Mobile phone to call the car logistics platform cargo lala $10 million in A round of funding

on January 3, hunting cloud network news

China mobile phone to call the car logistics platform goods lala co-founder Chen Weichao told hunting cloud network exclusive, the company received A $10 million round of funding. This round of financing Capital led by desire, extremely KeBang, MindWorks Ventures, Sirius, Venture Capital, Aria Group and other private investors joint participation. This round of funding would promote goods lala in Asia.

cargo lala was launched in December 2013 (formerly known as Hong Kong and Singapore EasyVan) founded by Zhou Shengfu, already developed now become Asia’s leading mobile phone to call the car logistics platform. Zhou Shengfu revealed that this round of financing help their cargo lala “create volumes of the world’s biggest logistics platform” goal, at present, the company is actively recruiting developer and founder of the city, and hope to achieve this goal in two years.

at the same time, Zhou Shengfu said get investors support will assist in the expansion of the company in the Asia Pacific region. Last week, guangzhou and shenzhen, the business was put into operation, use micro letter is also, in the future the company will provide better logistics experience and the driver for the customer.

cargo lala founded the first purpose is to provide a more efficient and transparent logistics platform, the main city to experience, to improve and be delivered to the home delivery. Business in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, six cities such as shenzhen, guangzhou, Taipei. Chen Weichao to hunt cloud network, according to the current cargo lala registered lorry drivers more than 17500, download more than 275000 times.

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