More haste, less speed, ding dong village behind “ill”

hunting cloud network October 16 (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

recently, widely used on the network as a community of O2O business benchmarking ding dong village is bankrupt, but the message then corrections for “not bankruptcy, just in the massive contraction, transformation”. But there is no denying that ding dong district capital chain rupture at present, companies in Beijing has shut down, a 70% cut in Shanghai. And, its official claims, including ever get from angel investment of one hundred million yuan has been spent, the board also decided not to invest.

in the face of so much trouble, ding dong village of relevant personage says the focus of our business in a gradual adjustment, will focus on offline services and user experience. In addition, the company plans to make Shanghai market mature, in the process that spend a lot of manpower and financial resources product precipitation, in solid new model based on expansion development.

ding dong village neighborhood social

the name for ding dong village, presumably most of us are unheard of, but in the industry, it was once a benchmark, and a series of actions in the industry but let a person eyes go wide. So now, just to simple introduce you the reader to this product.

ding dong village is a developed by Shanghai one hundred meters network technology co., LTD., operating the apps provide convenience for daily village life. Its target value is to combine with offline mobile client service station look, provide neighborhood community platform, to provide second-hand trade, domestic recommend, pay utilities, provide neighborhood dialogue, BBS community platform, bring more convenience for community life.

this at first listen to and 58 city is similar, but if you really think so is wrong. Ding dong village, the founder of the is also the founder of maternal and infant community website ya-ya Liang Changlin give this app set three tags – social links, O2O, life.

in the first place, as a community life class application, you can see there is the pattern of city public comments on the net and 58, civilians to make life more convenient; Second, neighborhood dialogue, BBS community platform, which showed the similar QQ, anyone, devoted to stranger, watercress similar genes; And O2O, this believe needless to say, you can see, now which businesses to participate in, the commercial activity of the site without the shadow of the O2O?

see Liang Changlin conceived by the grand blueprint, we can think of how he has ambition. In yy online success plus, he has so much experience and vision Liang Changlin persuade the angel investment injected one hundred million yuan capital even.

socializing, O2O, life circle surrounding the link, the concept is very good, the direction of future, listening to the exciting!

ding-dong the plight of community under the large concept

the ideal is plump, reality is very skinny. In the actual operation, ding dong village is in people’s glasses.

according to relevant data shows, the ding dong village has a grand blueprint of the new product from idea to live only a short 3 months time. Although Liang Changlin has a wealth of experience and yy net a strong supporter, but in front of the new product, is playing the role of entrepreneurs, such a short time is too hasty, not to mention whether has a strong market acceptance, even the first test, obtain user feedback, after improvement, all have no.

the Internet need to “fast” to the point? Too fast is it soon after? Want a bite to eat a fat man atmosphere here.

for this, Liang Changlin once said, “do social, the user is one of the most important and difficult to attack is, once occupied position, can build more and more wide moat, build enough barriers to competition, keep the first-mover advantage in the future competition. Offline expansion must be quick, let the user know that the community is our O2O battlefield, then slowly transform product.”

time has proved that the original decision is how sloppy. Although the company will be a lot of money for promotion, but as rooted in the ding dong village at the bottom of the strategy error very not easy in the rapid loss of users, the heavy assets of local tyrants company is shouldn’t be seen in the Internet in the business enterprise, but unfortunately with the direction of the Internet companies eventually defeated in the traditional capital universal mode of thinking.

in the propaganda, ding dong village social as a breakthrough point of the whole pattern, and tried to in the present Internet social networking platform under siege in fight our way out, it’s really useful?

ding dong village’s slogan “apps provide convenience for everyday life”, which let people feel that it is a convenient service software to provide the community life, but in practice, he is in the use of social software of thinking to do product promotion, and no real life services, community residents don’t get your convenience, as expected, it is the user feel the ideal and the reality gap, feeling that he was a covered with community service, it is social media APP to cheat, this is caused by the customer’s reputation is extremely low, leading to criticism as it is now.

let everyone know that people choose social tools can choose to have substance, high penetration of social software, because it is very convenient. If contact acquaintance, you can use QQ, WeChat, strangers can use Momo, dating on a dating site. And although today’s Chinese urban community of people don’t know, but they all looked up to see lower the head to see, if you, you can try a community dedicated software to contact each other, but it may not in use.

compared with the predecessors, ding dong village no QQ no matter you are what class ones, although it also has a community social targeted but not like WeChat, Momo extensive market. Everyone has a bunch of acquaintances, WeChat come in handy. And want to mingle with strangers, Momo will satisfy your request. But, ding dong district? Less users of the new software now, if we want to know the stranger in the community, so devoted to stranger can completely replace the function of the contact people around better. And an acquaintance? I’m afraid we don’t know most people in their community. And if you want to date? Ahem, the rabbit don’t eat a nest side grass, we will directly go to dating site.

core functions, the accumulation of basic user promotion is not yet ready, will rush to do big and full, it looks really like investors in order to game, and rush to pull up the function of the online project valuation.

at the same time, by users of is it registered in the way. Ding dong village in order to obtain accurate user group adopts registered mobile phone number verification method, function use also need to pull a few late close neighbor install and use. Of course, this also is in order to ensure security platform, the construction of the early users to strategy.

in terms of technical level, have not received the authentication code, many users complained that it must have been the technology department didn’t put the technology to do. Regardless of how late development, the first registered in the first step in using the plane had to make the customer feel very for the inconvenience, it’s like we do other people’s house sales even somebody else can’t knock the door open, just think, you will choose to continue in the sell products?

a social applications is not so easy to do, especially added security group, this… Even the users have not offered such a rigid, regardless of market conditions.

can see ding dong village to the village on the basis of community service to expand into the model of social platform, but now it is not even the most basic community services, think that as long as there is the function with strong burn promotion, the user will have, it will inevitably fail.

a successful product is not you function more complete, function no man, no more content is lost. User experience is not simply add a few functions, entrepreneurs don’t be greedy, the basic function of service first, then slowly to cultivate the user used to appeal to distinctive fixed user groups.

again, a good product between the user and also sent dozens of outstanding product manager. Don’t think that is a tall on the concept of success is just around the corner, as long as the mouth will say, what areas can step into big blow an all-encompassing concept. Is your characteristics, advantage ready?

entrepreneurs to have prepared for a long time not to eat investment, worry not.

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