Morning: apple antitrust cases, the blue port delays


apple iPod antitrust lawsuit is won $1 billion

apple won an antitrust lawsuit on Tuesday. A jury in the United States, the company limited iPod users through iTunes digital store music act does not violate the antitrust laws. The decision is made by the federal court in Oakland, California jury. In this pile class-action lawsuit, if apple was ruled as violation of antitrust laws in the United States, was the most will face a total of $1 billion in damages. Apple issued a statement, welcomed the jury’s decision. Said in a statement: “every time we have to update a product upgrade is to let the user experience better.” In the process of the trial of the case, apple has submitted to the court the company co-founder Steve jobs died in 2011 recently filmed video.

apple on Tuesday confirmed that due to the value huge swings, apple online store. Had temporarily withdrawn from Russia. November 28, in response to the devaluation of the rouble and apple iPhone price rise by 25%. In the before pricing, 16 g version of the iPhone 6 sells for 31990 roubles, calculated according to the exchange rate at the time, or $700. After the adjustment, 16 g version of the iPhone 6 sells for 39990 roubles, or $859. According to the latest exchange rates, Russia the price of the iPhone 6 (39990) 39990 rubles/just $547. This price is the lowest price.

apple offering a video to do the jobs, finally won the antitrust case, thus saved $1 billion, and flowers. The cheapest apple 6, want to, but first you have to go to Russia.

samsung plans to push the mobile payment service competition with Apple Pay

samsung is planning to launch a mobile payment service with Apple Apple Pay in competition, the service from the launch on the first day will start 100% compatible with all bank CARDS and payment terminals. Reported that samsung is working with startup LoopPay negotiations, which claims to be “the most recognized by people on the planet of mobile wallet”. LoopPay does not use NFC (near field communication) chip in support of contactless payment, but can make a simulation of the credit card magnetic signals, which means that the service will be able to support all the CARDS and payment terminals. The moment LoopPay also lacks Apple Pay services as security, but the company hope to join tokening function is similar to the former. Allegedly, LoopPay consults on the investors with visa. LoopPay by selling a card set to cooperate with the existing mobile phone use, this card can be set to the signals of magnetic card reader. If samsung acquired through licensing the technology, the embedding signal transmitters will be its high-end smartphones. Corresponding, Apple announced new join support Pay Apple company including the sun trust, barclaycard and history have the insurance company. The payment service also increased the 10 Banks partners, including the TD Bank North America and Commerce Bank.

you I’ll be in his Pay, hunting cloud network, which is convenient I use which, the most annoying check-out queues or something.

$360 to $400 million investment in cool great god

qihoo 360 announced with cool great god set up a joint venture invested $360 and $409.05 million in cash, holds an 45% stake in the joint venture, a great god, and a 55% stake. The joint venture will mainly focus on mobile terminal products, as the main distribution channels to the Internet. Smart phones will be “god” of the joint venture brand sales. Great god is a joint operation, cool and 360 cool will mainly provide smart phone design, manufacture, supply chain management and after-sales service, such as qihoo 360 will provide a mobile application development and online marketing ability, Zhou Hongyi will personally participate in 360 will send vice President level, but the details are not finalized.

the dust settles, finally is not exaggerated before 5 billion, $400 million, also is only about 2.5 billion, 360 you hype really so good?

baidu will today announce investment Uber

baidu will be announced in today’s investment in the United States called car App Uber, formal and tencent drops a taxi, alibaba quickly form a tripartite confrontation with taxi. Widely in the industry, baidu in a $600 million investment U ber, intended to expand baidu wallet payment scenarios, and Uber baidu investment can also improve water after into China. Actually baidu for U ber is pure financial investment, where investment in baidu network precedent, where net pay treasure to wait for a variety of payment tool, so U ber will surely not only baidu wallet as a payment tool. If the baidu map to U ber drainage can really get huge traffic, but is not the same as the active number of users, drain a taxi software experience effect affect the viscosity of users.

this Uber baidu investment also need not to guess, what three kingdoms, cloud network like hunting, let’s together wait for discounts.

