Morning: apple patent application for the flexible screen, millet beautiful shots


apple filed patent, flexible screen new deformation tactile experience

apple again recently revealed a flexible display patent, the patent can provide tactile feedback through deformation. Earlier this year, the iPhone 6 will support was quoted as saying he had been giving back to the screen, but in the end, this technique is used in Apple Watch. Subsequent this patent is likely on the device and even on the iPhone.

according to the patent, it will be placed at the bottom of the screen of the drive to create bump, simulation button or other virtual objects. At the same time, through normal use of the speaker and microphone, screen, can support touch and pressure. And described according to Apple, “Apple Watch can not only identify each time the touch, also can sense, thus opens up a new dimension of manipulation of the interface. Around sensitive Retina display screen has many tiny small electrode, the Force Touch through them to perceive the difference between tap and press, and should make a series of related reaction you need at any time. This is since the Multi – Touch, and a sense of special new sensing function.”

are waiting to iWatch listed, after all, even by the table and apple 6 to allow the value of broken, hunting cloud network remains to be seen.

Shanghai: car electric balance ban on the road, the maximum fine of 50 yuan

was monitoring the traffic department of Shanghai electric balance the car road. According to “Shanghai non-motor vehicles management method” regulation, balance electric car has no way, must not run on road: used in the road, according to the ceiling fined 50 yuan. The non-motor vehicle lanes and used on the sidewalk, fined $20.

the traffic police department pointed out that the electric balance driving on the road, but there is a lot of security problem that nots allow to ignore. Electric car balance according to the principle of inverted pendulum system, there is no steering wheel, accelerator and brake. The brake and accelerator is completely according to the control of the rider’s body tilt, if the control is not good, consequence is unimaginable. Balance of electric car does not belong to the category of motor vehicle, so users don’t need licence, as a result, many people use electric balance car is very casual, especially for the young, fashion speed speed unstable, on motor vehicle road hog behavior such as relatively common, greatly hinders the normal passage of other vehicles, has affected the orderly flow of road traffic. And because the electric balance cannot buy car vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance and so on, so damage caused by traffic accident can only pay, combined with the balance of electric car unlicensed, without a license, in the event of a hit-and-run accident, will bring great difficulty to the investigation and disposal of traffic accidents, the guarantee of the rights and interests of the victim can not get their due.

so, can only ride a bike to electric vehicles, also drunk. My plan for a long time of the unicycle is want to give up, thank of state and government, meticulous care to us. Vehicle speed is high, and drunk driving harm large, urban area are not allowed on the road is not good, short can only use electric bicycle is safer.

millet and mutual shot

according to the caijing reporter, millet and currently has confirmed that there are major strategic cooperation. Both sources close to the millet and beauty will be of a mutual confidence-building mechanism at the group level, including cooperation on the level of capital, millet to strategic stakes in midea group (specific amount is unknown yet, Ming party announcement). Beauty is still in a suspended state, next Monday will be resumed. Comprehensive various, basically two strategic cooperation should be mutual.

millet recently has hammered out a new round of financing, valuation of $50 billion. Millet’s products beyond mobile phones, TV, millet and millet routing bracelet light intelligent household, millet, millet, millet empty net has just released this week. 0 was suspended this week, the beautiful $25.20 per share on December 3rd 106.2 billion market value. Dong mingzhu, one of the largest ever for millet is nothing but in the absence of the core technology, relying on the product model of supply chain integration success. Beauty is to the millet is strong production management ability to ascend. And in the channels, but some millet can give the power of beauty more.

millet can trouble you do it, when you do not people the satisfaction of mobile phone, I see your other at sixes and sevens copy who will pay for something borrowed.

Google chairman Eric schmidt: not at the request of the government set up the back door

Google chairman Eric schmidt said on Friday that Google will not help the United States department of public safety is more convenient to collect user information, and Google is not necessary for their own network “line”.

after the United States federal and state judicial department suggested that companies such as apple and Google for smartphone operating system adopts new encryption measures will result in these companies unable to respond to the requirements of the judicial and administrative departments and unlock the phone. Mr Schmidt said: “on request from the government, the question is, if you have the back door as the government, then of course is very good.” According to him, Google worry, if open a back door in the system, then the others possible invasion of the network. Schmidt said: “I think now is very clear, our view is that the government has the many kinds of way through the front door to enter. This is a search warrant, as well as the legitimate work of the police.”


a prism door, and these words, flake, selective amnesia? Or monitoring addicted to it.

SONY TV business 10 years the first profit, is still facing abandoned at any time

Japan’s SONY ran into trouble, but before the weak smartphone, SONY has always been one of the biggest burden, is the TV business. The business for ten consecutive years of losses, loss of 7 billion dollars. After the television business has operations by an independent subsidiary.

this year, SONY’s television business will turn a profit for the first time in 10 years, but is it necessary to continue to keep the assets, but is still a controversial topic, some analysts believe that SONY should abandon the TV business of low profit margins. Television is one of SONY’s “rich” business, despite the long-term losses, but SONY executives still attaches great importance to. Responsible for SONY TV business executives today village chang to the business in his first interview after independent operation, he said: “if there is no television business, SONY will not be able to carry out the promise of long, which provides consumers with emotional experience.”

SONY to delete the assassination of all related trace, Kim jong UN film mocked Obama email exposure, black leaders or SONY directors to resign

SONY has removed all the “SONY” tag in the film. The controversial film, called “interview”, belong to the action comedy, by James Franco, SethRogen two well-known actors. In the film, two people man assassination of north Korea’s leader, Kim jong UN missions. Previously, north Korea’s official for the movie expresses its strong dissatisfaction, once said, will launch a “merciless counterattack”. SONY pictures entertainment network attack, many have been released or the movie did not file, leaked to the Internet, caused huge losses to SONY, the FBI and other agencies involved in investigating the scenes the attacker.


black civil rights leader reverend al sharpton, will this week with SONY pictures entertainment co., LTD., chairman of the joint met Amy PASCAL, and PASCAL was leaked to President Obama’s race taunting e-mails, decide whether to ask PASCAL to resign. Because of SONY pictures computer network was hacked led to the public, the company’s internal email that makes PASCAL suffered a lot of pressure. With the history of film producer Scott rudin email coming and going, and PASCAL guess like the black to kill Obama or other related black actor and a black theme movie. The emails by the United States announced the news aggregation site Buzzfeed.

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