Momo IPO start up 26%, the next station layout the American market

(word/qing nan)

from the media transformation of social entrepreneurship, the company set up more than three years is listed in nasdaq, Tang Yan has come a seemingly don’t smooth many others of course, as he was in Beijing field media remote connection, the feeling is very good, is 1000 times better than a dream “.

this is also like Momo performance in the first transaction, opening at $14.25, a rise of 5.6% in the price, closing price of $17.02, up 26.07%, worth $3 billion, Tang Yan owns a 26.3% stake in the company who has more than 800 million dollars.

three core success

it keeps peer envy and learning, the stranger devoted itself, is successful and what are the core experience? Tang Yan summarizes three:

1, product positioning, in most of the relationship between social platform in the chain, is the real relationship is transferred to the online, and devoted to stranger is based on the network to set up new social relations.

2, the joint efforts of the company team.

3, luck and timing.

in hunting cloud network view, devoted to devoted to grasp well the outbreak in the early years of the mobile Internet wave, using the differentiation of social product strategy to avoid the constraints of the tencent system, eventually bear fruit.

from the United States began to expand overseas markets

for a social applications can across national boundaries, however, devoted to devoted to prepare to use a new way to expand the market.

Tang Yan revealed that Momo has set up a subsidiary in San Francisco, ready to expand overseas market. However, due to social software extension from developing country to developed countries is difficult, set by the company strategy is to develop a new product in the United States, rather than Momo move directly to the past.

“we have a moment to set up a company in San Francisco, one pace reachs the designated position, start with the developed countries and see what the developed countries in the aspect of social demand is not met, see if we design products can apply to them, the work is still in exploration, we also hope that the company can get good grades.”

encourage media for entrepreneurial

in addition to establishing YY li3 xue2 ling2, Tang Yan is typical of a media people entrepreneurial success, what do media people can learn from him and advice?

Tang Yan said the experience in the media about their history are of great help, because the media a lot of people every day contact, scattered information, need to pass their own judgment to storage classification, or association with previous information, thus forming the logical judgment more accurate.

in Tang Yan view, the media business now is not new, different from the late 1990 s entrepreneurs need IT background and all walks of life can be involved in the Internet business environment. At the same time, he also reminds the media practitioners, entrepreneurship is actually more difficult process, state of mind is more important.

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