Mobile phone protection shell producers annual bet: tens of thousands of dollars and spying on the iPhone

apple’s latest handset sale in the first three days sold 10 million units, it broke the previous record. In 2013, 5 c and 5 s on sale in the first week sold 9 million units, and the earlier 4 s only sold 4 million units, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus booking volume has been beyond this number.

but on September 19, the day, apple is not the only one from these millions of credit card swiping a profit of enterprise. When apple is to concentrate on planning and product publicity release plan, many manufacturers already used the mobile phone protection shell for months to collect information in the market, with their reputation and large amounts of money for the final model of the new iPhone a huge gamble.

like apple had always followed the adhering warning purposes, the company before the conference did not to reveal anything about the new product information on parameters. If the manufacturer wants to launch mobile phone protection shell () ten days in this year’s conference matching ready to sell the new iPhone mobile phone protection shell, must rely on some gossip, and without the official certification on the size of a lot of risk. If they bet wrong data, these producers will become worthless, and should bear the losses.

“in fact we have relevant team in China to ensure the successful launch their mobile phone protection shell, and try to make sure when customers to obtain a new machine has completely suitable for the size of the mobile phone protection shell.” Case-shiller Mate Peter Castellino company brand manager, said: “there have been several times, the appearance of the iPhone finally size and the power of mobile phone protection shell manufacturers, manufacturers in the passive.”

as for those commitments listed on the iPhone mobile phone protection shell will sale manufacturers, their production team is dependent on the grapevine on market and some apple internal leak of information. Tumi explains that they have almost finalised before the product sale good material and appearance design, although the new iPhone real machine before formal production, but this way can let them quickly into the production status so that appear in the market on time.

but not every manufacturers with these messages for protection, the United States the newspaper had interviewed a local following from the manufacturer, the other party, said this in to spy on the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus size, they have spent tens of thousands of dollars, but is worth it – after all this time they are “right”. Luck, however, not every time, in 2011, Hard Candy company of 4 s following guess wrong, they spent more than $50000 in vain.

what’s worse, many manufacturers for fear of excessive explore insider upset the apple, the whole process is conducted secretly. Many sources in the interview process is not declined to answer questions is polite said no comment. “Originally had a company to advance the following exposure to put pressure on apple.” Castellino explains, “apple very despise such behavior, and didn’t notice.”

but not all manufacturers to choose this kind of mode of production, although most still relied on the underground. “For us don’t know what is the most difficult part of the apple is what to do next.” Twig is a Case of the company’s co-founder Jon Lucca said in an E-mail, “some leaked news is actually a lot of business opportunities, if you study hard, you will find many information on the new iPhone.”

Casetify, general manager of the company’s cooperation Jennie Yoon also pointed out that the iPhone 6 compared to the previous version leaked news more easily, “every apple statement given information, do not know this, and he died, is there a link between the cook took over, but apple recently put a message in this respect is faster than before.”

Lucca determined to start production after apple show new iPhone 6 mobile phone protection shell, but this is not an easy decision, “even before the apple launch we are saddled with enormous pressure, the faster you will produce mobile phone protection shell is able to obtain more income and attention, if a customer in to buy a new iPhone at the same time also can immediately bring mobile phone protection shell, is a very worth to show off. Will be ready on the first day although is also good, but I prefer with DJ later appeared rather than a party and many mass at the same time is in there.”

some involved in science and technology accessories fashion companies don’t choose to participate in crazy mass production on the day of the sale, although for different reasons. “Because this is not their main business,” Castellino said, “they will cooperate with the third party manufacturers of these products.” This is the reason why they lag.

case-shiller Mate also played the role of third party manufacturers in the past, but this is production make more directly. The company is currently with Rebecca Minkoff wearable technology cooperation manufacturing equipment and related accessories, and in the Case – Mate ‘s site. J.crew already can buy production Minkoff iPhone 6 and 6 Plus mobile phone protection shell, but the other vendors at the meeting will be in later this year to a new mobile phone protection shell.

believe that the future is there will be a turnaround, apple’s mobile phone protection shell not issue can always in the production. Including samsung, MOTOROLA and HTC company currently have certification accessories supplier relations of cooperation, so we can make parts manufacturing more smoothly, but apple is not express intention of building such a mechanism.

“become a member of the cooperation projects is very useful, because the device manufacturers product information disclosed to their accessories partner, such ability can get high quality mobile phone protection shell, on the day of issue” Castellino said, “you may think that apple hopes other companies can produce the best accessories for them, we also hope that they can to some extent, like other manufacturers to provide cooperation, but the situation is still very difficult, this need a process of slowly to adapt.”

Source: cked

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