Morning: apple stock repurchase 56 billion $, ants micro lending test “bai”

December 29, hunting cloud network (text/who)

apple more than $56 billion in fiscal 2014 stock repurchase scale

as of the end of the third quarter, apple used for more than $56 billion stock repurchase. The activist investor Carl? Icahn, under the pressure of the apple in April this year will be the size of the stock repurchase program to expand to $90 billion, to accelerate the return cash to shareholders. Data show that by the end of the third quarter, apple stock repurchase money is second in the IBM’s nearly three times, which is $19.2 billion. In the first quarter of this year, apple has bought $18.6 billion of stock. In the second quarter, apple bought back $17 billion in stock.

hunting cloud network learned that apple is good at drilling loopholes, suspected of tax evasion, frequent use of so-called “tax avoidance” heaven “, that the eu has launched a survey of all member states. This spirit is broken the United States, look at samsung, huge inheritance tax, but let the Han Guole.

ant micro test consumer credit loan service “beautiful bai” PK jingdong ious

gold take its ants of micro credit is test consumer credit services “beautiful bai”, shopping on taobao, day cat, confirm next month 10 days after receiving payment. As a forerunner of ants micro lending is ali small loans. In August of this year, alibaba’s ali small loans in cash for 5. $1.8 billion sale to suit small micro gold. “Jingdong ious” products also can be “payment” consume first, hind, can let jingdong users to enjoy the highest 15000 yuan credit credit services.

to buy buy buy, chop off taobao. Consumption really well ahead of time? Carelessly, purchase the goods in advance too much, before long, you will suddenly found that he has been is in debt, oh, what a pain comprehension.

“baby” into the reserve fund regulatory

the central bank in the recently issued documents, the original belongs to inter-bank savings deposits included in the scope under, including securities and transactions deposits, bank of deposit deposit etc. This means that the monetary fund and other baby products trade deposit will pay the deposit reserve in the future. However, this does not mean that the benefits of babies will immediately fall, because the file also specifies the included in the reserve deposit is applicable in the reserve requirement ratio temporarily to zero, monetary fund deposit reserve temporarily do not need to pay first.

don’t worry, baby earnings fell again, also won’t put the money bank, die interest is low, current interest is not the way, there will be puzzling all sorts of small fee, annual fee, handling fee, SMS notification fee…

silicon valley startup accelerator three trends

a trend: specialization, vertical. Emerging startup accelerator prefer specific vertical, such as health care, cloud services, virtual reality, etc.

trend 2: differentiation. A startup accelerator to clear its unique value orientation, is likely to stand out.

three trends: multinationals shift strategy. From start-ups mature after the acquisition, to early stage start-ups.

business friends, take this three trends compare their projects, if met, so first of all, hunting cloud network would like to congratulate you. If there is not in conformity with the, don’t be frustrated, period, after all, come on.

samsung new application can promote the autistic children eye contact ability

Look At Me smartphone cameras can be used to help children learn how to read the emotions of others, remember the faces of others, and use facial expressions and gestures to express their feelings, also can pass through the interactive tasks and score system, for this kind of activity of game fun. Just use 15 to 20 minutes a day, can complete the task in a day. The app aims to help children with autism develop communication skills, so in the process of growth to better adapt to the different social environment.

cloud network hunting admire samsung there is love, are worse than bad financial, also can stick to make a new application of the love, than love one hundred is not enough.

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