Modern “keeper” : focused on the market the best intelligent surveillance cameras

today, if you install a $200 in their own home surveillance camera, when you go out, it can help you to look after the house well. These gadgets most did not specifically designed to prevent the intruder, it is more for the user to rest assured, peace of mind. Not only can you use live and recorded video, still can use simple information updates, to focus on the dynamic of the room.

a good family of surveillance cameras should be through the careful design, not only not obvious, and easy to set up, use very convenient also. And a good family dynamic monitoring surveillance cameras can make the room more simple, and it just for you want to know things set up alerts. A fine family surveillance cameras also allows you to check on all sorts of equipment, either a computer or mobile phone.

in the past few weeks, I in the home and office are installed on all kinds of top domestic surveillance cameras, and I have to find a best surveillance cameras, I think. Next, I’ll talk about some of my experience and understanding.

The first name:

Dropcam Pro

score: 8.0

the reference price: $199.99

in the list I’ve tested cameras, Dropcam Pro is the most obvious “took”. It is among the smallest of the existing cameras on the market, and it also has the best image quality and the most simple installation program. Dropcam Pro was launched last fall, for $199. It built in a beautiful glass, 130 degrees of vision camera, it’s enough to capture most of the room, also has realized the superior quality.

Dropcam is also equipped with one of the most simple, used the method of recording and notification: you can let the Dropcam run according to the schedule of custom or rule to run, or when you and your phone go out from home, ordering it to open Dropcam run. You can also use the same method to set the alarm: when a camera detects movement, sound, or can be adjusted when it is offline. In Dropcam Dropcam installed on mobile applications, can also help you set all of the program.

in addition, you can quickly set up “territory” (if you want to set up the door, window, corridors, you will be able to draw borders around them). As a result, the camera will focus on observation of these areas, such as a strange, Dropcam Pro will immediately send a notification or inform you by E-mail. It can also be intelligent distinction between pets and reduce the false alarm. We also tried other such functions of surveillance cameras, however, the effect of Dropcam Pro is the best.

one thing to remember is that the Dropcam Pro itself does not support the local video store, is wholly dependent on the cloud. “Out of the box” – you will get 14 days free trial, as well as the Dropcam Pro 7 vitreous recording service. But after that, you will have to choose 7 days or 30 days of continuous video recording. If you pay by the month, the former need to pay $9.95, the latter should be $29.95; If yearly pay cost, so the former only need $99, which is only 299 yuan. This is clearly an additional cost. You can also choose not to buy alarm – users can still get free movement, and you can watch live video, but because cannot record contents, you can’t receive “activity” and the alarm of strangers.

about Dropcam Pro, the only one who make “broken heart” place is the price of cloud storage, and its use of bandwidth. Dropcam Pro has a half price discount of additional monitoring record. In your house if you plan to install two or even three cameras, it still can be added. When you set the Dropcam to record hd images, those who upload each about 60 to 90 gb data accumulated for a month. If you have an ISP strict limit per month, so it is worth you to deliberate.

although not perfect, but I tried similar products, Dropcam Pro’s overall experience is quite good. Another Google’s Nest has acquired Dropcam Pro, and will launch new models in the future. Although, at present, its long-term future is uncertain, but now it is your best choice.

2: Simplicam

score: 7.0

the reference price: $149.99

nowadays, some people will put Arcsoft (rainbow soft company) Simplicam as Dropcam Pro clones. But it is undeniable that Simplicam have some unique selling point.

first, Arcsoft (soft) adopted many Dropcam Pro best features and successfully completed copy, and even in some places is greatly surpass it. Simplicam’s main advantage lies in its face recognition function, reduced the noisy alarm, and additional benefits. 1 day record set. In terms of the minimum consumption, Dropcam a seven-day recording package is $9.99/month or $99 a year; Simplicam one-day record of the package is $49.99 per year. If you don’t often go out 7 days holiday, so it is also worth buyers to the focus of attention.

second, Simplicam through facial recognition to identify the user, rather than other brands (such as Dropcam) to identify by movement. Even the side to identify the user for a few seconds, so as to reduce the false alarm state of family members; You can also adjust the software to make it when that happens, just to send an alert to remind to you. Simplicam facial recognition function is very accurate, even if I cover the top of the upper and lower parts of the face way to make fun of it, it will also submit the wrong information from time to time – just like the branch on the tree are extending toward one direction. (every time it happens, will creepy). It will not be able to identify some people, just because they had a mask. If you worry about someone to fool the system with a mask, also have countermeasures Dropcam, you can set the Simplicam send you vibration alarm system.