with CEO wen-hsiang wu jie cheng cow financing insider: founder mortgage equity

with CEO wen-hsiang wu cheng today’s article kicking out financing of the small secret. Way cattle two executives participation subscribe and lucrative, not just because they are the local tyrants, but the founders will original equity mortgages, their loan of $16 million, to participate in this round of financing. The way the cow proudly announced increase financing $148 million and five employers respectively hony, jingdong mall, ctrip subsidiary “ctrip investment” and the way cattle in Kingston’s chief executive and chief operating officer YanHaiFeng. Among them, the new shareholders hony, jingdong mall subscribed 50 million respectively, ctrip investment subscribed for 15 million, in London with YanHaiFeng subscribed 16.5 million respectively.

this is cross the rubicon, if is voluntary, hunting cloud network said. If is forced investors, it can only ha ha.

blue port interactive sell shrink or delay

blue port interactive announced that due to the possible global sales shrink and need to supplement the prospectus, or will be delayed. The specific time to market will be added in the prospectus in Hong Kong to complete the registration and shall be separately published after the announcement. Blue port interactive planned on December 19, trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange listed on the gem, the stock code is “8267”, price range of hk $9.8 to hk $13.1. Before this, the blue port interaction has completed a round of financing, accumulative total financing amount more than $100 million. According to previously released its prospectus, according to the blue port interaction in 2012 and 2013 of revenue is 266 million yuan respectively, 266 million yuan, up 94%; In the first quarter of 2013, the first quarter of 2013 revenue is 101 million yuan respectively, 101 million yuan, up 69% from a year earlier.

Google vc focus to health care

data show that in 2014, Google ventures more than a third of the investment in health care and life science companies, soared from 9% in the first two years. Google ventures, head of bill maris, points out that they plan to continue to invest in the field, want to make full use of the explosive growth of medical data and data analysis of the new technology. Google, by contrast, the vc on consumer Internet startup investment is greatly reduced. In 2014, the company in Google in the vc investment accounted for 8%, from 66% in 2013 dropped significantly. Google vc’s second big investment is focused on the mobile space, 27%; Google Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Involved in the enterprise market and start-up companies in the field of data (e.g., is engaged in the online security, data storage and analysis software) in Google vc investment in the proportion is 24%.

friend, business direction in where? Own choice, I can only help here.

millet mysterious new exposure: price 399 yuan?

look from the results of the survey, millet is one of the 5 smartphone manufacturers in the world. Taiwan’s industrial chain is given, millet in 2015 will be ready to 500 yuan of the following smartphones, now it is in trial production. It is said that it is less than 500 yuan of 1860 smartphone carried a union is a core of 4 g mobile phone, HaiWen on Thai is responsible for ODM, early support mobile 4 g. Undeniably, cheaper smartphones for millet a huge boost to expand market share, of course it can also help them to complete the goal of 100 million next year. Glory was said to have been doing 399 yuan 4 g smartphones.

well, if you really only in 399, I can’t resist the temptation, hunting cloud network of friends, can want to pull my hand, don’t shake.

Ericsson about millet mobile phone India temporary ban: each bet 100 rupees

in view of the “Indian court granted temporary license, millet millet continue to mobile phone based on qualcomm chip” exports to India, Ericsson said in a statement, it is the millet meet each device prepay 100 Indian rupees (about 9.7 yuan) in court in escrow under the precondition of implementation. The latest news is that in January 8, 2015, carrying qualcomm processor of millet mobile phone can be normal sales in India. This means that the court allows only millet sales with qualcomm processor red rice 1 s, and the beginning of this month just listing in India red rice Note still may not sell, the latter is carrying mediatek processor. At present, the millet has restored the red rice 1 s sales in India.

van edition everyone express blue rhino won A round of funding 30 million

b: blue rhino sent straight information platform in recently won the 33 million yuan of A round of funding, for lenovo’s jun lian capital investment. Blue rhino established in Beijing in November 2013, at the current size of the whole team around 100 people, has the resources of more than 1000 vehicles. Service scope covers Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, hangzhou, nanjing, guangzhou six cities. Different from traditional logistics freight company, blue rhino is an information service platform, the city will be sent straight on both ends of the docking of information to the driver and the user, at the same time, by means of joining integration of social resources of the vehicles and drivers on the city to implement the distribution between.

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