd., South Korea NextEntertainmentWorldCo., Ltd is an IPO, the recently listed in KOSDAQ, code for A160550, co-sponsored by the Hong Kong holding 1.786 million shares, accounting for ratio will be adjusted to 13.03%. About the NEW the offering price, valuation, and financial data, the company did not disclose.

Hong Kong listed company proview international announcement, the board of directors has approved the company restructuring plan announced in June this year, in August, proview international announced a complete change in equity, TCL industrial become proview single largest shareholder. According to yesterday’s announcement, the relevant court approval after TCL display will shell proview international in Hong Kong. Proview international was in the right to use trademarks to win in the case of apple, and being paid $60 million.


get the money to expand the scale of development, proview international you win take the trademark to apple, and TCL display backdoor listings, hunting cloud network is to say you’re smart, or smart.

thunderbolt announced plans to buy back, le regard buyback Jia Yueting absent

thunderbolt, announced that the company’s board of directors has approved a $20 million stock repurchase plan. Thunderbolt plan in the next 12 months to implement the plan, details will repurchase cases on the basis of market conditions, the price of American depositary shares and other factors to determine. In addition, the thunder of the board of directors will regularly assess the buyback program, and may be authorized to adjust the buyback provisions and scale. The share buyback by thunderbolt’s existing financial support. As of September 30, 2014, thunderbolt have cash, cash equivalents and short-term investment value of about $433 million.

happy networks announced received company directors and senior management personnel of a total of 12 people notice, it plans to increase in the next six months depending on the shares. Letv CEO Jia Yueting was not on the list of overweight. The networks today drop stop, the current share price is 30.12 yuan, since the recent half year networks share price is flagging.

the buyback: development blocked, had to buy back to indicate that development of determination. Hunting cloud network may you, and line and treasure.

Line stepped down as CEO’s sichuan bright march COO will take over as

the instant messaging application developers Line corp. announced today that the company CEO, sichuan bright will left office in March, the jersey just will take over. The appointment needs to be approved by shareholders. The jersey just now as chief operating officer (COO) of the Line, the Line, said in a statement that the jersey just lead to global expansion. Said in a statement, sichuan bright after the expiration of the contract is no longer as CEO, but will serve as the CEO of consultant.

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