Morning: blue port financing highest $190 million, wanda O2O proposed investment


blue port interactive listed on December 19, the supreme financing about $190 million

blue port plans to sell 110 million shares in the whole world, interaction between issue price range of hk $9.8 to $13.1 a share. The calculation is based on the limit of the price, raised blue port interaction at up to hk $1.45 billion ($190 million). Blue port interaction are introduced into fubon life insurance co., LTD., hui bridge capital group and green financial overseas investment group co., LTD., as a cornerstone investors, three companies total subscription amount is $55 million. Blue harbor interactive programs on December 19 listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange gem officially, stock code 8267, to 500 shares traded for the unit, each citigroup global markets Asia co., LTD and Macquarie capital securities co., LTD., as co-sponsors.

blue port interaction, according to documents released by the global offering to raise money, about 25% will be used for research and development and operation of the existing and the new research and buy popular game entertainment theme; About 25% will be used to from research and development of Chinese and overseas business agent for the distribution of different types of games; About 15% will be used in potential strategic acquisition; About 10% will be used to further strengthen its own distribution platform for the construction of the “8864. com”; About 10% will be used for investment in technology platform; About 10% will be used in the overseas development, including strengthening the development of South Korea to launch a business, and expand to other countries and regions; The rest will be used as working capital and other general corporate purposes.

for I don’t play games, also like that. Cloud network hunting wish you have a good development! Friendship remind, pay attention to the mother corporation, they may launch a siege.

wanda price to hk $49.6 to 41.8 investment O2O project

wanda or plan to go during the week after the roadshow program, to determine the price range, and on time has not yet been finalised, could also not after media reported on December 19, the date is still to be negotiating with the stock exchange. 8 communication meeting in the afternoon, wanda commercial offering price range, between hk $41.8 ~ 49.6 per share. There were rumours that the Kuwait investment authority, China life and ping an commitment each invested $300 million in the wanda commercial IPO, several institutions a total subscription amount of about $2 billion.

wanda commercial updated version of the prospectus disclosure, 7 night also unveiled a new content, namely, wanda commercial sure whether the future will be O2O business investment wanda group. In order to become a shareholder intends to set up the electronic commerce enterprise cooperation, wanda commercial has been with wang jianlin WandaInvestmentHoldingCo. Wholly owned company Limited established WandaInformation, used to hold the dalian wanda group and its affiliates (including wanda commercial) in the proposed e-commerce accounted for 70% of the equity joint ventures.

wanda fancy O2O is not a day for two days, and baidu, tencent is not there is a “million” room cooperation. Many people already hungry, what are you waiting for?

Lending Club higher offering price: to raise up to $808 million

the world’s largest P2P network platform Lending loan Club will be listed in this week, because of institutional investors subscribe active, before Monday, the company will be the price range from 10 to 12 – $14 – $12, by the number of issued 57.7 million shares, the highest amount of $6.35 to $808 million before the accordingly.

Lending Club plans in the United States New York stock exchange, stock trading code for LC. It will become the capital market size of the nation’s largest IPO this week. Lending Club IPO of the lead underwriters for Morgan Stanley, Goldman sachs, credit suisse and citigroup.

blackberry and push NantHealth cancer genome browser

the BlackBerry company and focus on the health care industry data provider NantHealth company introduced a cancer genome browser, through the browser, the doctor can in BlackBerry Passport to obtain a patient’s genetic data on smart phones. BlackBerry, said BlackBerry Passport cancer genome browser on a smartphone can genomics data provide the depth of interactive report to doctors. The browser to the oncologist provides a tool to observe individual genetic mutations in a disease, at the same time allow oncologists to note and highlight relevant treatment. The genome browser fully encrypted, thereby allowing doctors to safely deploy, use, so that when you can get the patient’s medical data doctors can safely get, no matter where they are in.

in January next year, the browser will be held in the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas show above, and it will be pre-installed on the blackberry company’s Passport equipment, and provide professional earlier in 2015. In competitors provide platform to run on other specific device can also access the browser, the premise is the devices in the network of the BlackBerry umbrella.

when cancer into high-tech, ah, alas. If the cooperation can achieve results as soon as possible, I thank you for your fathers eight generation.

SONY again by hackers, PlayStation online store inaccessible

network attacks on SONY pictures again today, its PlayStation online store appeared more than two hours can’t log in. Just last month SONY pictures entertainment computer network being attacked by hackers, before the SONY entertainment several films were illegally leaked to pirate sites, including the upcoming Christmas movies. “Annie.” The company says it has to fix the problem, although they are still investigating the cause of network failure. SONY has not yet received any display information was leaked or stolen report.

called Lizard Squad hacker groups seem to is the sponsor of the attack, this time in the PSN site failure after they posted on twitter “landing PSN # # offline Lizard Squad”, a hacker group last week after Microsoft Xbox Live service inaccessible also issued similar tweets “Xbox Live # offline”. For SONY, this is not the PSN first cyber attacks, but this time the timing of the attack is the key, because the Japanese electronics and entertainment group is currently expect it game industry can promote smart phones and other consumer electronics sales downturn get better.

cloud network have to hunt for SONY expressed sympathy, really someone for north Korea to justice? Well, I care about, when four say good and faye wong’s disc about where go to, just a hit the market “to love”…

KakaoTalk increase private chat mode

free chat software KakaoTalk unveiled a new feature, to users send short message is encrypted, it is autumn users against worry about privacy issues and to strengthen the safety of a move. Instant messaging service provider Kakao Corp said this latest “private chat” function will live chat is limited to the people who take part in the session, the third party will not be able to read the message content, even so is the server.

it was revealed that 93% of South Korea in South Korea mobile phone installed KakaoTalk chat software, currently it has 150 million registered users. Daum Kakao’s share price dropped 2.1% in earlier this afternoon trading, compared with Kakao merger with Daum, has decreased by 19% that day.

so, this is the public and the authorities? Bow to the government may lose most of the users, and the authorities, may lose yourself? My friendship remind.

thunderbolt services play a window is shut down, closed down 6.33% on Monday

the popup window service was bad news, such as closure, thunderbolt on Monday in U.S. stocks fell by 11% in pre-market trading. By the close of thunderbolt shares fell $0.51 to $0.51, or 6.33%. Play the shut down of the window is bound to the thunderbolt caused a certain degree of influence, brand and advertising, in turn, add to the record low share price, if in the short term, there is no copyright, policy, it will be hard to turn down the slide.

national office to report and verify according to netizens, net letter thunderbolt popup window service information dissemination of pornographic vulgarity and false rumors, especially in the “information” column information is particularly focused, very bad influence. Order to regulate the popup window service and curb use pop-up spread pornographic and vulgar information behavior, the national network faith do urge the network of guangdong province department to investigate the problem. At present, thunderbolt information popup window service has been shut down.

unfortunately, will hunt cloud network and thunderbolt say goodbye? Once upon a time, boot must tencent, baidu and thunderbolt, the drop of a loud sound really comfortable, good miss! Well, I am old.

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