Mobile phone turns into a polaroid, Prynt make photographs “seconds”

maybe you for polaroid camera is not very familiar with, but you must have heard of “polaroid”. Recently, a French start-up Prynt hardware company unveiled their new products – can the phone into a “polaroid” new mobile base. But this is only one step of their planning, the next step will be combined with Prynt development applications, determined to bring mobile phone camera into a new era of experience.

HAXLR8R is a dedicated hardware startups incubator project. Show last week, the startup Prynt in HAXLR8R products showed off their latest products from the public eye, well give them won at TechCrunch headquarters to show their new product opportunities – one can turn your smartphone into a new type of mobile phone accessories “polaroid”.

the small French start-up companies since January this year has been committed to our smartphone into a miniature polaroid camera, namely we often say “polaroid”. They spent a lot of time to go to shenzhen looking for available spare parts, how to use a simple algorithm was photographed holding a cell phone via bluetooth promptly sent to the external base and then print it out.

the current version of the innovation base needs 50 seconds to send pictures, and every time can only print a photo. But the final version is expected to market the transmission time reduced to 30 seconds, and at the same time can print 10 to 30 of the photo. This requires a better performance of the hardware integration, and there is a direct physical connection between mobile phone and the base rather than relying on the bluetooth function.

another promote Prynt extension of small feature of innovation base is combined with the company development of another camera application. When you took photos with Prynt application, the application will automatically record the video of the environment around, when you take a photo and then transferred to the cloud storage. When you use your phone camera function scan printed photos, while maintaining Prynt camera function open in the background, screen will display a play button, can press after to show you pictures of the scene, the unique taste.

at the same time the company also takes into account these photos and video of privacy issues. At present, although only scan to print out the photos you can see the corresponding video. But in order to make video safer, the company is considering joining the hidden pixel identification technology to prevent photos is malicious copy, so that in addition to the original photos can trigger video playback function.

to personally saw pictures of their process is a very interesting thing. But from a long-term perspective, Prynt companies are struggling to achieve this a series of functions, a photo print out and then scan, such as your cat’s photo at the same time, also can show a vivid video.

Prynt, chief executive of the clay mumpy consumed thiodan roethke (Clement Perrot) have said publicly that the innovation base will be listed at the beginning of next year, priced at $99. Base will take the lead on Kickstarter platform, after the flagship of the mobile phone will soon be listed. In the future, the base will be able to other large screen mobile phone, such as the Galaxy Note or work on the iPhone 6 Plus.



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