Morning: apple responds to the BBC charges, for $60 million, devotion to click on the blue cursor

hunting cloud network on December 20 (text/who)

cook very angry, apple in response to the BBC “mistreatment of workers” charges

according to the BBC’s “panorama” an “undercover” according to the survey, apple’s contract manufacturers in China pegatron’s treatment of the workers in the factory is very bad. Apple’s senior vice President of operations Jeff Williams send an email to about 5000 UK employees responded that he himself and cook “furious”. Williams said that apple has related to the BBC to share its commitment to human rights in advance “facts and opinions”, but the BBC was “clearly did not broadcast in the program”. Pegatron, according to the company are seriously investigating charges of BBC’s “panorama” programme will be in the case of any deficiencies found the factory to take all necessary measures.

investment bank Morgan Stanley, according to the results of the survey in the fourth quarter of the iPhone sales will reach 67 million units. Behind the big data have to by the China contract workers to work overtime to complete the task, work overtime to make money, hunting cloud network think most people are willing to work overtime. As for the identity card, workers’ dormitories, conference and child Labour and other details, also foreign undercover fuss, americans accustomed.

barack Obama promised to respond to events, SONY don’t succumb to “dictator”

solemnly promised, on Friday, the US President barack Obama said it would respond to the SONY pictures were hacker attacks, and blamed the incident on north Korea. Obama also generally, Hollywood studios to yield to the “dictator” of his mouth, said it is trying to implement censorship in the United States. Obama said the hackers attack on SONY pictures “great damage”, but said the company should inform the matter to him first, rather than allowing oneself by intimidation, so canceled the assassination, Kim jong UN, broadcast program. Mr Obama said: “we are going to react. We will make appropriate response, and will choose the place, time and attitude in our response.”

ali pictures published first-half results, announced on December 22, resumption of

ali pictures released on June 30, 2014 in the first half of the year, so far without the audit results, the results showed that in the first half of the ali pictures revenues of hk $113 million, compared with hk $474 million over the same period last year fell 76% year on year. Belonging to the shareholders shall be accounted for a net loss of hk $444 million and hk $133 million greatly expanded 334% from the same period a year earlier. Ali pictures, adjusted the part of the data of last year’s earnings, and announced on December 22nd at 9 am formal resumption. Ali pictures announcement, the company will use the alibaba group’s expertise and resources in the Internet, the further development in the field of Internet media business, in order to realize the traditional culture and entertainment industry transformation and upgrade, using big data technology advantage, to build industry chain culture operation mode.

jack ma to Hollywood for SONY pictures, this matter I will blather, hackers matter how variables can cause after exposure, can change the cloud elder brother steps of internationalization strategy. Ali also has a “step” advance 300 million most from taobao, visible effect is good.

click iClick won love blue cursor $60 million investment

digital marketing agency iClick love blue cursor click announced today for public relations media company’s $60 million investment. After getting financing, love click will continue to expand their business, hiring employees, increase the intensity of the development of mobile marketing products, and further expand overseas markets. In addition, the price of the blue cursor to c $210 million (1.12 billion yuan) to buy Canada spread giant 7 85% stake in Vision, and investment in the two big data technology companies, Admaster (pure science and technology) to recognize 11.69% stake, Zamplus (crystal great science and technology) for a 14.29% stake.

digital marketing is a trend, the trend, not transformation is flake. This series of hunting cloud network investment purchase or feel blue cursor, action fast enough, to digest is king.

fashion supplies electricity Farfetch won $6 million in financing

Farfetch announced that they received $6 million in financing, led for the VC institutions from Japan Infinity Venture Partners (IVP), and other investment institutions including eVentures and Greycroft. Farfetch and IVP also set up a joint venture Farfetch Japan, the funding will be directly wired to Farfetch Japan accounts. Since it was founded in 2008, Farfetch have reached a cooperation, the global more than 300 boutiques are currently selling more than 1000 kinds of brand fashion. Consumers can purchase multiple brands of goods through a checkout, in most countries, Farfetch will also help customers deal with the issue of import tax.

cloud network hunting helpful hints, girlfriends, refrain from shopping, watch the chop.

Open Garden to raise $10.8 million m

Open GArden announced a $10.8 million financing, they are going to create the “next” Internet, point-to-point information service FireChat success, means that the Open GArden is also likely to succeed. Traditional information services using the Internet or mobile cellular networks, while FireChat using bluetooth and WiFi inside the smart phone baseband, in the case of without any external devices to realize point-to-point information interconnection. The Open Garden plan is to let the technical support for transmission of video, audio, and other types of files. They think that with this technology, we will usher in the next generation of point to point to the Internet.

support Beijing science and technology innovation of small micro enterprises the highest fill 200000

the city finance bureau issued “about to start implementation of the capital, science and technology innovation voucher work notice, decided to declare in each cycle (generally not more than 12 months), small micro enterprise may apply for the innovation and entrepreneurial team vouchers highest subsidies less than 200000 yuan (40). City innovation voucher adopts the model of network authentication, can apply for many times a year, each ticket quota of 5000 yuan, USES at least one at a time. Support to the city for the small micro enterprise and entrepreneurship team, with specified lab test about scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship, cooperative research and development, entrusted development, research and development, design, technical solutions or buy new technology and new product (service) for the scientific research activities such as funding. Innovation voucher only supports the scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship and carry out scientific research activities. Mandatory standards must be in accordance with the laws and regulations or conduct mandatory testing and other commercial activities such as statutory inspection, not included in the scope of support innovation vouchers.

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