Simplicam end of aluminium alloy is very light, very beautiful, but at the bottom of the lack of a jig to prevent it from sliding around. Simplicam has a more narrow than Dropcam Pro, more blurred vision glass lenses. Simplicam is 107 degrees; Dropcam Pro is 130 degrees. Might look difference is not much, but when I put the two models in parallel after installed in my kitchen, Dropcam would it be possible for me to see the whole kitchen countertops, Windows, doors, whereas Simplicam cannot do this.

if you are willing to give up extra vision, do not need to “area”, and don’t mind to buy a few can prevent around the bottom of the sliding clamp, so rather than use the Dropcam, use Simplicam economical record package allows you to save $50 a year.

3: Foscam FI9821P

score: 6.2

the reference price: $99.99

Foscam, from baby monitors to high-end security cameras, made all of the products. I tried to FI9821P, 720 p camera design, send the footage to the cloud, or store to the local SD card. Foscam lacks the function of wide Angle lens, but it makes up for the pan and tilt option function, can let you with my camera around. If you are working in the button, it’s very convenient; And when you are doing other things, if you want to capture the most of a room (or a number of rooms), so it’s useless. But if you’re just going to a camera in your house, Foscam record of cloud services includes 30 free record video clips, the function of the email notification. The only drawback is that if you don’t pay the service fee, it can only provide real-time video watch for 30 minutes. A common mobile applications, when the recorded clips available, some complicated Settings will connect the camera to Focscam cloud service. But there will be some delay between, we can give advice, most people try to avoid delay.

a fourth: belkin Netcam HD +

score: 6.0

the reference price: $129.99

Belkin NetCam is a common combination of excellent hardware and software. You will see a high quality clear images, it has a full glass lens, night-vision goggles and two-way microphones, you can use it as a big intercom to use. Included with the “free trial” and Belkin cloud + recording services, it may sound a bit is not very appropriate, because the Belkin to each user is free of charge, until the user decides to pay for it. It has a big flaw is its software, but its application effect is not so stable, sometimes will not send a notification to the user. In addition, the key of motion detection function is not so stable, it always constantly don’t record any images.

fifth: Piper

score: 5.6

the reference price: $199.00

theoretically, Piper is a dream, but in reality is not quite like that. It has a lot of things let a person like, including 1080 p image sensor and 180 – degree wide Angle lens, it is the list of any surveillance cameras have more functions (even can let you in the same screen divided into four different quadrant), the built-in Z – Wave can be connected to the other equipment of the house, motion detectors and alarms, as well as spare batteries, even when your power is interrupted, or when it is unplugged, to be able to ensure its normal operation. But behind its metal stents, a sudden managed to hide the hardware, plus a slow mobile software makes the camera as a whole more disappointing. Even worse, its software performance is not good enough, about 30 seconds delay basically destroyed the security, and in many competitive products, you can instantly get. In spite of this, some family security technology is applied to the device’s idea is still a very smart, and innovative.

sixth: samsung Smartcam SNH – 1011 n

score: 5.2

the reference price: $82.99

samsung SMARTCAM has a less mainstream set rules. After the connection router, need to press the WPS button, enter the serial number of the package, then install the plug-in in the browser to watch the video. Samsung did not own cloud service, so you need to connect it to Google drive or iWatchLife. The result is recorded video is edited. There are many also let a person more don’t like: should not only from a narrow field of video to record video, and in a sprawling menu for Settings and video, the experience completely corny.


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