Morning: cook annual summary: apple this year achievement is extraordinary


cook annual summary: apple this remarkable

apple CEO Tim cook sent an E-mail to the company all staff today, cook praised apple developed “the most innovative products and the staff of hard effort on each product said proudly. Cook finally said in the letter, he was full of expectation for the development of the next year, including the release Apple Watch. In the letter cook stressed that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the signing of Mac computers available, at the same time Apple released its latest iPhone, ipod, Mac hardware and mobile and desktop systems, and Apple released smart Watch Watch. Once again he mentioned that apple is committed to helping promote the development of education, said this year for the first time application Store App Store and apple’s online Store’s RED promotion to help the company donation of more than 20 million dollars to fight AIDS.

SunTrust U.S. regional Banks, credit card companies Barclaycard and united services automobile association began to support Apple Pay. Then, including the TD Bank North America, the Commerce Bank, BB& T, Black Hills FCU and nearly a dozen Banks are, little to Apple and Apple Pay an olive branch. At this point, Apple Pay nearly 90% realized about the credit card payment.

according to the BBC’s “panorama” you’re an “undercover”, according to a survey of Chinese contract manufacturer of apple pegatron’s treatment of the workers in the factory is very bad. The shot a film on the iPhone 6 production lines, fuzzy point of view, the company did not fulfill the commitment to the protection of Chinese workers. According to the survey, pegatron factory in working hours, identity card, workers’ dormitories, conference and child labor in violation of the provisions of the standard. Apple, said the company is very disagree with the conclusion made by BBC’s “panorama” program.

cook, hard this year, Apple is Pay, is the Apple of the Watch, but contract workers treatment problem remains to be improved, hunting cloud network called for improve the workers’ Pay, reduce the workload. Apple is so popular, do not sent the money again, right?

all equity suggests measures for the administration announced: platform shall not be engaged in peer-to-peer (P2P)

the securities industry association released today “all private equity suggests management method (trial) (draft)”, specify a stake in the raised platform shall not be engaged in peer-to-peer (P2P) or network of microfinance business. “Management method” regulation, raise the stakes in the investors must be for a particular object, namely the equity of the raised platform to verify conform to the conditions specified in the “management method” the real-name registration of users; Investors shall not exceed 200 people; And stake in the raised platform can only registered users with the real-name recommendation project information, equity and the raised platform and the issuer shall make public propaganda, recommendation or solicitation. “Management method” also pointed out that the equity and the raised platform mainly engaged in the service of micro, small and medium enterprises, the project is not restricted to investment and financing amount, raise fully embody own risk, platform access relatively loose, the later for the record management. “Management method” regulation, investors conditions for its “financial assets of not less than 3 million RMB or the most recent three years annual personal income is not less than 500000 yuan of personal”, on the one hand, to avoid the public investors rather than risk to bear ability does not match the investment risk, on the other hand, with the introduction of qualified investors meet the demand of micro, small and medium enterprises reasonable financing as soon as possible.

cool high-end security mobile platinum sale, cool more phone deposit back door

to released the cool new safe mobile platinum, formal sale as cool emphatically build annual flagship product, platinum, on the software and hardware configuration, network and system security has become the first domestic communications security industry benchmarking sex products, famous actress liu xiaoqing has started to use burton, become the first group of users. Foreign security research institute has published a research report, they found that there are 24 cool equipment are most back door hole. Palo alto network security companies in the United States researchers call this loophole “CoolReaper”, the loopholes in the back door can be installed under the condition of the users are not allow to unknown application, remove the user information, through the camouflage OTA software upgrade install other application, and upload device information to cool the server. Currently palo alto network security company Unit of 42 departments have found the back door exists only in cool against China and Chinese Taiwan users during development of ROM. Moreover, the company has not been prepaid carriers, such as the United States temporarily MetroPCS operators such as selling Quattro 4 g and 4 g Quattro II the two latest models.

aunt liu, oh, no, liu, really don’t want to face. Besides, you old speak really good, so hard with endorsement?

