Morning: apple A9 processor samsung foundry, softbank, the United States will be cut


samsung to apple the next iPhone foundry A9 processor

samsung factory started in Austin, Texas for apple production A9 processor, the processor will be used in the next iPhone. Apple’s latest iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus the A8. Apple chose to samsung foundry processor is that samsung has the ability to process of 14 nm FinFET (fin type field effect transistor) chip. At present, samsung A9 processor production is in progress, has the yield of output part had a very good. TSMC also started producing FinFET processor, but only 16 USES nanometer technology.

apple CEO Tim cook has been named by the financial times 2014 person of the year. In the former apple CEO Steve jobs died three years later, 54, Tim cook in radical criticism keep courage, proves that apple after losing its founders can still succeed. Cook is gradually out of the shadow of jobs, and on apple branded his mark, bring fresh blood for the company, change the management cash reserves, open apple for more cooperation, begin to pay more attention to social problems and so on.

The only a

the global existing by Steve jobs’ Apple I personally sold computer today for $365000 at Christie’s. This Apple is Charles I’s original owner rick, so the Apple I called “rick Apple I”. It is the only recorded by the jobs have sold, and normal operation of the Apple I computer.

apple online store in the United States and Britain have since Friday to support PayPal payment. Besides can choose PayPal payment services, the us and the UK users now can also use PayPal credit card interest-free payment scheme, the longest repayment period is 18 months. Apple has loosened up at the same time, to allow the United States and Britain users from the official retail stores to buy products online, but still need to delivery within the territory of the United States or the UK.

according to apple’s consistent urine, samsung this year, next year, TSMC, in turn, put an end to dominance. Cook is really a good comrade, you these bad guys, don’t argue. Steve has not in river’s lake, but there is always on his legend, a broken computer can sale out nearly $400000, the rich wayward some too much.

qualcomm $40 million venture capital in China Want to in Chinese government

in an antitrust investigation of qualcomm still does not forget start-ups through strategic investment to the Chinese government. Today, qualcomm strategic investment results will be held in Beijing China, commitment to the four Chinese companies and walden international Chinese venture capital fund (this fund is mainly used for investment in China business of semiconductor and semiconductor companies) investment totaled $40 million. Qualcomm, senior vice President and COO, greater China, said Jeff qualcomm actively do investment in China, the reason is that with the rapid development of mobile Internet, rapid growth in China, a large number of start-up group, this will be conducive to the qualcomm under the latest wireless technology in the mobile Internet rapid extension.

the four companies are: eye tracking technology solution provider for seven xin ewei invensun (7), mobile entertainment platform provider touch technology (Chukong Technologies), smart home terminal/platform solution provider hard candy (inPlug), intelligent speech recognition and language processing technology provider cloud know (Unisound), the capital money from announced earlier this year, China’s $150 million strategic investment funds.

so, political and legal aspects of things, cloud network hunting without a point of view, it is good that you happy, after all, it’s going to be a long-term problem.

softbank, the United States will cut abandon takeover of t-mobile

softbank will soon be in silicon valley’s department for layoffs, this implies that the company attempted to acquire t-mobile failure has largely given up efforts. In August of this year softbank affiliates Sprint gave up the bid for America’s fourth largest operators, but the company said does not rule out the possibility of future integration. The Japan’s third largest mobile operator’s acquisition ended in failure for the group’s founder, chairman and CEO masayoshi son is a rare setback. The billionaire by us regulators, who insist that is the number of four major U.S. wireless operators.

according to sources, the Japanese communications companies are now gradually transfer the main human resources in the west coast of the United States sales department, including the development engineers assigned to the Sprint headquarters in Kansas, a move that has not been made public. In addition, softbank is also considering the company one of the two building rent out, spending $3 million this year building was originally used for t-mobile related business development, building basic are empty now.

total sun also have the setback, but you are so serious, blossom everywhere, cast the net wider, missed a little fish, just spread, it is not.

tencent’s investment in the Japanese game developers Aiming to obtain a minority stake in

tencent efforts to exploit its smartphone game space, the company will be looking for Japanese company. Headquartered in Tokyo, the game developers Aiming announced today that tencent has agreed to invest in the Japanese company. This week, tencent also with Japan, another game developers GungHo Online Entertainment, the deal would be in the next year the Japanese game developer of the popular Puzzle game & amp; Dragons in the Chinese market.

Aiming gave no tencent investment quota, but according to sources, tencent’s investment in equity only gained by the take up of the total equity of the Aiming in the minority. According to mutual agreement, tencent will be released in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, China Aiming of the game, while Aiming to help the tencent games into the Japanese market. The investment and tencent to invest in a Japanese game development for the first time. Tencent run PC and smart phone video game business, is currently China’s largest video game platform.

high school only played tencent underground city of the mighty, luckily not addicted, otherwise now I must be an otaku, indulged games, also won’t appear in the cloud network, isn’t it. However, if the game play of good, appear in tencent is also possible, ha ha.

Microsoft Xbox One console sales in November 1.2 million, the PS4 officially in China: the game is still affected by the policy

according to market research firm NPD reported according to the report, Microsoft Xbox One console sales reached 1.2 million units in November. Industry insiders said the Xbox November sales performance may be due to Microsoft reduction measures were taken in the holiday shopping season. In the “black Friday” and “cyber Monday”, Microsoft’s Xbox One console price down to $329. SONY and nintendo ds sales data during this period has not yet been published.

Mercedes Benz culture center in Shanghai SONY released the legal channels sells for 2899 yuan version PlayStation 4, and announced that was released on January 11, 2015. Published a year PS4, by September this year, its sales have more than 13.5 million units, is SONY playstation series product sales in the fastest growing product. The legal channels version of the launch, no difference in the hardware configuration, and on the service provided is different from the overseas edition of the two years warranty policy. For players is more concerned with the question of whether or not to “lock” area, is responsible for the Shanghai Oriental pearl line of PS in China culture co., LTD., President of tian tian he answer relatively fuzzy, he said “to accord with the requirement of China policy”, but at the same time promise “to the global users with a unified hardware products”.

two investment in silicon valley’s outbreak of wars

venture capital firms Benchmark partners are Uber, bill KeErLi Snapchat investors and Twitter technology company. Thayer is an early investor in Facebook, Facebook can also cannot leave at anfield today.

a few months ago, Twitter management was another silicon valley investor, billionaire Peter tell to attack. Thayer said at the time, Twitter is a “management is quite poor company, estimates that marijuana smoking too much.” However, also said at the time, Twitter is very powerful, as can come even if management is such a mess. When bloomberg reporter Emily often to tell to the remarks about KeErLi, KeErLi said thayer lack credibility. He said, “I think he was just an armchair strategist. I just just suspended the debate.” KeErLi said, “when to create a $30 billion market value, and revenue of $1 billion to comment publicly management team, it will lose their credibility.”

main “a small loan” before the shenzhen sea micro Banks allowed to open

announcement today, the China banking regulatory commission announced the approval of shenzhen sea micro bank before opening. The shenzhen branch approval include name, residence, place of business, registered capital, executives qualifications, scope of business, etc. Among them, the name for micro shenzhen sea before the bank co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as micro shenzhen sea before the bank), the registered capital of RMB 3 billion. Scope of business including absorbing public, main is individual and small micro enterprise deposits; Mainly for individuals and small micro enterprises issuing short-term, medium-term and long-term loans; To handle the settlement at home and abroad as well as notes, bonds, foreign exchange, bank CARDS, etc. According to CBRC planning approval data, micro shenzhen sea before the bank shareholders, tencent subscribe the 30% of the total equity stake in the originator.

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