Morning: devoted to devoted to IPO jumped 26% on the first day, baidu or investment Uber


stranger on the safety, on the first day the closing price of $17.02, a rise of 26.07% in the price

stranger stranger IPO price finalized at $13.5, for after determining the price range of intermediate value, amount will be $216 million. Opened at $14.25 on the first day, and finally closed at $17.02, up 26.07%.

new prospectus, said in a message message co-founder, chairman and chief executive of a company all class B shares, retain 78% of the total voting shares. Momo stock underwriters for Morgan Stanley, jp Morgan chase, credit suisse and China huaxing capital etc. Alibaba holdings devoted to devoted to 21%. Momo also collaborate with alibaba in the field of electricity. According to the regulations of the prospectus to sell some privately, alibaba and 58 city will respectively from Momo purchase of $50 million and $10 million worth of class A shares.

, the world’s largest P2P website login nyse opened up 65.7%

LendingClub stock began to the nyse trading, opening at $24.86, 65.7% higher than that of pricing from $15. The LendingClub will issue 58 million shares, including LendingClub would sell 50.3 million shares, and its selling shareholders will transfer the rest. LendingClub shareholders including Norwest risk investment partnerships, Foundation capital, Morgenthalert risk investment partnerships, and Canaan. P2P enable investors to lend money to individuals and enterprises directly, using the low cost of network platform to narrow differences between deposit low returns and high interest rates of consumer credit. LendingClub prospectus shows that in the year to September 30, nine months, the company net loss of $23.9 million, and in the same period of last year profit of $4.4 million, and nine months revenue rose more than 1 times, to $143 million.

first Internet financial regulatory documents will be released

the China insurance regulatory commission issued “interim measures for the Internet insurance regulation (draft)”, under which section is planted area will let go. Although the net heat pin insurance is very high, but to develop Internet insurance business has been facing a cross-regional business restrictions. This “method” moderate released Internet insurance business management area limits, regulations, the insurance company on the Internet sales of personal insurance, term life insurance and ordinary life for life, and personal family property, liability insurance, credit insurance and guarantee insurance, business area can be extended to did not set up branches of provinces and cities, except high cash value insurance and car insurance. In addition, the paper also states that the Internet insurance business must carry on the disclosure of information. Should be prominently in the related network platform, with a clear and easy to understand language specified rate and premium calculation and related information.

ehi released third quarter earnings: a net loss of $4.4 million

ehi (NYSE: EHIC) today issued the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2014 in the third quarter earnings, net revenue of RMB 220.1 million ($35.9 million), 48.4% growth compared with the 148.3 million yuan a year earlier. The net loss of 26.9 million yuan ($4.4 million), and compared with the same period last year net loss of 38.7 million yuan. Ehi, expects fiscal 2014 net revenue will reach 840 million yuan to 845 million yuan, an increase of 48.3% to 49.2%.

baidu announced strategic investment by taxi software Uber 17

bankruptsrobbers wasn’t content to look at ali and tencent, baidu also decided to incoming, strategic investment layout will be announced on the 17th global business software with taxi Uber, investment amount is unknown. Earlier this month, Uber just announced a $1.2 billion a new round of financing, valued at $40 billion. Uber in domestic rival drops a taxi has just announced a $700 million investment, at the same time, in southeast Asia GrabTaxi softbank also received $250 million in financing. The strategic stakes in baidu Uber, investment amount or no more than $600 million. Because Uber previously authorized $1.8 billion worth of new shares, and it has raised $1.2 billion.

neusoft medical division for hony Goldman and other investment 3.7 billion

neusoft foreign said today, in order to promote its two subsidiaries – shenyang neusoft medical systems co., LTD and neusoft city kang holdings co., LTD., business development, neusoft group for this two subsidiaries start-up capital and share plan, introduced the domestic and foreign well-known investors, including hony, such as Goldman sachs, involved the amount to 3.7 billion yuan. After the completion of the two transactions, neusoft group of neusoft medical, xian kang are not consolidated. After the introduction of multiple investors, neusoft group, hope this can be accomplished by the two subsidiaries listed. Through the two transactions, is expected to belong in east soft shareholder’s net income was about 1 billion yuan.

neusoft group released a statement late today, hony, CPPIB (Canadian pension fund investment company), Goldman sachs’s Beijing broad bower two zero one one investment center (limited partnership), suzhou, and venture investment partnership (limited partnership), dalian neusoft holdings co., LTD., total investment 1.133 billion yuan, respectively, to buy neusoft held by shenyang neusoft medical systems co., LTD., a percentage of equity; Hony, CPPIB, Goldman sachs, and, neusoft holdings and neusoft medical staff holding company to neusoft medical capital increase of 1.6 billion yuan. The investment before the neusoft medical overall valuation is RMB 2.5 billion yuan. After the investment, the company owns a 33.35% stake in neusoft medical treatment. Ultimately, after the completion of neusoft group, is expected to increase net profit attributable to parent company owners of about 700 million yuan.

