Morning: ali strategic holdings media, meizu 27 again hair, new

on January 13, hunting cloud network (text/who)

ali strategic holdings easy media

alibaba group has recently splurged on controlling the media, both transaction has been completed. Alibaba and easy media to achieve the strategic cooperation on the level of equity, alibaba has a stake in, but will not give up easily media independent public dreams. Easy media cooperation with ali focus in the field of big data.

alibaba group’s official weibo today evening news, according to south Korean media reports of the so-called alibaba alibaba city being built in South Korea’s investment of 5.7 billion, as speculation, as the “fake news”. Well, use alibaba to bo person eyeball, think about also is drunk.

the meizu 27 of this month, will send new

often reveal the meizu, new information @ the Ubuntu team released a picture on weibo, saying “1.27, three xi rimmon,” seems to imply that the meizu 27 this month will launch 5 inch screen version of the spirit’s blue mobile phone, and could have full netcom function, as to price is 699 yuan only.

a careful netizens for details like picture by the superposition of three colors, analysts say the meizu phone may be associated with three carriers, namely the lower left corner light blue represents mobile, deep blue at the lower right on behalf of the telecommunications, red represents unicom, among the most in the middle of the dark blue represents the spirit’s blue, seem to indicate that the forthcoming incarnate the blue cell phone will be full netcom function. You are detective conan, was kneeling!

Welltok, directing, the peak express for investment

personal Health management cloud platform Welltok get Hearst Health Ventures, who Health Initiatives, Bessemer Venture Partners, such as focus on big investors $37 million investment in Health.

mongo won a $80 million investment of relation database, it is a database based on distributed file storage, is between relational databases and the relational database products, in a relational database that it belongs to the function of a very rich, and on the processing is the most like a relational database, in a recent DB – released in the selection of the most popular database Engines just became the champion of the relation database.

all peak express after yunfeng capital injection was obtained in 2014, 200 million yuan investment again, the news that this round of financing from haitong securities, is the peak express C round of financing. Unlike before, all the peak, money will be given to use the new markets such as O2O and local community life.

Christmas good car or buy 51 cars, valuation or 2.88 billion

domestic famous automotive portal 51 nets will be safe and good car purchase, in automotive electrical business, under the tide of content portal + trading platform is a combination of war has started. And society was acquired are also associated with recent CBSi China strategic adjustment. According to a financial institution, a senior analyst, 51 if the takeover, the Hong Kong market to pricing valuation can consult Pacific network, which is hk $3.6 billion, 2.88 billion yuan.

P2P lego box will be registered capital of 100 million

in the wave of P2P companies block box announced officially will increase to the company’s registered capital is one hundred million yuan RMB, and complete the relevant industrial and commercial registration formalities. Lego box was completed in 2014 millet, suitable for leading the B round of funding, financing total amount is $37.19 million. Earlier, also won a financing of tens of millions of dollars.

block box that increase the registered capital is mainly to enhance the platform’s ability to cope with risk, also shows a management, investor confidence in the development of company and industry, more let lego box users had questioned the heart calm down.

kunlun ten thousand d IPO price of 20.3 yuan

the kunlun, ten thousand d, according to the announcement in the shenzhen stock exchange listed on the gem, the issue price of 20.30 yuan/share, 70 million RMB common shares issued after the total equity of 280 million shares, expected to raise money total is 1.421 billion yuan. The main game development and operation. System for the three major business of the company: the global game development and distribution, RC social voice communication platform, Brothersoft software stores.


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