Line purchase Microsoft MixRadio music streaming service

hot news application Line announced today that it would buy Microsoft MixRadio music streaming service. The deal is expected to complete in early 2015. As part of the deal, MixRadio will continue to cooperate with Microsoft as a third party service. MixRadio was originally developed as a service to nokia, but when the nokia mobile phone business after a takeover by Microsoft, it begins to prepare for break-up. Now, the service officially out of Microsoft’s control, will you be in the near future is expected to see its iOS and Android devices.

nokia to restart talks with alcatel-lucent merger

nokia has to restart and alcatel lucent (hereinafter referred to as the “man”) merger talks. The two companies are discussing a merger. If unable to reach a merger agreement, the two sides at the same time also to consider the possibility of close cooperation. According to people familiar with the matter, is in the autumn to restart negotiations. To buy this one will strengthen nokia’s business in the United States, thereby reducing the gap between market leader Ericsson and nokia. Currently, nokia and alcatel-lucent both Chinese rival huawei’s strong challenge. For those who because of voice and data services in terms of prices and tried to cut the cost of mobile operators, huawei’s low-cost equipment is extremely attractive. Affected by the news, alcatel-lucent shares once rose 8.2% on Thursday. Journal of managers said that nokia expanding wearable technology.

huawei power, expand overseas performance is good, just, after the two means of combat, the effect will be how, hunting cloud network do not see how huawei performance.

lenovo Internet terminals and service unit name for magical works

lenovo group, senior vice President, China and emerging markets in Asia Pacific President Chen said at the annual meeting of the 12th China enterprise competitiveness, lenovo’s intelligent terminal based on Internet platform and services, a subsidiary of name for “magic works. As a new subsidiary of lenovo, magic works will be opened next year on April 1. Magic workshop to think in the Internet will promote the products, and brands. In July, lenovo has launched the platform for Internet NBD, and launched a router, intelligent air purifier, intelligent glasses three products, these three products are working with outside companies, respectively, to form New series, including NewGlass, NewAir, NewWifi.

big business group with China unionpay, strategic cooperation, build entity electricity

dashang group in today’s “new dog net, China entity retail electricity share exchange and cooperation” conference announced that big business group with new huaxin medium respectively, China unionpay, chow tai fook, such as Coca-Cola, atmu cooperation agreement, hand in hand together to build a new electricity business ecosystem health and sustainable entities. Day big business network has been officially launched on November 8, 2014, respectively, in department stores, supermarkets, organic farming, importing the four channels to build new electric business entity retail China. Based on a large group of 20 million members of the user base, dog line less than a week online, old customers arrival rate reached 70%, average daily reached more than 10% of the order conversion rate, higher than the average 2% of the traditional electricity conversion rate, unit price is three times the average electricity.

ali cat, jingdong dog, tencent penguin, big dog, looks like the electrical manufacturers to and animals are concerned, the tiger: why don’t these the names of the mighty domineering people use?

three “new express” will be given to domestic license

published by the state post office “about 14 companies such as kerry eas logistics co., LTD. To apply for publication of the express business business license audit”. The public information display, kerry eas, elegant and OCS three “joint venture” formally apply for domestic express business. Before this, with domestic express qualification of foreign Courier company UPS, FedEx, DHL three only. Three international express company license application, also means the end of September this year the state council executive meeting decided to fully open the policy formally landing package delivery market in China. Not surprisingly, publicize the final on December 23, national post office will be officially for the three “new express” domestic express business release.

China’s express delivery so hard, still have the express to enter, visible express is not usually big cake.

sound cloud know complete $fifty million B round

intelligent voice sound cloud know announced recently has received a $50 million B round of financing, the financing by huaxing capital as the sole financial advisor. Sound cloud know this round of financing is the do level of angel investment and one hundred million yuan after A round of funding again refresh the record audio industry financing. Cloud know after get investment, will further accelerate the speed of the layout of the intelligent voice market. B after a round of funding, cloud know sound will continue to increase investment in research and development, product, market and brand, the main smart home market, make smart home platform are connected by a voice.

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