at the same time, shenzhen hony, Goldman sachs, collaborative innovation group synergy grain and the investment management of the partnership (limited partnership), xian kang employee holding company and neusoft holdings combined to neusoft $170 million capital city kang holding co., LTD. The city kang increase endowment spread in front of the valuation of $150 million. After the capital increase, neusoft group will indirectly owns a 32.81% stake in city kang. Ultimately, after the completion of neusoft group, is expected to increase net profit attributable to parent company owners of about 300 million yuan.

gome holdings into 400 million China star culture industry the first big shareholder

according to the Hong Kong stock exchange “disclosure equity rights and interests”, according to gome gome holding parent company invested nearly 400 million yuan, buy China star culture industry co, after the completion of the transaction will become the biggest shareholder. Gome holdings and Gao Zhenshun 4 people, total investment 550 million yuan, the subscription of new shares and a total of 2.757 billion shares of preferred stock, among them, gome holdings invested nearly 400 million yuan, while the east group and pure electric Gao Zhenshun, chairman of the international investment of 82.6 million yuan. Eternal strategy announced sale of China star culture fully 15.94% stake. At present, China star culture industry is in a state of suspension. This is the latest round of capital operation, gome department prior to this, gome has announced the 632 million new H shares subscribed huishang bank, 5.41% of its enlarged share capital, involves the total price of 2.403 billion yuan, with internal resources allocated.

$10 million jiang subscribe blue port stocks

is offering the blue port interaction for focus media founder jiang personal subscription of $10 million. Interactive disclosure documents, according to the blue port plans to issue 111 million shares, about 10% of them went public in Hong Kong, 90% sold in the international market. In addition, the blue port interaction is expected to be granted to the international underwriters greenshoe option, on sale up to an additional 16642500 shares, equivalent to 15% of total global offerings. In terms of price cap, the highest amount of hk $1.45 billion ($190 million). Blue harbor interactive programs from next Friday to officially land Hong Kong stock exchange gem (19), stock code 8267. Blue port interaction will be on Friday by the subscription of new shares, the company shares from 9.8 yuan to 13.1 yuan, of 500 shares, each entrance fee of about 6616 yuan each.

Microsoft’s acquisition of mobile breakdown analysis and release services HockeyApp released iOS and Android version of the mobile MSN application

Microsoft developers department, vice President of S.S omasegar Thursday in Microsoft MSDN blog post, said the company has acquired leading mobile breakdown analysis and application of the publishing services HockeyApp, this service can be used for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft on Thursday launched recently changed the brand name of iOS and Android version of the mobile MSN applications. In September this year the MSN portal site after an overhaul, Microsoft Thursday officially user-oriented open MSN News (News), Sports (Sports), the Health & amp; The Fitness (health and Fitness), Food & amp; Ultimately responds (diet) and Money (Money), and other applications to download. In addition, Microsoft said Android version MSN Weather (Weather) applications have also started to offer downloads, iOS version MSN Weather application will “in the next few months”. The whole application can also be compatible with the amazon’s Android devices at the same time. All of these new applications provide multi-platform seamless synchronization service, this will make users can more easily used in a variety of operating systems.

panasonic new technology to transfer data into light smartphone read

panasonic has developed a new type of LCD technology, signal with lights, cell phone swept away, to understand what’s going on in the world. Exactly speaking, the technology can be advertising or other information on the ID code sent to 5 meters, even greater distances on smartphones, to read the relevant information. Panasonic this technology is regarded as the traditional technique of qr code upgrade, the latter requires the user to the phone close to the qr code can be scanned. In addition, the technology can also be used for high-speed communication field. Plan next month on display at CES Hikari ID technology, is expected in the year to March 31, 2016 in the commercial.

this technique is called “the Hikari ID”, based on the ID of the signal emitted by leds. LED flashing lights and the lights went out speed is beyond the perception of the human eye, but can capture by the smartphone camera sensor. Panasonic said, when the transmission, data is divided into several blocks, its transmission speed for thousands of bits per second, far faster than conventional optical transmission speed. Using installed in smartphones to the corresponding application, Hikari ID can call the corresponding advertising or web site through the cloud server. The technology can also be used for the museum or other display areas, as long as the phone camera by LED light, can obtain relevant information.

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