“Mobile + smoking ban” south Korean Internet cafe industry is on the verge of collapse

is the south Korean government law (including indoor smoking), players “evaporate”, once ubiquitous Internet cafes are quickly disappearing.

PC (PC bang) – “bang” (?) Is the meaning of the Korean room – has long been used in computer game fans. In 1990 high speed Internet connection to install swept across the country, the PC room popularity peaks in Korea.

according to south Korean creative agency data content, the number of PC room peaked in 2009, break through the 2.1547 mark, but at the end of last year dropped to 1.25 m.

in the same period, the south Korean mobile games industry increased by four times, earned $1.2 billion, smart phones become a staple of many young people. They like to use the information application KakaoTalk chat, like Kakao games. South Korean mobile phone penetration rate remained above 100%, over the years, this would have meant that the south Korean mobile phone ownership has exceeded the total number.

private lobby group, South Korea Internet computer for Internet cafe Ha Young – soo culture association, said: “in today’s society all can do with mobile phones, Internet cafes have lost a lot of charm. Internet cafe operators try to find a way out, attract consumers through more comfortable pleasant room, but the outlook is bright.”

Ha, points out that aims to improve Internet cafes and entertainment venues sanitation draconian laws, make a lot of PC room operators also stem not bottom go to.

he said: “most people choose PC room is adult men, when they want to play video games can be free to smoke. But the smoking ban, many people quit the PC room not to give up smoking.”

the south Korean government in December 2012, an injunction, including hotels and electronic game room smoking in public, delay the execution in a year. The smoking ban came into effect in January, the PC room, rule-breaking agency up 5 million won ($5000) fine.

in addition, the Ha think other legal provisions, such as installation of water purifiers and mandatory fire insurance, also increased the PC room the economic burden of family business operators.

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