Morning: apple/flexible equipment patents, best investment in education, etc

cloud network hunting Jan. 7 (text/who)

apple the flexible equipment patent

the United States patent and trademark office awarded the apple a new patent, the technology allows iPhone any bent or folded in the future. The patent is called “soft” electronic equipment, allowing a portable devices, such as the iPhone, arbitrary bending, folding, or other forms of deformation, without adverse effects is sensitive to internal components. Apple’s the patent also contains ductility of external accessories, such as casing or screen glass, with the internal battery, circuit boards, screens and other flexible parts integrate.

apple internal sources, the company plans in 2015 issued a new MacBook Air notebook products, this product will abandon the full-size USB interface, MagSafe adapter and SD card slot standard configuration, in order to provide the user with thin body and hd display.

cloud network hunting imagination: so out of cook is not only to put the apple turned gay, and complete a variety of difficult moves, is it? PS: apple iPhone sale today do not have a lock dec 6 GB version of $649, 64 GB version of $749. 16 GB iPhone 6 Plus starting price of $749. Rich kidney strong friends, can make moves.

wireless charging two standards organization merger

two Wireless charging industry Alliance Alliance for Wireless Power and Powe MattersAlliance announced that the two sides have agreed to the “unity”, aims to build a unified industry standard. A4WP camp’s main backers including Intel, qualcomm and samsung, and PMA camp’s main backers including procter &gamble and starbucks. Two standards organization, said the merger aims to promote the rapid popularity of wireless charging in the consumer electronics market. Another standards organization is Wireless PowerConsortium, mainly supporters for nokia and philips, etc., the Wireless charging standard is introduced by the “Qi”.

. Let merge more violent, and three for one best. Search karma, originally the romance of The Three Kingdoms used to interpret market, as well as the same, even fight cao wu?

ferry launch abrupt end

by capsules of the falcon 9 rocket had planned blasted off from cape canaveral air force base in the United States, but in the countdown to enter 1 minute mission was an emergency stop, to ferry said because of the rocket “secondary thrust vector control drive drift” makes the mission is an emergency stop. The next launch window on Friday, January 9, is expected to launch time est 5:09 in the morning.

uncle musk, don’t take this play, cloud network but attention, hunting for a long time, can’t, like tesla.

MOTO lunar years ago will launch a mobile phone

lenovo mobile business group President who revealed that MOTOROLA mobility will officially sold in China in early February MOTO X cell phone. MOTO X cell phone cost in China will be announced at the end of January. MOTOROLA’s President and chief operating officer Rick Osterloh, after march, will sell the MOTO G and MOTO X Pro mobile phones.

I make money to make money, left hand holding a nokia, right hand holding a MOTOROLA. My nostalgia, or a little excited.

best education, another is red, easy question bank, Glassdoor, art guest, Blue Box for investment

net dragon’s announcement, announced A share purchase agreement, the online education, A subsidiary of best education received A $52.5 million round of funding. The investors including IDG capital, auspicious peak (temasek group wholly owned subsidiary) and the flying animation.

easy question bank announced today to complete the tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, this round of the investor for tencent win-win industry fund, which is the foundation layout for the first time in the field of online education. This round of funding will be used to accumulate the teachers and subject resources, and technology updates, and talent recruitment, etc.

the PMS domestic hotel management system, the company announced another red finish from the China capital of 60 million yuan. A round of funding. This is the April 2014, and other red cyberworks’ investment for being an angel investment after a financing.

U.S. employers to evaluate site Glassdoor claims that the company in the latest round of funding to raise $70 million. Glassdoor the main investor in the latest round of financing for Google capital and tiger global management company. The Glassdoor is planning to expand their business step.

art electricity “art” as it announced, has won many famous investment institutions $10 million in A round of funding, investors not to share it. “Art” want to do is to solve the problem of the ordinary people to buy art, is take the C2C mode.

private cloud as a service startup Blue Box just received $4 million B round of funding. Last October, just get $10 million B round Blue Box. This round of financing is a supplement to the last round, a single person is above the unnamed telecommunications providers, in addition the Voyager Capital, the founders of Collective etc also have cast refs. At this point, the total funds has amounted to $23.1 million. This round of financing income will be used in the extension project, sales and marketing team, at the same time expand channel plan, so that the other service providers for their clients introduced cloud services based on it.

TCL a $100 million stake in wanda commercial real estate

TCL group, according to the announcement and wanda group signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent, comprehensively promote the two sides in the related strategic cooperation in the field of business. And according to the disclosure of the prospectus wanda commercial real estate display, TCL’s wholly owned subsidiary xi rhyme investment has paid $100 million for its stake as cornerstone investors. Industry, said the two sides can cooperation or form a complementary advantages, the future more in-depth cooperation may be in multiple areas.

TCL CES in Las Vegas officially from HP acquired Palm brand, the acquisition is limited to the brand, does not involve employees, and other assets. TCL acquired alcatel in years past, originally you are the same and lenovo, lenovo’s purchase of MOTOROLA, IBM years ago also m&a, etc.


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