More than 2014 baidu world conference at new product list, containing smartphone hardware

baidu world conference since its inception in 2008, each session is baidu to show the year’s blockbuster products and technology of the window. From the box computing, application open platform to baidu cloud, and then to light applications, each product have become baidu in the history of the most important node. Naturally this year will be no exception.

take a look at below, baidu world conference in 2014, baidu has appeared which products? Among them, some are grand release, some are experimental exploration.

1, the direct number

this is the top priority of the conference, spread by baidu CEO robin li said, ming-yuan li, vice President of the official launch.

direct number is based on the mobile search, @ account, maps, and personalized recommendation and so on a variety of ways to make the customer direct business services anytime and anywhere, merchants can use direct number provided by the CRM management functions for different customers targeted services.

product features similar to WeChat public, but the extension service is more extensive. Direct number, will also be baidu O2O strategy in a service distribution link, the key in the process of the implementation of new business models to explore.

2, intelligent hardware BaiduEye

this product is still in testing stage, the scene of the conference is only have two PPT with in other to introduce, but baidu has can’t wait to show it to the industry.

although some similar Google glasses, but not BaiduEye glasses, it has broken away from the traditional glasses frame structure, compared with the exposure for the first time in April 2013 when modelling differences. BaiduEye equipped with cameras, voice control, image recognition, the bone conduction technology, voice and baidu, baidu, baidu cloud map and so on carries on the depth of integration. Without glasses screen, the wearer needs only a finger in the air on a circle, or pick up the goods, BaiduEye can get instruction by these gestures, lock the item identification and analysis was carried on processing. In addition, BaiduEye can also offer voice indoor navigation, and mobile phone make super marketing efficiency is higher.

at present, baidu official did not disclose BaiduEye price and the launch date. By binding and mobile BaiduEye can also provide voice indoor navigation, super marketing is more efficient to dealer.

3 chopsticks, baidu search

this product is published by li himself. This product can realize detection of oil quality, water quality indices such as ph, fruit sweetness. According to some media reported that the future will also be developed to recognize the dairy products with melamine, identifying soil eggs, identify true and false, mutton string, and other functions of the new version.

now the price of the product and launch date has been announced at the meeting. But will soon have to, it is said that chopsticks will soon enter mass production stage.

4, baidu cool ear

baidu cool ear is an intelligent voice bluetooth headset, users through voice control to use this product, you can listen to music, phone calls, real-time translation, electronic guide, schedule management, map navigation, and the secretary, and other functions.

the data shows, the product battery capacity is 260 mah, the longest speech recognition condition support for six hours, standby up to 14 days.

5, baidu the

this is a new set of baidu a crowdsourcing test platform (, to provide product testing and experience, LBS data acquisition, monitoring, questionnaire survey, the network speed, automatic speed, etc.

test requirements for developers, baidu can rapidly to recruit a large number of fans products, through the crowdsourcing model, human is the product of machine really test, new product experience and research of real users.

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